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MAMAMOO’s Whee In joins Ravi’s label ‘THE L1VE’

MAMAMOO’s Wheein In Talks To Join Ravi’s New Label THE L1VE

Wheein is working on selecting a new agency!

On August 9, industry representatives reported that the MAMAMOO member is highly likely to sign with THE L1VE.

In response to the reports, a source from THE L1VE commented, “We are positively discussing an exclusive contract with MAMAMOO’s Wheein.”

THE L1VE is a new label founded by VIXX’s Ravi, and Ailee recently became the first artist to sign with the label.

Wheein debuted as a member of MAMAMOO in 2014, and her contract with RBW ended in June. Although she didn’t renew her contract with the agency, she is continuing to promote with MAMAMOO for group activities. While there were reports of Wheein joining H1GHR MUSIC in July, a representative of the singer denied the reports at the time.

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Is Wheein signing with VIXX star Ravi’s The L1VE? According to the latest reports, the Mamamoo star is positively considering Ravi’s new music label, where she may join Ailee. Here’s all we know about the new agency.

On August 9, a Korean media report announced that Wheein has joined Ravi’s new label, The L1VE. Later, the official statement from the music label noted, “We are positively discussing an exclusive contract with Wheein.”

Ravi launched his latest music label, The L1VE, on July 22 this year. The new agency comes two years after Ravi’s first successful hip-hop based music label, GROOVL1N, which included artists like Cold Bay, Chillin Homie, and Xydo (Park Chi Woong).

Mamamoo Wheein parted ways with her previous agency, RBW Entertainment, on June 11. The K-pop star has been reportedly considering a number of offers, including Jay Park’s H1GHR MUSIC.

While Wheein has not officially responded to the claims yet, the news updates indicate that the Mamamoo star may choose Ravi’s THE L1VE over Jay Park’s agency.
Ravi’s latest music venture, The L1VE, was reportedly launched to create a more cohesive platform to promote both actors and musicians. Ailee, the popular K-drama OST singer, became the first artist to join the label.

Speaking of the new music label, Ravi urged fans: “I’ve established the new label ‘THE L1VE’! Please show your love and support for ‘THE L1VE’ and ‘GROOVL1N’, which will be joined by various artists!”


Excited Wheein fans took to Twitter to gush about the possibility of two powerful vocalists joining forces through The L1VE.

A fan shared: “If Wheein is joining The L1VE, this agency will be an agency with high-quality vocalists!,” while another wrote: “The L1ve with Ailee and Wheein under their wings. Manifesting these two great vocalist crossover for a duet song or featuring one day!”

“First Ailee then Wheein. Interesting to see what’s Ravi’s plan for the l1ve,” wrote a third fan.

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MAMAMOO’s Whee In joins Ravi’s label ‘THE L1VE’

According to the media reports on August 9th, Whee In, after parting ways with RBW Entertainment, has signed an exclusive contract with THE L1VE. THE L1VE is a label run by VIXX’s Ravi, and is currently home to Ailee. Unlike Ravi’s hip hop label GROOVL1N, THE L1VE plans to host and support artists of various genres.

Whee In has shown her credibility as a strong vocalist since her debut as a MAMAMOO member in 2014. Previously, it was reported she was in talks with Jay Park’s H1GHR MUSIC, however, she will continue her music career with the support from THE L1VE.


Mamamoo (Korean: 마마무, stylized in all caps) is a South Korean girl group formed by RBW (formerly WA Entertainment) in 2014, composed of four members: Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa.

The group officially debuted with their single “Mr. Ambiguous” on June 18, 2014.Their debut was considered by some critics as one of the best K-pop debuts of 2014.

They are recognized for their retro, jazz, R&B concepts and their strong vocal performances.