Why has Farrah Abraham been arrested? Was she drunk?

Farrah Abraham was arrested for allegedly slapping a security guard at a nightclub in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Farrah Abraham arrested for allegedly slapping club security guard

The former “Teen Mom” star, 30, was booked into county jail in the early morning hours of Sunday and has since been released. A court date has been scheduled for May 19.

According to TMZ, who was first to report the news, Abraham allegedly slapped a security guard at Grandmaster Records in Hollywood after partying there with a friend.

An eyewitness told the outlet that an allegedly belligerent Abraham was asked to leave the club but refused, and cops were called for backup after a citizen’s arrest was made.

“I don’t understand why there’s cuffs being put on me,” a barefoot Abraham told police in a video obtained by TMZ. “I did not hit anyone. On camera, I did not – I would never hit anyone.”

A rep for Abraham did not immediately return Page Six’s request for comment.

What about her previous case?

Abraham previously pleaded guilty in November 2018 to a misdemeanor involving a security guard at the Beverly Hills Hotel in June of that year.

She was sentenced to two years probation and five days of community labor at the time.

Earlier this month, Abraham’s former “Teen Mom” co-stars Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood exclusively told Page Six that they “still care” for the reality star and wanted her to join MTV’s “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” spin-off.

“I had not seen her or spoken to her, honestly, in years,” Bookout, also 30, admitted. “But we all were on the same page. Everyone should be invited. If you come, it’s up to you, whatever.”

Portwood, 31, agreed, telling Page Six that it was important to her that Abraham felt comfortable as cameras rolled over the summer.

Farrah Abraham accused an adult star of sexual abuse

Farrah Abraham has been open about her adult movie, as well as the aftermath. But all that came to a very serious head in 2015 when Farrah accused adult film star James Deen, who appeared in her original video, of sexual abuse. Farrah told Daily Mail that she was dating Deen in 2013 and alleged he was “abusive, pushy and manipulative” during that time. She also made even more serious allegations against Deen, alleging that he “raped [her] for his benefit of fame” and “conspired against [her] with others.” She also claimed Deen “wanted to break [her] and ruin [her] career” and she needed “intensive therapy” after her experiences with him.

Deen was also accused of inappropriate behavior by eight other women but denied the allegations to Daily Beast. He called the multiple allegations “inaccurate or out of context” while also stating he believed “things are being distorted by the press or are inaccurate.” He added, “I want to remind people that I am not the subject of any lawsuits, I am not under criminal investigation, and at this moment I have no intention of filing defamation suits against false accusations.”

Deen wasn’t the only person Abraham has accused of abuse. In her 2014 In Touch interview, she claimed that while appearing at pornography conventions and strip clubs, she got in with the “wrong type of people” and “was drugged and raped more than once,” calling it “a dark time.”

What about her life?

Farrah Abraham is an American reality television personality, best known as the break-out star of the MTV reality series ’16 and Pregnant’ from its first season. Following the public attention she earned, she became a main cast in the follow-up reality TV series, ‘Teen Mom’, which ran successfully for four seasons straight and was later revived under the title ‘Teen Mom OG’. She has also appeared on the VH1 show ‘Couples Therapy’.

She considers singing as her hobby and has released a studio album and a music video so far. Passionate about cooking, she turned “momtrepreneur” with her Hot Pepper Italian sauce ‘Mom & Me’. Following her ‘Teen Mom’ success, she released a memoir titled ‘My Teenage Dream Ended’ which was featured on ‘The New York Times Best Seller’ list. She has also released a children’s book titled ‘Passy Perfume’ and a set of three books that she defined as “erotic romance trilogy”.

Farrah Abraham Arrested for Battery at Hollywood Nightclub | TMZ

Farrah Abraham has been candid about her mental health experiences

Farrah Abraham has used her platform for good to highlight mental health issues, getting candid on multiple occasions about her own mental state and how she overcame the trauma of losing Sophia’s dad, Derek Underwood.

In a May 2020 TikTok video reposted to Instagram, Farrah shared she’d “learned over a decade that it’s ok to be on a mood stabilizer for longer [than] a few months,” and realized she’s “not weak” for speaking out about needing help. She spoke candidly about her mental health amid the coronavirus pandemic and how she turned to therapy and mood stabilizers.

The following year, Farrah got very candid about depression and suicidal thoughts stemming from Underwood’s sudden death. “I’ve shared so much of my life when I have been deeply depressed, suicidal, probably mentally ill because of it and there’s so much that I’ve learned about myself through my teens to my 20’s,” she said in an Instagram Story (via The Hollywood Gossip).

“I just share every year online, like this past year, it’s been 12 years, going on 13, how loss feels,” she added. “It’s not pretty, it’s not like you’re gonna get over it… It’s beautiful to take care of your mental health. It’s beautiful to understand that emotions are healthy.” The star also shared that she planned for Sophia to see a therapist so she too could “focus on her health and her well-being and her development.”

A botched surgery left Farrah Abraham at ‘one of the lowest points’ in her life

Farrah Abraham hasn’t exactly gone down the route some celebrities take, keeping us guessing about if they’ve gone down the plastic surgery route. Farrah has been very vocal about the multiple procedures she’s had done, ranging from her multiple breast augmentations to butt injections.

With so many surgeries was (unfortunately) bound to come at least one complication, and Farrah’s major one came in the form of an unwanted chin implant. The star wrote in an excerpt from her 2021 book, “Dream Twenties: Self Guided Self Help Memoir,” obtained by The Sun that Farrah was given an implant she didn’t want when getting a nose job. 

“year with something on my face that literally had me probably the most insecure I had ever been in my life, all I remember was my friends staring at my chin when I talked or my mom calling me a witch, look it’s unbearable,” she wrote. It put her at “one of the lowest points” and she made a lot of “bad choices not only sexually probably trying to feel body-positive, but mentally and relationship wise” before getting it removed.

But that wasn’t only her plastic surgery nightmare. In 2015, Farrah showed the effects of being allergic to lip fillers on Twitter. She also opened up about getting a reconstructive breast augmentation after telling Daily Mail she’d suffered from “burning and pain issues that were horrible.”

Tragedy struck with Farrah Abraham was eight months pregnant

Farrah Abraham faced a horrific tragedy back in late 2008 when Derek Underwood, her ex-boyfriend and the father of her then-unborn daughter Sophia, was killed in an accident while driving his car with a friend in the passenger seat, who also died (via The Sun). Farrah was around eight months pregnant at the time and has candidly spoken out on multiple occasions about how Underwood’s death has affected her.

In May 2020, Farrah opened up about the loss on Instagram as she celebrated Mother’s Day and what would have been Underwood’s 30th birthday. “With all the emotion, love & strength at this time, never forgetting the tragic accident,” she wrote, before calling her late ex her “best friend,” “soul mate” and the “love of [her] life.” The star also referred to herself as a “widow,” despite splitting with him before his death.

Farrah has shared multiple other tributes across her Instagram over the years, and also opened up about the moment she heard Underwood had died in her book, “My Teenage Dream Ended.” “I got off the phone and I tried to calm down, but my mind was racing. Derek was the father of the baby I was carrying inside me. We hadn’t spoken in more than two months, but crazily I had still hoped we had a future together — me, him, and our baby, as one happy family. It’s every teenage girl’s dream, isn’t it?” she wrote.

Why does Farrah call her dad Michael?

There had been some speculation that Michael wasn’t Farrah’s biological father due to her calling him Michael, but was later hushed after Farrah said that the reason she called him Michael was because she felt betrayed when he took Debra’s side when she assaulted Farrah and states she later got over it and now calls.

What happened to Farrah Abraham’s baby daddy?

FARRAH Abraham’s baby’s father was killed in a car accident 13 years ago. Derek Underwood lost his life in a motor vehicle accident in 2008. The couple had one child together, a daughter named Sophia.

What ethnicity is Farrah Abraham?

Early life. Farrah Abraham was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Her father, Michael Abraham, is of Syrian and Italian descent. Her mother, Debra Danielsen, is of Danish and Sicilian ancestry.

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