Fortnite Beginner’s Guide: Everything you should know

Fortnite is a world of many experiences. Drop onto the Island and compete to be the last player — or team — standing. Hang out with friends to catch a concert or a movie. Create a world of your own with your own rules. Or Save the World by taking down hordes of monsters with others.

Fortnite Battle Royale Tips for Beginners

1. Avoid Busy Areas

You can maximize your chances of survival in Fortnite Battle Royale by staying out of busy spots on the map until you’re absolutely forced to enter them.

Landing in the more populated areas of the map can often net you the best loot and weapons, but if you’re new to the game it’s more likely you’ll die early on.

2. Land on Building Roofs

Unless you’re sure a building is empty, going in through the roof is normally the safer option. You stand less chance of being shot as you make your way upstairs or through doors, and there’s often a chest hiding in the roof, giving you a much better chance of landing a great weapon.

It may take a while to get a perfect landing down, but once you do, landing on rooftops is definitely going to be a better option.

3. Never Run in a Straight Line

Sometimes you’ll have no choice but to break cover and make a run for it to get in the circle. But don’t make it easy for snipers by running in a straight line. Keep changing direction, even if only slightly, and jump lots. That will make it harder for a sniper to line up a shot in your direction of travel.

Running in a ‘Z’ pattern or even occasionally ducking is just one more thing you can do to increase your odds of survival. You may look crazy, but at least that highly-skilled snapper won’t get their kill shot.

4. Keep the In-Game Volume Up

If you’re listening to music or playing with the volume down, you’re losing half your clues. You won’t be able to hear the faint jingle of a nearby treasure chest or the footsteps of an enemy creeping around upstairs. Ideally, you want to plug in a pair of headphones and have no other distractions if you want to make the most of your Fortnite Battle Royale skills.

5. Play Mind Games with Doors

The general advice in games such as Battle Royale is to shut doors behind you so that other players can’t see you’re there. But that comes with its own risks. If the door is closed, it encourages other players to enter as there might be weapons, chests, and ammo lying around, potentially leading to a gunfight.

If they see the door open, especially in the early part of the game when everyone’s hunting for stuff, they might decide to leave it and find easier pickings. It’s about playing mind games. What do you want the other player to do? Walk-in and set off your trap or leave you alone?

6. Crouch When Sniping

The best snipers in Battle Royale are those who know a few techniques that keep them alive and give them better aim. If you want to survive as a sniper, be sure to crouch.

Crouching not only gives your opponent less of you to shoot at, but it also helps to steady your aim. This really helps if you’re trying to shoot someone from distance.

7. Don’t Panic When Shot

The most successful players understand that you have to think fast and make calculated decisions to stay alive. Unless a sniper’s hit you square in the head, the first bullet isn’t normally fatal. Don’t stay in the same place looking for the shooter or being stunned. Build some cover, then work out where the fire’s coming from and retaliate. It’s much easier to find the shooter and retaliate if you’re no longer in their sights.

Hiding is another viable solution. Running around a corner, disappearing over a cliff edge, or ducking behind an object is often the safest option.

8. Let Other Players Slug It Out

If you can see two other players in a gun battle, it’s usually best to take cover, wait patiently and let them slug it out. Chances are they’ll hurt one another in the process, leaving the victor weaker.

As soon as the gun battle’s over, the winner will normally go and feast on whatever the loser dropped, giving you the perfect opportunity to strike while their guard is down and collect two lots of goodies. Sweet.

9. Get Ready to Build

Battle Royale has so many elements it can be difficult to keep up with all of the survival tools you’ll need. Even if you’re a Newbie to Fortnite, you probably already know that you’ll need guns, ammo, and medical supplies. But, building supplies are nearly just as important.

A stronger player coming at you full of murderous rage? – Get to building. You can put a wall up, or you can go up. Either way, if the situation arises, you’ll need building materials to survive until the end.

10. Find the Best Loot

Yes, as we stated above, it’s best to avoid the more populated areas. But, you should also know where you’re more likely to find good loot. Towns, loot boxes, and even llamas are carrying the essentials that you need to survive. While running around check buildings, vehicles, and other structures but beware other players are doing the exact same thing.


Millions of players around the world play Fortnite, ensuring there are always players to join up with — whether you’re outlasting them in Battle Royale, trying out games with them in Creative, or taking down Husks together in Save the World. Fortnite features crossplay, meaning players across platforms can play together!


Currently, Fortnite Battle Royale and the included Party Royale and Creative are available to download on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and the Epic Games App on Android via or the Samsung Galaxy Store. Save the World mode is currently available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.
Fortnite on iOS, Mac, and Google Play remains on version 13.40 and is not available for new players to install on iOS. Save the World is no longer playable on Mac. If you’d like to play new Fortnite updates, you can download the game on any of the platforms listed above.


Making up a large community worldwide, Fortnite players span across a wide range of regions, age groups, and many other demographics. The Fortnite community is a diverse one!

If you’re interested in playing Fortnite with friends, whether they’re your neighbor or from across the globe, joining up with them is easy. Check out our tips for how to play Fortnite with friends.


There are a range of parental controls to help you manage your family member’s Fortnite experience, including options for communication, privacy, and playtime tracking. You can also set up parental controls on your family member’s gaming platform and/or for restrictions on in-game purchases. Learn more in our parental controls guide. You can make a decision about whether Fortnite is appropriate for your family by visiting Fortnite’s Epic Games Store page to view ratings.

Our goal is to keep the Epic Games ecosystem a fun and safe place, which is why we provide and enforce our Community Rules and, for content sharing, our Content Guidelines.

Whether you choose to set parental controls or not, Fortnite is a great game for parents and their family members to play together. With its wide device compatibility, varied game modes, and ability to connect people who are far apart, even those inexperienced with Fortnite can have a good time!

Is Fortnite easy for beginners?

However, just because Fortnite Battle Royale is popular, that doesn’t make it easy to play. Being the best at Fortnite Battle Royale is no easy feat, and there’s no sure-fire way to obtain a Victory Royale every time.

What age rating is Fortnite?

Fortnite is rated T for Teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. It is rated T for violence. It is recommended for ages 13 and older. Common Sense Media recommends the game for ages 13 and up as well.

Is Fortnite difficult?

Originally Answered: Is Fortnite hard for beginners, why? Yes, because the people currently playing the game have been playing for a long time so the skill gap between a new player and the average Fortnite veteran will be large.

How do you do the Fortnite dance?

It involves forming an L shape with your hand and placing it on your forehead and then kicking your legs one after the other. The dance may have originated from the recent remake of Stephen King’s It as a similar move was performed by Pennywise.

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