Funniest and Sweatiest Fortnite skins of all time, Ranked on Design

Fortnite skins are majorly famous for their cosmetics. With so many skins being added over the years, players have an endless choice of outfits to choose from, including developer skins and community designs.

However, not all skins are designed to be unique, intimidating, or sweaty. Some are simply designed to look fun and provide comic relief during the match.

Funniest Fortnite skins of all time

When the word ‘Assassin,’ is mentioned in a conversation, it usually refers to a stealthy killer. However, in this case, Aerobic Assassin is far from doing any killing. Wearing brightly colored clothing and shades, she’s far from being a threat.

Introduced to Fortnite in Chapter 1 Season 5, this is one of the funniest skins to ever be added in-game. The skin costs 1,500 V-Bucks when listed in the item shop.

7) Sgt. Green Clover

While the ‘luck of the Irish’ may be on her side, Sgt. Green Clover can’t be taken seriously. Introduced during Chapter 1 Season 3, her all-green outfit stands out from the norm and makes for an amusing sight.

While the outfit can hide her somewhat in battle, it’s not really tactical in any way and provides no advantage. Players can purchase this skin for 800 V-Bucks when listed in the item shop.

6) Chomp Sr.

Introduced to Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 5, Chomp Sr. is the embodiment of the fake shark fin prank. Given that the skin is essentially a person in a shark suit, it just cannot be taken seriously in combat or otherwise.

The outfit can be purchased for 2,000 V-Bucks when listed in the item shop. Sadly, when swimming in the water, the odds of scaring an opponent are rather slim and sharks in-game will attack.

5) Bendie

Modeled after the inflatable tube guy, Bendie was introduced to the game in Chapter 1 Season 8. Given the way the real-life inflatable tube guy flaps around in the wind, seeing the skin in-game is nothing short of comical.

The skin can be purchased for 1,200 V-Bucks when in the item shop. The only thing that’s sad about this skin is that its arms don’t flap out in-game, unlike its real-life counterpart.

4) Diamond Hanz

Following the Wall Street Bets fiasco, Fortnite decided to immortalize the event by adding Diamond Hanz to the game. This skin comes with a suit, a black bling with an upward arrow, and of course literal diamond hands.

The skin plays into the ‘stonk meme,’ and is hilarious to look at. It was added to the game during Chapter 2 Season 6 and can be purchased for 1,200 V-Bucks when listed in the item shop.

3) Princess Felicity Fish

Although Fishstick is a very popular skin in-game, for some reason Princess Felicity Fish didn’t quite make the cut. It would seem that not everyone is a fan of royalty.

Nevertheless, given that it’s a variant of Fishstick, it still manages to make players laugh with its Fishstick style of humor. The skin was added to the game in Chapter 2 Season 6 and cost 1,200 V-Bucks to purchase.

2) Guff

When it comes to being cute and funny, Guff wins first place in both those categories. It’s unclear exactly what it is, but the outfit is comical to look at all the same.

Introduced to the game during chapter 2 Season 2, the skin looks like a giant colored fluff-ball. Players can purchase it for 1,200 V-Bucks when listed in the item shop.

1) The Brat

While there’s nothing wrong with the design of the skin, The Brat is essentially a talking hotdog. Introduced in-game during Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1, the skin features a hip hotdog with two styles and even a mini-hotdog as neck bling.

The skin costs 1,200 V-Bucks when available in the item shop. He was even featured as an in-game NPC during the end days of Chapter 2 Season 8. It’s unclear what happened to him after the island flipped over.

9 Sweatiest Fortnite skins of all time, ranked on design

There’s a good way of finding out whether or not a Fortnite player is a sweat. The skin they choose to wear is usually an indicator. New skins that are introduced often become sweat skins. That takes a bit of time, though. This article ranks some of the sweatiest skins the game.

These Fortnite skins give away the sweats9) Sparkplug
Sweats often use high-quality female skins. This is the case with Sparkplug. The design is good, the skin is cool, but anyone who uses it is likely a sweaty Fortnite player.

8) Cobra Kai

The Cobra Kai skins have quickly become sweaty despite only being introduced recently. Collaborative skins don’t usually end up sweaty, but these have.

Which Cobra do you want to be?

Battle with Cobra Kai Dojo, Eagle Fang Karate, and Miyagi-Do Karate with the Karate KO and Dojo Showdown Bundles.

7) Ghoul Trooper

One of the game’s earliest skins, the Ghoul Trooper, existed long before sweats took hold of it. It’s a popular Halloween skin, but sweats use it all year long.

6) Siren

Once a pro player begins regularly using a skin, sweats usually follow suit. That’s exactly what happened with Siren. Benjyfishy began exclusively using it, which prompted sweats everywhere to adopt the skin as their own.

5) Aura

Many pros use this skin, which doesn’t help its sweaty label. It was originally a concept art designed by a Fortnite Redditor. That would have been an excellent skin to use. Now, it’s just a sweat skin.

4) Renegade Raider

The original Renegade Raider skin has been in the game for a long time. This skin implies a high skill level as well as being sweaty. Even for very old skin, the design is good. It was a popular skin before it became sweat skin.

3) Default skins

Anyone using default or simply removing their skin is a sweat. This tactic often conveys that players are either not good or a bot, thus tricking opponents. Many players have fallen for the trick, which helps fuel the casual vs. tryhard debate.

2) Crystal

Crystal was introduced in Season X. It didn’t take long for her to join the sweaty roster of Fortnite skins. This is a good skin that would otherwise be very popular. Sweats co-opted it and effectively rebranded it as such.

1) Soccer skins

Since their introduction, mainly sweats have used these skins. That’s a shame because they’re good skins. The customization options and design are among the best Fortnite has put out. Unfortunately, anyone who uses one is labeled a sweat. The label usually isn’t wrong.

Can you get a free Fortnite skin?

Here’s our continuously updated list of all the free outfits you can earn in Fortnite: Battle Royale. If you have an existing Amazon Prime membership, then you’ll be eligible to claim three free skins. For a complete guide on how to get hold of them, check out our how to claim Twitch Prime Skins guide.

Where do you buy Fortnite skins?

There are several ways to get skins and items in Fortnite: they can be purchased through V-Bucks in the item shop, but there are also special versions that you can get for free. Epic Games always comes up with something: Live events, crossovers, items and skin.

What was the first skin in Fortnite?

Skull Trooper. The first skin to show up in the Item Shop is one of the most popular skins in Fortnite. The Skull Trooper was also the first skin to show up in the Item Shop, and was once considered the most rare.

Can u trade skins in Fortnite?

Fortnite has its fair share of rare skins, emotes, and other cosmetics. … “Trading with other players is not a supported feature in Fortnite. Drop items for other players at your own risk, so if you do choose to trade by dropping items, please be cautious of scams that can result in losing your items.

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