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Hive Social : Twitter Alternative

Hive Social : Twitter Alternative sees huge surge in popularity as people look to flee Elon Musk’s social network.

There has been plenty of hand-wringing over Elon Musk’s stewardship of Twitter, a site where he has fired half the staff and another quarter or so have quit.

While no, the site is likely not going to collapse tomorrow, many are worried about its degradation on both the technical site, and in terms of content moderation as Musk starts letting more and more banned figures, including Donald Trump, return, and there are fewer and fewer people left to actually police hateful content.

What Is Hive Social?

What You Should Know About The Twitter Alternative

Hive Social is gaining users daily and quickly becoming their new Twitter. Explore the gems offered by this new social media platform.

People leaving Twitter are looking for their new favorite platform, which could be Hive Social.

Musk’s Twitter acquisition has been chaotic since both parties finalized the papers. Platforms like Mastodon have gained thousands of users as people leave the micro-blogging app. As more apps are uncovered to be the potential next big social media platform, people are discovering simplicity is better.

Inspired by the idea of an app that supports micro-influencers and a non-algorithm user experience, Kassandra Pop built Hive Social after work and while teaching themselves to code. The app made its debut release in 2019 on Apple’s App Store.

As Hive Social’s possibilities and interests expanded, the team grew. The app was at the top of the charts by 2021. The app impressively gained 200,000 newly-acquired users in just a matter of days.

Enter Hive Social

New Twitter alternative that has positively taken over my timeline as people flee from Twitter like rats from a sinking ship. Actually, that metaphor’s not entirely accurate, as most people are not fully leaving Twitter, but rather they are making Hive accounts, “just in case,” because it feels like the first meaningful alternative to Twitter that’s appeared since all this started.

What is the Best Twitter Alternatives?

A range of Twitter alternatives have gathered new prominence in recent days, in the wake of Mr Musk’s ownership and transformation of the company. The most popular is Mastodon – though that has come with a range of issues, such as a complicated signup process and complaints about the service’s design.

Now a new app, Hive, has become a new focus as people search for a new way of recreating their networks and experience on Twitter.

What’s different about Hive?

Hive is more straight forward than many other Twitter alternatives like Mastodon, but there are a few differences.

Perhaps the main difference is the timeline. Unlike Twitter, which has become increasingly more complex and algorithm generated, Hive features a straight forward chronological feed — which is great! It also doesn’t feature anything like blue check marks for verified users or any kind of ability to boost promoted posts.

How to join Hive Social

Unlike most social media platforms, you can only use Hive on your phone. The developers claim that a website will launch eventually, but right now, you’ll need to download the Hive Social app on your iPhone or Android.

Launch the app and tap Create an Account, then choose how you want to sign up. You can use your Google account, Apple account (if you’re using an iPhone), your email address, or phone number. If you choose your email address or phone number, you’ll also need to confirm your identity using a verification link or code.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll then need to pick a display name and username. Your display name is what will appear the biggest on all your posts, while your username is a unique @ handle.

Hive Social Is A Great Start

The app itself has smooth UI features with a clean design. Instagram’s fans would appreciate the layout.

The profile tab is set up similarly, featuring three view options: All posts, pictures and blog-style content. For users posting photos, they have the option to share from their camera roll and also take a photo in-app. Unfortunately, the camera function does not offer filters, and it has yet to be stated whether that will be a function. However, given that people love the app’s simplicity, it may seem wise to go the way of BeReal and forgo the extra bells and whistles.

The Discover feed is also ideal as Hive Social asks the user their interests, and those answers are the categories displayed on the Discover tab. Users can use hashtags in posts and Discover’s search function; any saved hashtags will be added as a category for easy access.

The saved hashtags in the Discovery feed are clever, although finding trending hashtags isn’t very accessible. For individuals who want to post without the barrier of regulations, Hive Social supports Not Safe For Work Content, so long as it is categorized as such to prevent minors from accessing it. On the other hand, the platform clearly states it wil.

Hive App now has “nearly 900,000” users signed up in total

According to posts on Hive’s TikTok, the app crashed over the weekend as another 80,000 people signed up to check it out. As of this morning, Hive’s Twitter account reported the app now has “nearly 900,000” users signed up in total. (This number doesn’t exactly line up with Sensor Tower’s download estimates, but third-party data is not an exact science.)
This weekend isn’t the first time Hive has seen an influx of new users. The app also saw a brief spike in downloads in Feb. 2021, when it gained 439,000 new installs, 64% of which were from the U.S., Sensor Tower data shows. This surge can be attributed to the founder’s decision to pay a TikTok influencer to create a video, which resulted in some 250,000 installs in a matter of days, she claimed to press at the time.

Hive’s appeal may not only be due to its mixing of social networking concepts or its ease-of-use compared with signing up for Mastodon, which has confused some would-be users who don’t understand how to pick a server or what “fediverse” means. As with BeReal, Gen Z seems more drawn to newer social networks run by indie founders, not launched by big tech brands.
The app was previously spotted raising money on WeFunder but has not made any official fundraising announcements. (The app, which is available at, should not be confused with the older Hive Social app, previously hosted at and promoted by “The Bachelorette” contestant Peter Kraus.)

How do you sign up?

To sign up you need download the Hive Social app via iPhone or Android. From that point on it asks you to do all the normal things you need to do upon sign up.

  • Create an account
  • Choose a display and username
  • Users can also select a series of topics they’re interested in, which helps populate the “discover” section of the app mentioned above. Currently I’ve selected sport, tech, video games, anime and a bunch of other stuff. That what populates the top of the discover area, but when I scroll further content from other topics also appears.

That’s pretty much it.