How to use the Sensor Backpack in Fortnite? Where to find it & How to equip it?

You must use a Sensor Backpack to detect an Energy Fluctuation near Loot Lake as part of the week 8 Resistance tasks in Fortnite. Remember that in order to access the current Resistance quests, you must first complete all of the previous challenges.

You’ll be allowed to proceed with the current week’s tasks once you’ve done so. You must visit two particular areas on the island within the same match to complete the Sensor Backpack quest.

How to use the Sensor Backpack in Fortnite?

After equipping the Sensor Backpack, players should notice their Back Bling has been replaced by the orange backpack, and they should continuously hear a beeping sound. It can be daunting to find the exact spot of the Energy Fluctuation in Fortnite, so players should move towards a site located on the southern side of The Fortress. After crossing the river, players should spot two giant rocks, and in the center of that, a yellow energy fluctuation can be deteceted.

There are other places where players can detect energy fluctuations as well, such as the place between the trees located northeast of Tilted Towers. Players should notice the occasional beeping of their backpack going faster when they are about to reach the location. After detecting the Energy Fluctuation, players will receive 23,000 XP to complete their battle pass.

Players should keep in mind that if someone dies after equipping the backpack, they need to restart the mission by equipping it again in the next match and going to the Energy Fluctuation spots. Grabbing a couple weapons and keeping watch for enemies will be important for players dropping in for this quest, so they can avoid needing to find Energy Fluctuation locations all over again.

How to use the Sensor Backpack in Fortnite?

Where to find a Fortnite Sensor Backpack

When The Origin sends you to pick up a Fortnite Sensor Backpack, there are two locations where you can find this temporary back bling, which are as follows:

  • Between Camp Cuddle, Tilted Towers, and Greasy Grove
  • Between Tilted Towers, Greasy Grove, and Rocky Reels

To collect the sensor backpack, simply approach the glowing item and then follow the prompt to equip it. Either of these Fortnite Sensor Backpack locations will work fine, though if you use the first one which is more to the west it will help you avoid the battle currently raging around Tilted Towers, as you move on to the next part of this quest.

Sensor Backpack Places
The first step in this Fortnite venture is, of course. Therefore, to set up a tool uplink which you may do around Synapse Station and Seven Outpost I. However, that’s southwest of Greasy Grove. Remember. You need to gather a Sensor Backpack to hold with this venture. A Sensor Backpack may be located north of the crater which lies west of Tilted Towers.

We suggest accumulating this backpack due to the fact it’s towards your subsequent place. After doing so, you’ll want to gather a Sensor Backpack. Thankfully, there are to select from. The 2d Sensor Backpack may be located near the phase of the street. However, close to the bridge south of Tilted Towers. After you’ve gathered a Sensor Backpack. Furthermore, the Origin will ask you to go to Loot Lake.

How to Scan Energy Fluctuation for Sensor Backpack in Fortnite

With the backpack equipped you will now have the objective of “Use the Sensor Backpack to find an energy fluctuation around Loot Lake.”

Energy Fluctuation Map Location

The energy fluctuation is not exactly found at the Loot Lake island landmark. Instead, players will find the bright orange flares of the energy fluctuation around the areas beyond the lake. We found two different locations for the energy fluctuation points so far, one south of the Fortress POI, and the other near the Dispatch Depot landmark.

You’ll notice as you get closer to loot lake, the Sensor Backpack’s beeping will increase in frequency. Normally you would have to follow the beeps in a game of Hot and Cold, but we found the spot so you don’t have to hunt for it. It’s possible there are other energy fluctuations to find in the area. Though, seeing as you only need to find the one, this the one we came across.

Once you have landed, you’ll want to make your way to the red X on the map, nearest to Greasy Grove. You’ll need to make sure to visit this location first to get your hands on the Sensor Backpack in Fortnite, a special item that will allow you to discover an energy fluctuation that is going on near Loot Lake. After picking this item up, which does not use an item slot, you’ll need to make your way to the second red X on the map, near Loot Lake.

Once you have arrived here, you’ll just want to look for some orange, glowing lines near the ground, which are hard to miss. They emit a noticeable glow, along with a visual representation of where you’ll need to go. Once you do find them, you’ll just need to press and hold the action button near it, and you’ll have discovered what you came to look for, and finish off the quest in style!

Once you have completed this task, you’ll be awarded 23,000XP towards your Battle Pass! Since the season is coming to a close, you’ll need to make sure that you’re doing as many of these quests as possible, to make sure you can unlock everything that you want in the Battle Pass. If you haven’t gotten one yet, you may be interested in Fortnite Crew, which gives you a Battle Pass and other exclusive cosmetics not available to non-subscribers!

That is everything you need to know when it comes to how to equip Sensor Backpack and scan Energy Fluctuation in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

How to equip sensor backpack in Fortnite?

We must establish an uplink of the device near Seven Outsport I or Synapse Station and for this it is necessary to get the audio record of the hologram, it is necessary to touch the record of the new device that is Equip the sensor backpack, there are two places where it is possible to go to because the marker we need to go to is Camp Cuddle and Tilted Towers.

The Sensor Backpack in Fortnite is on the ground and is usually mixed slightly, being equipped allows us to scan and this implies having the objective Use the sensor backpack to find a fluctuation around Loot Lake, the map can show us the marker related to the missions that we can complete in this place, as we get closer to the loot lake we will hear the beep of the backpack that usually increases with frequency, it is possible to follow the beeps and this can be done in a game of Hot and Cold.

Do backpacks do anything in fortnite?

Backpacks are the newest item added to Fortnite, with jetpacks being the first addition and enable players to hover and reach bigger heights. The backpack items take up one slot in a player’s inventory and you can only can one at a time.

What is back bling?

Back Bling are cosmetic items obtainable in Battle Royale and Save the World. They may be purchased with V-Bucks, earned through the Battle Pass, or granted by some special events or promotions.

How do you get the pig backpack in Fortnite?

How To Get Piggy Smallz Backpack Fortnite. Piggy Smallz belongs to Chapter 2 Season 7. This backbling could be obtained by purchasing the Ariana Grande Bundle for 2,800 V-Bucks from the Item Shop when it comes back to the store.

What is the rarest Backbling in Fortnite?

The Black Shield is one of the rarest Fortnite back blings since it was so hard to unlock. Outside of its reputation as a rare back bling though, it is a fairly boring looking black shield. It doesn’t fit as well with as many skins as other back blings.

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