the Sexiest Video Game Characters

Who are the Sexiest Video Game Characters? What are their features?

A touchy topic, objectifying women as so. But we love women, and these are very capable females we have covered here as the sexiest video game characters. Quite sure you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Who are the sexiest video game characters?

Bayonetta of Bayonetta
She is one of the top 10 sexiest female video game characters WatchMojo voted. Unlike Lara Croft, Bayonetta is a sexy girl in the city. She is also one of the most favorite female video game characters with a gorgeous appearance and tremendous arcane power.

Bayonetta has long legs and a sweet face. All parts of her body are super sexy and beautiful. Besides, the expressions and poses of this sexy girl are very attractive and addictive, making you drunk like the best wine. She stole the hearts of many gamers with her charming beauty.

2B of NieR: Automata

This sexy girl has an impressive appearance. The black mask on her face covered her beautiful eyes but it also makes 2B look enigmatic and sexy. This beautiful girl often wears a short black dress. The upper part is pretty tight while the short skirt helps reveal her sexy long leg.

2B is one of the most favorite female characters in the game industry.
Moreover, the short white hair of 2B also makes her look special and impressive. Apart from an interesting story, NieR: Automata also attracted a lot of gamers thanks to this sexy female character.

Isabella “Ivy” Valentine of Soulcalibur

Isabella is one of the sexiest video game characters who deserve to appear in men’s magazines. Ivy often wears revealing outfits to flaunt her hot and sultry body shape and big boobs. Moreover, Ivy uses a snake sword which is as lithe as her body. Her sexy appearance can make your heart race.

Another sexy female video game character is Jill Valentine, one of the two main characters in RE3 Remake. She has been a member of the cast of this legendary horror game franchise since 1996. Her appearance is also improved throughout these game parts thanks to the advanced technology.

Top 20 Sexiest Female Video Game Characters

Lara Croft of Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is an icon amongst female characters in video games. If anything, she is the perfect representation of the ongoing transformation of women’s portrayals in video games. She started of as a sex symbol – the sexy, charming, busty woman who can totally handle herself in a fight. Remember the time our jaws dropped at her unbelievable pixelated curves in the 90s?

Ellie of The Last of Us

The deuteragonist of Last of Us may be young, but she’s a real fierce fighter and one of the sexiest video game characters. Sure she’s a teenager, and may not have the same survival instincts as Joel, but she’s incredibly adept and useful in sticky situations. How many times has she saved you the effort of fighting a walker because of her ability to come up close and shank them from behind?

But what’s great about Ellie is that she’s not exactly perfect or one-sided. She’s a force to be reckoned with and she’s strong but she’s still a teenager. She isn’t as hardened as Joel, and she still has a lot of sympathy left for the people who join her. She shines most when we see her conquer against her perfectly reasonable fears and fight back with the ferocity of a threatened tiger.

Chloe and Max of Life is Strange

This teenage dynamic duo shows us what friendship and sacrifice is all about. Their bond is incredibly strong, and no amount of time twisting and trouble making could break it. Despite being separated for years and their distinct differences in hobbies and tastes, Max and Chloe are truly the best of friends. Max is the shy but brave protector, caring for Chloe and the other young ladies of Blackwall and Arcadia. Chloe on the other hand is the bold rebel who will stop at nothing to find her friend Rachel.

Miranda Lawson of Mass Effect

The Mass Effect series offers players the chance to woo all kinds of women, from space marines to colonial alien species. Out of all of them though, Miranda Lawson is the most enticing and the sexiest video game characters. Coming off as a bit standoffish and somewhat patronizing, Miranda was first introduced in Mass Effect 2 and, despite her initial introduction, became a pretty enjoyable character.

With the romance option available, it’s almost a no brainer to commit some time to exploring it – you won’t be disappointed should you choose to. Equipped with a skin-tight white and black combat suit that only adds to her charm, Miranda knows how to handle herself in a fight and is also a capable leader. With looks like those, you’d follow her anywhere.

Cidney Aurum of Final Fantasy XV

She might not be much of a major player within the game, but Cidney Aurum definitely proved to be one of the sexiest video game characters of the recently released Final Fantasy XV. The Final Fantasy series has its fair share of babes – as you’ll see further down the list – but this newbie has made her mark, establishing herself as one of its most beautiful. Despite her not being a central point in the game, you can tell that a lot of work went into Cidney’s character design. Everything from her curly hair, red hat, tight yellow jacket, jean shorts and leggings/boots combination scream style. The game designers made it extra hard for us to turn our attention away from this alluring grease monkey.

Morrigan of Dragon Age

Daughter of legendary witch Flemeth, Morrigan is just how anyone today would like to imagine a witch as – hot, sultry, and sexy. Morrigan first assists the Warden in Dragon Age: Origins. She’s there in Dragon Age Inquisitions too.

There’s a common romance chain between the Warden and Morrigan. She helps learn shapeshifting and does a lot more with her shape too.

Quiet of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

There’s something about insanely hot females at warzones. Quiet from MSGV is one of the sexiest video game characters around, a female assassin who can be taken on as a buddy after completing mission 14 on MSGV.

A charismatic character, full of life, Quiet enjoying the rain is one of the key takeaways for most male players out there. And there are a lot. Reason enough to play MSGV, which is excellent by the way.

Citra Talugmai of Far Cry 3

Citra Talugmai is an important character in Far Cry 3, more so Jason. This tribal warrior manages to intimately inspire Jason to kill her tribal brother and wrest complete control of the tribe.

There are two end games and one of them is joining Citra, which does end with Jason getting stabbed by Citra while she’s on top. And that’s just about the best of Citra, unforgettable and reason enough for almost anyone to play Far Cry 3.

Chun Li of Street Fighter

Probably one of the sexiest video game characters ever, Chun Li has been around for quite some time and so has the Street Fighter series. Chun Li still is among strongest fighters in the game and a rare mixture of power and allure. She gets a hotter in the SFIII anime series though.

Why are female characters in video games sexualized?

Video game design teams often sexualize female characters to make them look appealing to men rather than giving the female characters a more practical design, said Adrienne Shaw, an associate media studies and production professor who specializes in media and game studies.

Is fortnite sexualized?

Players are randomly assigned a male or female character. The female characters are over-sexualized with big chests, skin-tight clothes, small waists, and large rear ends.

Why do guys choose female characters?

Men playing female characters (typically designed for the male gaze) is another way for men to objectify and control women’s bodies. Female avatars are treated better than male avatars in online games and more likely to get “freebies” and invited to groups.

What is hyper sexualization of characters?

As part of her doctoral project, Lynch compiled 571 playable female characters from 1989-2014 and examined them for signs of hypersexualization, which included nudity, over-enlarged breasts or hips and unrealistically narrow waists.

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