The Ultimate Guide to Rise of the Kings Heroes & Leveling

Rise of the Kings is an epic massive online war strategy game developed and released by ONEMT. If you have played games such as Rise of Empires and Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade, then you might just enjoy this game.

Rise of the Kings Basic Gameplay

Rise of the Kings is a strategy game where you can build and develop your own kingdom, recruit an army, and conquer all neighboring territories to expand your empire. You can build dozens of different projects – libraries, stables, barracks, farms, mines, and more. Each has a specific function that lets you advance and achieve much greater objectives.

Thanks to the barracks and the stables you can recruit soldiers, which are essential for keeping your army in good shape and facing other players. In these spectacular mass battles you’ve got to take your place on the front line to lead and inspire your men and, with a bit of luck, bring glory and treasure to your kingdom. Besides facing other armies, as tends to occur with games like this, you can visit the general map, with its endless dangers for you to encounter.

Rise of the Kings is a real-time strategy game that may not offer anything new but does offer something good. This is a polished game with excellent graphics and a great soundtrack, and one of those gameplays that’s perfect for playing in short sessions.

In Rise of the Kings, lords and kings are thrust into a vast world to build their kingdom, raise an army, create alliances, and conquer domains. Before we discuss some important Rise of Kings strategy guides, let’s take a look at the game’s basic gameplay.

Rise of the Kings: Hero Guide – Getting and Leveling

Heroes are new and important game features that can turn the tide of battles. You can send the hero along with the troops or place them in buildings inside your castle. In fact, heroes will greatly help you and improve your gaming experience. The Hall of Heroes is the main source for obtaining heroes and hero fragments, as well as a base for advancing and leveling up heroes.

The usual challenge of heroes

A regular challenge will cost you 1 regular challenge token. You can use regular calls individually or ten at a time. With each challenge you will receive one prize from the prize pool. You have 5 chances per day for free calls. The recharge interval between two calls is 5 minutes. Every regular challenge (free or not) will give you regular challenge points. When you reach a certain number of points, you will receive either a blue-quality hero or higher, or purple-quality hero fragments from the regular summons, after which your regular summons points are reset.

The ultimate challenge of heroes

The Highest Challenge will cost you 1 High Challenge Token. You can use higher calls individually or ten at a time. With each challenge you will receive one prize from the prize pool. Every 24 hours you have 1 chance for a Free Supreme Challenge. Each High Challenge (free or not) will give you High Challenge Points. When you reach a certain number of points, you will receive either a hero or purple quality hero fragments from the highest challenge prizes, after which your highest challenge points will be reset to zero.

Properties of heroes in Rise of the Kings

Each hero has the following three types of properties:

Combat property: Increase it to significantly improve the attack, defense and health of your sent troops, or those troops that defend your castle.
Development property: increase it to significantly increase the collection speed, the speed of any campaign that is accompanied by your hero. When heroes are located in an institution, in a storage, or in resource zones within your castle, the development property will accordingly reduce the resource cost for researching technologies, increase your ability to secure resources, or increase your resource production.

Gamer’s Verdict in Rise of the Kings
What type of game is Rise of Kings?

In Rise of the Kings, players from all over the world battle to rule in this epic real-time strategy game. Utilizing everything from the RTS, RPG, and MMO gaming genres, take your place in this epic game of war as one of many Lords fighting for survival in a hostile fantasy world.

Who is the king ROK?

Who is the king ROK? Loren Lannister, the last King of the Rock.

Can you play Rise of Kingdoms on PC?

You don’t need a Windows/Mac port of the game to play it on PC. All you have to do is play the same version of the game on your computer. Yes, you just have to install an Android emulator or iOS emulator on your PC to play Rise of Kingdoms.

How many people play Rise of the Kings?

By 2017, Honor of Kings had over 80 million daily active players and 200 million monthly active players making it most popular game in the world and with grossing more than $13.4 billion, it is the highest-grossing mobile game of all time as well as the most downloaded app globally and one of the highest-grossing game.

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