What is the role of Morpho Knight in Kirby and the Forgotten Land and how to beat him?

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is full of interesting allies and enemies that range from adorable to deadly. One of the most mysterious and interesting is Morpho Knight, with Kirby fans old and new wondering about the story behind the masked villain.

Who is Morpho Knight?

Morpho Knight is actually not new to Kirby and the Forgotten Land. He first showed up in Kirby Star Allies but also included in other scrapped Kirby games. A 20th anniversary Kirby art book showed an early image of Knight, which fans first thought was an early design of Meta Knight. Director Shinya Kumazaki later confirmed it was an entirely separate character.

Morpho Knight strongly resembles Meta Knight. He wears red armour and has white eyes and an orange mask in his normal form. His EX form changes his eye colour to red, while he has black armour.

Kirby series
Kirby Star Allies
The Knight appears immediately after Hyness falls in combat. When he makes his entrance, Galacta Knight comes from a swirling portal, the Butterfly then approach him and land on his spear before absorbing him and transforming into Morpho Knight. Like Galacta Knight and Meta Knight, the knight is able to use his sword to block attacks. He is also able to teleport. In his second phase, he summons two flamming swords that can be enlarged to cover a lot of the screen (In his EX form, he summons holes that can suck you in which can prevent you from dodging his swords). Morpho Knight also has the ability to emit a soundwave that will take control of the Allies. He can also counterattack in his EX form. When he is downed, Morpho Knight gracefully disintegrates into butterflies.

Super Kirby Clash
In Super Kirby Clash, the level 14 equipment of the Sword Hero is based on Morpho Knight. The weapon is a direct replica of thesword while the armor is based on his helmet.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

The Knight appears as a boss in Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s postgame world, Isolated Isles.

What is Morpho Knight’s role in Kirby and the Forgotten Land?

Just like in Star Allies, the knight appears in Kirby and the Forgotten Land as an endgame boss after beating the main story. Reach the end of Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams to unlock Morpho Knight.

Fecto Forgo begins to fight Kirby but is absorbed by an orange butterfly that appears to be innocent at first. But it’s actually Morpho Knight, the “Fluttering Dream Eater” who came to “feast on the most powerful soul it finds.”

When Kirby defeats Morpho Knight, Fecto Forgo is able to escape and become Chaos Elfilis due to the extra power he gained from Morpho Knight.

Unlike previous appearances, Morpho Knight drops a blueprint for a copy ability upgrade in Forgotten Land. It’s actually one of the most powerful of all.

Is Morpho Knight related to Kirby?

Just like Meta Knight, Morpho Knight shares a lot of similarities with Kirby. They have a similar shape, but Morpho Knight has a black body and white eyes. There is no proof anywhere that Morpho Knight, Meta Knight, Galacta Knight, and all other Kirby-like villains are related to Kirby. But it’s still possible.

How do you beat Morpho Knight in Kirby and the Forgotten Land?

Morpho Knight is one of the most difficult bosses in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. There are some tricks that will help you take him down without dying.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land – Morpho Knight Boss Guide

Phase One
The biggest problem you’ll have with Morpho Knight during this first phase is landing your own attacks, whether you’re using an ability or the stars he drops as he attacks. He blinks around the arena and disappears quite a bit, so watch for your timing and make your shots count, don’t just fire off a star as soon as he’s stopped for a breather as he’ll likely move.

This opening salvo sees Morpho Knight jab at you with quick slashes of his sword which are easy to avoid and hoover up stars from. More worrying is when he uses a variation this which sends waves of energy your way, jump these and then get your own attacks off.

Phase Two
This second phase is actually not nearly as bad as it first appears. Morpho Knight will brandish two great big flaming swords to kick things off here, slamming one down to create a wall of flame you’ll need to dodge, then the other for the same effect. He’ll then slam both down, creating two walls of flame that close in to meet in the middle. All of these attacks are big and slow and easy to dodge, they also leave a ton of stars to hoover up and wallop him with.

He’s also going to summon two great big heads to traverse the arena now while he gets on with blinking around and swiping at you, but these are also slow and not hard to stay away from. In terms of his sword attacks it’s only the swipes that fire off volleys of energy that you really need to look out for, jump out of the way of these to avoid as they do a lot of damage.

Remember that he’s quick so don’t waste attacks by shooting when he’s about to move, wait and nail him when he’s busy winding up an attack.

Stay out of the way of this one move and make sure to make use of the large deposits of stars that his flaming sword and other flame attacks leave and you’ll have him down in no time.

Is Morpho Knight a Kirby?

Morpho Knight is the first character in the main Kirby games to originally appear as a non-canon boss, but become canon in a later appearance.

How do you unlock Galacta Knight in Kirby Star Allies?

After defeating Hyness, fake credits roll, then rewind, revealing Galacta Knight to be emerging through the dimensional rift Hyness opened. He initially appears to be the secret final boss, but just before the battle can start, an orange butterfly shows up and lands on his lance.

What does Meta Knight look like unmasked?

He is always seen wearing a silver mask, but in the event that he is unmasked, he looks identical to Kirby, albeit with a dark blue body and white eyes, which appear yellow with his mask on (and with his mask off in Kirby: Planet Robobot and Kirby Star Allies).

Who is the butterfly in Kirby?

In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, the butterfly appears in the opening cutscene, where it is sucked into the dimensional rift. Later, the butterfly appears and lands on Soul Forgo. The butterfly then absorbs its power and Soul Forgo disintegrates, then the butterfly reveals itself to be Morpho Knight.

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