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Farming for Materials in Arknights: What are the new farming spots?

In Arknights, your Operators possess different abilities to strike down enemies. A well-balanced team can clear off levels quickly. But as you progress in the game, you will eventually encounter a level that is hard to beat. When this happens, you need to check if your Operators need to be upgraded.  Also, you must farming the materials that we tell you about. 

Farming for Materials in Arknights

Speaking of grinding, the most common way you can use to promote and level up your Operators is by farming Materials in Arknights. Completing main and daily missions is the fastest way to farm for Tier-1 to Tier-3 Materials.

If you are lucky, you might get a Tier-4 Material during one of your daily missions. However, they are actually very rare, so you might end up grinding for it. One workaround to this is by utilizing the Workshop. Use your excess Tier-3 Materials to combine them for Tier-4 Materials. Do this often or if you have the resources so that you are that much closer to crafting a Tier-5 Material that you can use to promote or level up one of your favorite Operators.

This leaves the question—how do I farm for Materials efficiently in Arknights? First, you need to complete all the Daily Event Missions each day. This helps you get a lot of Tier-1 to Tier-3 Materials. You can also clear Event Operations and Challenges, but your squad needs to be in tip-top shape before you proceed since these are usually hard to complete.

There are also Chip Operations that help you gain Chips, LMDs, and Tier-5 Materials for your Operators. Chip Operations are often scheduled on specific days for certain Operator Classes. Take note that Chip Operations are usually tough, and you will need at least moderately high-leveled Operators (around 4 to 6-star ranked) to have a better chance at completing the Operation and getting the rewards.

New Farming Spot in Chapter 9! | Arknights

Arknights: LMD Farming and CE-5

LMD is one of the most pivotal parts when it comes to your teams upgrades and success. Upgrades and leveling can only be done with LMD farming in Arknights and the higher you go the more costly it gets. LMD comes from various places but let’s get into the best place to get them.

LMD should be farmed at Cargo Escort, CE-5. For 30 Sanity you can obtain 7500 LMD which can be used however you want. Below are the different ways to get LMD.

Mission Rewards

A decent source of LMD and other resources! Please complete your Daily and Weekly Missions because it’s super easy and quite rewarding. Get into a routine of completing your checklist of Dailies every time you log on. Not only will you get LMD you will get Orundum, Battle Records (EXP), and even Recruitment Plans.

Base Trading Post

In the Base there is something called the Trading Post. At the Trading Post you can exchange Gold Bars for LMD. Gold Bars can be obtained from Daily, Weekly, Log-in rewards, and the Factory. If you have 2 Trading Post rooms you need 2 Factories producing Gold Bars to have a balanced output.

Story and Log-in Rewards

Whenever you complete any mission you will small amounts of LMD as a reward for farming in Arknights. Nothing to really write home about but it’s good to know you’ll be getting LMD even while you farm other materials.

Log-in Rewards are what the game gives you just for showing up. LMD and other great stuff can be obtained, so make sure you log-in daily!

Where to Farming Grindstone in Arknights

When you are farming grindstone in Arknights, two stages are usually used for farming it. You may use stage 4-8 or stage 5-7. If you use stage 5-7, you will get T2 Orion even if you failed.

Nonetheless, both of these stages have a similar drop rate. The drop rate is around 34%. You may pick your sub-target, which can be T2 Orion or T4 Grindstone. When it comes to trust farming in Arknights, 4-8 is better.

4-8 Process

You should use S1 Saria and Blaze, and then you should make sure that the bind casters use their skills beforehand. Then you have to wait.

5-7 Process

Here, everyone is replaceable. You may clear it with less operators. Then you have to handle the early slug and the frost drone.

You should also deploy the jammer before the laser drone spawns. Then you have to save your skills for the last wave. You may use Siege as the early wave handler, then Lappland and SA S1 for the frost drone and the blocker. You may also use Ange for her heal and also for the last wave. Use Meteorite for the last frost drone and also for assisting Lappland and farming in Arknights.

How are you farming for Skill Summaries inn Arknights?

How are you farming for Skill Summaries in Arknights? These items are used if you wish to strengthen your Operator’s skills. When you upgrade a skill’s level, this is the item that you’ll be consuming. You can increase your skill level through the Operator Management section.

You can farm skill summaries by completing the Aerial Threat Supplies section under the combat menu. Once you have completed the operations on 3 star, you can use Auto Deploy so you can farm them automatically. Make sure to use your Skill Summaries on Operators that you will use often.

Clear Aerial Threat 3 and 4 to unlock Skill Summaries in the Workshop
You can get Skill Summary 2 and Skill Summary 3 from the Workshop by converting the Skill Summary 1 that you have. In order to do this, you need to clear Aerial Threat missions 3 and 4 with 2 stars. Once you have done this, you can convert your skill summaries to advanced versions.

Get Skill Summaries from Packs in the Store
If you need more skill summaries and cannot wait for farming in Arknights, you can check the different packs in the shop if they include skill summaries. Examples of these are the Starter Upgrade Pack, Weekly Growth Pack, and Enhancement Packs.

Is Arknights available on mobile?

Arknights: Endfield is in development for PCs and Android and Apple iOS devices. Its website is open. The original Arknights is available on mobile devices. We use cookies and other data collection technologies to provide the best experience for our customers.

Can Arknights be played on PC?

Arknights is a Strategy game developed by Yostar Limited.. BlueStacks app player is the best platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience.

Will Arknights get an anime?

An anime adaptation of mobile tower-defense game Arknights is in the works. The production, which was originally announced in November 2021, was detailed further during the game’s Japanese 2nd Anniversary livestream event on January 9, 2022.

Why is Arknight so popular?

As written before, Arknights is a game with a gacha system; that’s why the game is popular in the otaku community. You can collect numerous characters in the game or, as the game called it, Operator. With their unique skill, you can use multiple Operators to kill the enemies.

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