Arknights Near Light Limited Event

Arknights Near Light Limited Event Teaser, Rewards & Celebration

Near Light is the sequel of the Maria Nearl event and the third part of the Kazimierz Major story arc, which focuses on Margaret Nearl, now reprising her old title of Radiant Knight, carrying on her sister’s struggle and claiming victory in the Kazimierz Major to call out the capitalistic General Chamber of Commerce of Kazimierz on their hubris with help from Pinus Sylvestris, the Followers, and the Adeptus Sprawiedliwi.

Arknights Near Light Limited Event

Arknights, a strategic mobile RPG, kicks off its Thank-You Celebration in 2022 with a fresh new side narrative event called Near Light. Nearl returns to Kazimierz in the most recent plotline and participates in the Major once more. The doctor will reveal a succession of secrets in this neon metropolis after contacting various entities in Kazimierz. 7 new operators, log-in incentives, new series clothes, and a themed furniture set are all included in the update.

The Near Light event spans from 10:00 a.m. on April 28th, 2022, until 3:59 p.m. on May 26th, 2022. (UTC-7). Maria Nearl’s side story is the focus of this episode. Margaret Nearl rejoins the Major after her return to Kazimierz, and she sets out to resist Kazimierz’s corruption. In this event, players will discover more about Kazimierz’s internal tales as well as more about the Kazimierz Armorless Union.

The ‘Near Light’ event adds a unique objective system called ‘Your Desk’ to the standard stages. Doctors can gain prestige by performing requests from Kazimierz’s primary soldiers. New images, tales, and unique levels will be unlocked whenever you reach a particular level of prestige.

Arknights 2022 Thank-You Celebration features exciting event rewards
A number of activities and incentives have been planned for the 2022 Thank-You Celebration. Doctors can join the game for a free 10-roll headhunting permission and 14 free daily login pulls from April 28th, 2022, 10:00 until May 12th, 2022, 03:59 (UTC-7). Doctors can also get one trail to mine for corundum in the Popping Valley Mining Area after logging in every day.

Arknights – Near Light Event Teaser

Arknights Near Light Limited Event Brings the Radiant Knight

Another CG-animated Arknights trailer lays out the premise of Near Light while introducing players to the event’s marquee Operators: Flametail and Nearl the Radiant Knight.

Flametail was first introduced in the Maria Nearl event and had a role in April 2022’s Pinus Slyvestris mini-event as well. She’s a 6-Star Vanguard Operator. Meanwhile, though Nearl already exists in Arknights as a 5-Star Defender, Nearl the Radiant Knight is a 6-Star Alternate Operator for the character. She has among the highest attack stats of all Operators in the game and has a special skill that allows her to be deployed without counting towards the Unit Limit. Like Alternate Operators Skadi the Corrupting Heart and Ch’en the Holungday, Nearl the Radiant Knight has animated character art.

Another preview for the Near Light event properly detailed other Arknights Operators being added to the playable roster.

Besides Flametail and the new Nearl, Near Light will reward players with Wild Mane, a free 5-Star Vanguard Operator. The banners for Nearl the Radiant Knight and Flametail also have a chance of dropping the 5-Star Caster Corroserum. Corroserum is the second “Blast Caster”-type Operator. This archetype was previously monopolized by the 6-Star Caster Ifrit. Two new Operators, Rhodes Island intern Honeyberry and store assistant Pudding, will be added to the in-game Certificate Shop. Finally, a new 1-Star Robotic unit will be added to the free Recruitment system: the Archer-class Justice Knight. Cosmetic skins will also be sold for Operators Pallas, Rosa, Andreana, and Myrtle.

The Arknights Near Light event begins on April 28, 2022, and ends on May 19, 2022. The game is available on iOS and Android.

2022 Near LightThank-You Celebration & Event Rewards

Originally served as Arknights CN’s 2.5 anniversary event, the special Thank You Celebration event acts as a way to celebrate the players from the NA and JP servers. While the celebratory occasions are slightly different, the rewards and contents of the Event still remain the same for all servers. The event will start from the 28th of April, 10:00 (UTC-7) and officially ends on the 26th of May, 3:59 (UTC-7).

2022 Thank-You Celebration has prepared a series of events and rewards. From April 28th, 2022, 10:00 to May 12th, 2022, 03:59 (UTC-7), Doctors can jump into the game to access a free 10-roll headhunting permit and 14 free daily login pulls. Additionally, after daily logins, Doctors can get one trail to mine in Popping Valley Mining Area for Orundums. A Thank-You celebration login event will also be live. Players can sign in for 10 days to earn the following rewards: Justice Knight (1-star Sniper), Furniture Pieces, Top Emergency Sanity Potion, Originite Prime and Myrtle’s new outfit ‘Light Gold Celebration’.

In addition, during the Near Light event, by clearing stages and redeeming from the event shop, Doctors can obtain a set of rewards including 5-star operator Wild Mane’s Tokens, furniture pieces, Headhunting Permits, elite materials, etc.

Nearl The Radiant Knight & Flametail Banner – Arknights Near Light Banner

Coming back to Kazimierz, Nearl the Radiant Knight is a 6-star Guard. Her third skill can summon a ‘Blazing Sun’, dealing True damage to nearby enemies and stunning them for a short period. Also, her talent enables her attacks to ignore 20% of an enemy’s defense.

Arknights Near Light – Flametail

The leading role of Pinus Sylvestris has finally come to Rhodes Island as a 6-star Vanguard. Her third skill allows her to gain a certain percentage of both Physical and Arts Dodge. After dodging an attack, her next attack deals two hits and attacks all blocked enemies.


Corroserum is a 5-star Blast Caster, sharing the same branch as Ifrit, who can deal AOE Arts damage in a long liner range. His second skill can silence the targets for a short period.

Wild Mane

As a 5-star Vanguard, Wild Mane is the bonus operator that can be obtained for free in the Near Light event. Her second skill expands her attack range and moderately pushes the target. After her first deployment, all undeployed Guard Operators’ deployment cost will be reduced by 1.


Honeyberry is a new 5-star Wandering Medic who can heal Elemental Damage suffered by friendlies. The ranged operators within her attack range can gain increased Maximum HP. Doctors can redeem her at the Purchase Certificates Store after this update.


As another operator being added to the Purchase Certificates Store, Pudding is a 4-star Chain Caster whose attacks deal arts damage and jump between enemies. Each jump deals less damage and inflicts a short Slow on targets of Arknights Near Light.

Why is Arknight so popular?

As written before, Arknights is a game with a gacha system; that’s why the game is popular in the otaku community. You can collect numerous characters in the game or, as the game called it, Operator. With their unique skill, you can use multiple Operators to kill the enemies..

Why is Arknights a good game?

Arknights is a brilliant way to bring back tower defense in a sci-fi environment, with many new mechanics, improved familiar gameplay elements, and a mix of genres. It contains all from strategy, RPG, gacha, and card collector gameplay elements and uses it all to benefit the main tower defense premise.

Will Arknights get an anime?

An anime adaptation of mobile tower-defense game Arknights is in the works. The production, which was originally announced in November 2021, was detailed further during the game’s Japanese 2nd Anniversary livestream event on January 9, 2022.

How long are Arknights?

As I understand it, the game day cycle lasts for 17 hours (game clock) and the night lasts for about 7 hours (again, game clock).

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