Babylon's Fall a terrible release in 2022

Babylon’s Fall a terrible release in 2022: How to play with friends?

Babylon’s Fall has walked into a list of things that every video game will want to avoid, especially if it’s an AAA product. The game’s release wasn’t long back, but it has quickly lost whatever few players it had managed to reel in initially.

Babylon’s Fall a terrible release in 2022

Babylon’s Fall was released earlier this year on PlayStation consoles and PC. Square Enix’s ambitions were quite high, and developers PlatinumGames had a solid reputation built on past releases.

All that, however, doesn’t appear to matter as much anymore as the game’s concurrent player count has dropped to shockingly low numbers. While the numbers were never great to begin with, they have steadily declined to reach all-new lows.

While the player count isn’t available on PS5, one can easily view what the critics have been saying about the game. The game’s Metascore is one of the lowest for any release on the PS5, which helps put things in perspective.

For any other game, it can be hard to qualify for the title of the worst game so far this year when one evaluates the situation at hand. The developers, however, haven’t given up yet, and more content is being planned for the players. But this gives rise to a question: For whom will the new content be added if there’s no one playing the game?

This list will be a long one as it’s not one single problem that has led to the downfall of this game. For starters, Babylon’s Fall has one of the dullest campaign designs compared to the campaign designs of other modern games.

The title’s world and levels provide very few incentives for players to play the game. The combat is one of its stronger aspects, but it gets dragged into the mud by the surrounding elements associated with the game.

Babylon’s Fall Review: Utterly Disappointing (Should You Play?)

Babylon’s Fall is the latest title from famed developer PlatinumGames. It’s their first foray into the live service genre, which they intend to make a focus going forward. Unfortunately though it falls short in too many ways to count, lacking much of what made their prior games so great. Let’s dive in.

How to Play With Friends in Babylon’s Fall

Before we jump in on how to play with friends, it’s important to note that Babylon’s Fall does in fact have crossplay between PS4, PS5, and PC, so you’ll be able to play with friends on any platform.

Once you and your friends, have beaten the tutorial and arrived in the hub area, bring up your main menu. Use R1 or L1 to move over to the “Community” tab, then select the Friend List option.

Now you actually need to select Search and then enter your friend’s in-game character name. Again, your the name of your friend’s character within Babylon’s Fall, and not their PSN name or anything else.

Once you and your friend have added each other, one of you can move to the other’s HQ. You’ll also notice a couple of other options on the bottom of the Community menu.

“Create Private HQ” will allow you to create a new HQ that only those with a password can join, and “Input HQ Code” is where you’ll go to join someone else’s Private HQ with their password. You can also use Matchmaking History to send friend requests to players you recently matched with.

Now that you’re finally in the same HQ you can undertake quests together. The host player will need to head to a quest board and choose a quest to start, then any visiting players need to go to a quest board and select the “Party Quests” option, where they’ll then be able to select the quest the host chose.

Babylon’s Fall certainly makes playing with friends a bit cumbersome, so you can always play with randomly matched players if you prefer. 

How to Unlock Multiplayer In Babylon’s Fall

After completing the tutorial to the game and viewing some cutscenes, you’ll be dropped into the hub of Babylon’s Fall, where you’ll find merchants, quests, and more to examine. However, what you may not see is your friends, so you’ll need to go through and find them first.

How to Invite Friends in Babylon’s Fall

You’ll want to access your Menu, navigate to Community, and down the list until you find Friends List. You’ll want to move down to Search, and enter your friend’s username in-game. Once they accept your friend request, either you or they can move to your HQ. Once you are both in the same lobby, you’ll want to make your way to the Quest Board.

There are two different quest boards, one near the spawn location next to an NPC named Millimora, or one a little further in towards the docks and mess hall named Logrina. One of you will need to speak to the quest giver and accept a quest in Babylon’s Fall. Once you do, you or your friend will need to go into Party Quests and select their name or hit update until it appears.

How Many Players Can Play Babylon’s Fall?

You can have up to 4 Players in Online co-op play, and there is not currently a private lobby option.

If you have a group of friends, the other 3 who did not take on the quest initially will need to go and join in through Party Quests, or if it is you and another player, you can allow 2 more randoms to appear in your group to make the upcoming battles much easier to handle.

Babylon’s Fall dutifully checks off items on the list of things a dark fantasy game is supposed to have

The monsters and environments you encounter would be right at home in an early Dark Souls game. Decaying castles, ruined city streets, and dark caves are home to all manner of grotesque creatures. Knights with unsettling body proportions battle you in one area, while you face off against a giant spider/human hybrid with a skull for an abdomen in others. Occasionally, a gothic orchestral score crescendos in the background. It’s a proven formula, and Babylon’s Fall dutifully checks off items on the list of things a dark fantasy game is supposed to have.

But while a Souls game can instill a melancholy as you explore a richly detailed rotting fortress, or dread as you face off against a hideous abomination, Babylon’s Fall fails to evoke any connection to the locations. Each level follows the same template: You load into a quest and run from point A to point B, navigating linear corridors as you race to your objective. There’s very little room for exploration and virtually nothing interesting to find if you try.

Transparent barriers occasionally form around you to create a sealed arena in which you’re barraged by waves of generic enemies until you slay an arbitrary number of foes. Environmental hazards like pits, spikes, and lava do just enough to keep at least some attention on the field of play, but it is easy to zone out while running down virtually the same ugly corridors time again. The action of jumping, in particular, is oddly bad. A noticeable, persistent input lag, coupled with an unusually flat arc, makes gauging jumps more frustrating than it should be. Then you stop and fight more enemies in Babylon’s Fall. Rinse repeat until you reach the boss fight at the end – one last damage sponge devoid of new mechanics or interesting attacks. It’s extremely linear, and the cycle grows tedious as you repeat it dozens of times.

Is Babylon’s fall worth buying?

Babylon’s Fall is good for some mindless, repetitive dungeon crawling, but certainly not for the launch MSRP of $59.99. This may be seen as Platinum Games’ fall from grace, but we’ve seen plenty of redemption stories in recent years. If any developer could do it, it could easily be Platinum Games.

What’s wrong with Babylon’s fall?

The biggest issue with Babylon’s Fall, not counting the outdated visuals, is the pricing and the monetization scheme.

Is Babylon’s Fall like dark souls?

Babylon’s Fall dutifully checks off items on the list of things a dark fantasy game is supposed to have. The monsters and environments you encounter would be right at home in an early Dark Souls game. Decaying castles, ruined city streets, and dark caves are home to all manner of grotesque creature.

Can you play Babylon’s Fall solo?

Developed in partnership with renowned action specialists, PlatinumGames Inc., and featuring fluid co-op-combat, powerful weapons and a unique, striking art style, the epic world of BABYLON’S FALL can be played solo or in parties up to four*.

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