7 TV Series that Feature Casinos

If you’re a fan of casino games and TV shows, you’ll be happy to know that there are many series out there that feature casinos as a crucial element to the plot. It’s always exciting to see how writers and directors portray the world of gambling, from the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to the gritty underground of illegal gambling establishments.

Whether you’re a gambler yourself or just looking for something new to enjoy in the evening, there are numerous series that can show you the world of casinos. And if you enjoy playing casino games yourself, you can try out the Captain Cooks Casino and then relax by watching a show. In this post, we’ll take a look at seven TV series that center around casinos and gambling.

Las Vegas (2003-2008)

This crime drama series takes place in the fictional Montecito Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. You’ll get to see not only the hustle and bustle of the casino floor but also the behind-the-scenes of how it operates. It’s a great mix of action, romance, and suspense.

Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

Although not technically a series centred around gambling, the story of Walter White involves a lot of it. From high-stakes poker games to money laundering through a local car wash, the show’s premise is heavily influenced by the illicit world of Las Vegas gambling.

Entourage (2004-2011)

The plot follows the career of movie star Vincent Chase and his entourage, including his agent Ari Gold. Ari’s wife, played by Perrey Reeves, is a successful casino owner who eventually hires Vince to become the face of her casino. The storyline shines a light on the high-roller world, as well as the lifestyle and drama that surrounds it.


Ozark (2017-2021)

This dark and gritty Netflix series follows a family that has to move from the Chicago suburbs to the Ozarks to launder money for a drug cartel. What ensues is a thrilling story of crime and corruption that takes place largely within the walls of the bi-state area’s casinos.

CSI (2000-2015)

This crime drama series is set in Las Vegas and follows a team of crime scene investigators who work on various crimes committed in and around the city. Since Las Vegas is the mecca of casinos, you’re sure to see a lot of them in the show. Although it’s not the main focus of the series, the casinos are an essential aspect of its setting.

The Sopranos (1999-2007)

This HBO series follows the life of a New Jersey mob boss and his dealings with the criminal underworld of New York. In one of the series’ most memorable scenes, Tony Soprano and his crew travel to Atlantic City for a weekend of debauchery and gambling.

Luck (2011-2012)

This short-lived series was set at the Santa Anita Park racetrack and followed the lives of horse owners, trainers, and jockeys. Although it only had one season, the show provides an exciting look into the world of horse racing and the betting that comes with it.


If you’re a fan of both TV shows and casinos, there’s no shortage of content out there that caters to both interests. These seven shows offer a thrilling look at the world of gambling and the dangers and excitement that come with it. So give these shows a chance and see what the world of casinos has to offer.