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Overwatch 2 will have a multi-season gap between story missions

According to Jared Neuss, the executive producer of Overwatch 2, it is unlikely that the game will receive additional story missions for at least the next two seasons after the release of Season 6, titled “Invasion.”

“Don’t expect the next round [of story missions] in the next season and the season after that, or anything like that,” commented Neuss during a recent Twitch appearance alongside streamer Emongg, reported on by GamesRadar. “It is very much like trying to find that balance between getting [story missions] in front of players quickly because we love story stuff, and giving ourselves enough time to make changes or add features.”

During a separate Twitch stream in May of this year, Neuss disclosed that Blizzard had decided to cancel Overwatch 2’s highly anticipated PvE Hero mode, disappointing many dedicated fans of the series. This decision was particularly frustrating for some players who saw the inclusion of PvE elements as a crucial distinction between Overwatch 2 and its predecessor, released in 2016.

Blizzard releases a statement over Overwatch 2 story missions

Instead, Blizzard announced their intention to prioritize the launch of story missions, as Overwatch 2 director Aaron Keller stated. These missions would occur on expansive maps, introduce new adversaries, and offer fast-paced co-op gameplay accompanied by cutscenes and story cinematics. However, the community became even more outraged upon learning that players must purchase a $15 digital content bundle to participate in the upcoming story missions.

“To be fair, there’s a bunch of stuff that we want to do next year, or that are already in development for next year, that will fill the gaps that people will have in between,” said Neuss.

“We’re trying to make it so that it doesn’t feel like ‘and then there’s nothing’ for a long extended period of time. It’s more like ‘there’s this cool thing!’ and ‘there’s this other narrative thing’, ‘there’s this other narrative thing’ – we keep telling interesting stories and moving that all forward.”

The upcoming sixth season of Overwatch 2, titled Invasion, is scheduled to include the release of the next set of story missions. These missions are expected to debut on August 10. However, based on Neuss’ statement, it appears unlikely that Blizzard will introduce any additional story missions for the remainder of 2023.

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