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ENHYPEN received their first official platinum certification from the RIAJ with their Japanese debut single : BORDER



BTS And ENHYPEN Receive RIAJ Platinum Certifications In Japan

TWICE And SHINee Go Gold

The Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) has unveiled their latest batch of certifications (dated July 2021), which includes recent releases by BTS, ENHYPEN, TWICE, and SHINee!

BTS’s CD version of “Butter” was certified platinum for over 250,000 units shipped. The RIAJ certifies albums gold at 100,000 units shipped, platinum at 250,000, and million at 1,000,000.

ENHYPEN received their first official platinum certification from the RIAJ with their Japanese debut single : BORDER

 儚い”(“BORDER : Hakanai”) for having over 250,000 units shipped.

SHINee’s Japanese album “SUPERSTAR” and TWICE’s Japanese album “Perfect World” both earned official gold certifications for 100,000 units shipped.

Congratulations to all of the artists!

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ENHYPEN Makes History as ‘BORDER: CARNIVAL’ Gets Certified in South Korea and Japan

ENHYPEN Achieves Multiple Milestones as “BORDER: CARNIVAL” Gets Certified in South Korea and Japan

On April 26, Belift Lab’s first boy group, ENHYPEN, made their first-ever comeback with their second mini-album, “BORDER: CARNIVAL.”
On June 10, the Gaon Chart and Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) revealed the albums that recently received certifications for reaching a certain number of cumulative sales.

On Gaon Chart, ENHYPEN’s “BORDER: CARNIVAL” has been certified double platinum.

This certification is given to albums that have sold a total of 500,000 copies in South Korea.

Meanwhile, “BORDER: CARNIVAL” has earned a gold certification from (RIAJ). According to the certification criteria of RIAJ, an album will only be certified gold once it managed to record minimum cumulative net shipments of 100,000 copies to Japan.

ENHYPEN Receive RIAJ Platinum Certifications

With these two album certifications, Belift Lab’s artist has made history. ENHYPEN is now the very first fourth-generation boy group to attain an album certification both in South Korea (Gaon Chart) and Japan (RIAJ).
With “BORDER: CARNIVAL,” ENHYPEN has also become the first idol group that debuted in 2020 to receive a double platinum certification for an album from Gaon Chart.

This feat makes the septet the fourth fourth-generation group to have an album getting certified double platinum in South Korea, following IZ*ONE, TXT, and X1.
Aside from this, ENHYPEN now joins their senior group BTS as the only K-pop group in history to receive a certification for a Korean album from RIAJ. They are even the fastest one to have a Korean album certified in Japan, achieve the milestone in only six months.

What’s more, the seven-piece boy band has become the very first fourth-generation idol group to earn a gold certification for a Korean album from RIAJ.

Overall, Belift Lab’s seven-member boy group has a total of three album certifications, one for “BORDER: DAY ONE” (platinum) and two for “BORDER: CARNIVAL” (double platinum and gold).

Congratulations to ENHYPEN on their extraordinary milestones achieved only six months after their debut!

ENHYPEN Enters Gaon and Billboard Charts with “BORDER: CARNIVAL”

In other news, the new boy group has also landed on several Billboard charts for the week ending on June 12, as well as on multiple Gaon charts for May 2021.
“BORDER: CARNIVAL” by ENHYPEN ranked fifth on the Billboard World Albums Chart, marking its fifth week on the tally. It also claimed the Nos. 18 and 28 on the Top Current Album Sales and Top Album Sales, respectively.

Over on Gaon Chart, “BORDER: CARNIVAL” has sold more than 600,000 copies, making the rookie group the third fourth-generation group to attain this feat, following TXT and X1.

ENHYPEN’s new album secured the No. 5 spot on the Gaon Monthly Album Chart for May 2021. It has sold 100,485 more copies in South Korea.

On the Gaon Download Chart, the album’s title track, “Drunk-Dazed,” took the No. 31 spot, while the B-side song “FEVER” debuted at No. 173. Furthermore, ENHYPEN entered at No. 32 on the Gaon Social Chart.

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Recording Industry Association of Japan

The Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) (日本レコード協会, Nippon Rekōdo Kyōkai) is an industry trade group composed of Japanese corporations involved in the music industry.

It was founded in 1942 as the Japan Phonogram Record Cultural Association, and adopted its current name in 1969.

The RIAJ‘s activities include promotion of music sales, enforcement of copyright law, and research related to the Japanese music industry. It publishes the annual RIAJ Year Book, a statistical summary of each year’s music sales, as well as distributing a variety of other data.

Headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, the RIAJ has twenty member companies and a smaller number of associate and supporting members; some member companies are the Japanese branches of multinational corporations headquartered elsewhere.

The association is responsible for certifying gold and platinum albums and singles in Japan.

ENHYPEN’s Japanese Debut Becomes Certified Gold Disk Platinum by RIAJ

ENHYPEN recently made their Japanese debut just last month with “Border: Hakanai,” and now, they are certified gold disk platinum in Japan.

ENHYPEN’s Japanese Debut Becomes Certified Gold Disk Platinum by RIAJ

ENHYPEN is showing off their potential to be the icons of fourth-generation boy groups after they received gold disk platinum from the Recording Industry Association of Japan with their Japanese debut single album, “Border: Hakanai.”

According to the Recording Industry Association of Japan on August 10 KST, ENHYPEN, who released their Japanese debut single album, “Border: Hakanai,” back in July 13, received the gold disk platinum certification after accumulating more than 350,000 album copies sold since the single’s release.
The gold disk platinum is given to those that have accumulated more than 350,000 sales, and ENHYPEN became certified as platinum after they sold more than 250,000 album copies at the same time their Japanese debut single was released proving their popularity in the country.

Previously, “Border: Hakanai” topped the Oricon Daily Singles chart for seven days in a row during the time of its release. Not only that, but it also topped the Weekly Singles chart during the week of July 19.
Their Japanese single album includes the title song “Given-Taken,” from their Korean debut album, “Border: Day One,” which was released in November of last year, the Japanese version of their B-side song, “Let Me In (20 CUBE)” and their first Japanese original song, “Forget Me Not.” With that, a total of three tracks are included in the singles album.

Meanwhile, fourth-generation icon, ENHYPEN, is receiving praise from various media outlets such as Forbes, an American business magazine, who described the HYBE and CJ ENM boy group to have shown remarkable progress and success right after their debut.

ENHYPEN Reveals Which BTS Concept They Want to Try in the Future

On August 5, HYBE’s youngest boy group, HYBE, recently took part in an interview with Seventeen, where they also participated in the magazine’s “Lyric Challenge,” a game where the members would have to guess a song’s title and artist based on a single line.
One of the songs that were played was their labelmates and seniors, BTS’s song, “Boy With Luv,” which features Halsey. As soon as the members saw the lyrics on-screen, they immediately knew which song it was and even sang and danced along!

When the song was finished, ENHYPEN member, Jake, revealed that he wants to try making a song with the same kind of concept as “Boy With Luv.”

“I want to do a song with this kind of concept,” said, Jake.

Jake asked his fellow ENHYPEN members what they thought of doing a similar concept, to which Sunghoon responds by saying it might take them five years for them to be able to do the concept.

With ENHYPEN only having debuted just last year, they will surely be able to try numerous concepts in the future.