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Tom Holland and Zendaya were snapped in Boston, cuddling up while they strolled through town together.

Tom Holland and Zendaya CUDDLE UP in Boston

UNCHARTED : A Day in the Life with Tom Holland

What’s a day on set with Tom Holland like? Come along to see all the behind-the-scenes magic of Uncharted Movie! See more Tom when you get the movie on Digital NOW!

Zendaya and Tom Holland’s Relationship

Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict & Jacob talk about whether they have seen the movie, going to the world premiere and being glad to not have to lie about the movie anymore, bringing family to see it, Benedict skateboarding and Tom snowboarding as soon as he finished filming, what…

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya engaged?

Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) stars Tom Holland and Zendaya love to keep every Marvel fan on their toes, both in the theater and out in the world. Not only shaking up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Zendaya’s latest selfie with a diamond ring also makes fans wonder if Tom Holland popped the big question. […]

Zendaya and Tom Holland finally confirm they’re dating, but how and when?

“Spider-Man” co-stars Zendaya and Tom Holland solidified their offscreen romance with a passionate makeout session in Los Angeles on Thursday. Zendaya, Tom Holland finally confirm they’re dating with steamy car makeout The couple were photographed packing on the PDA at a red light during a sunset drive in Holland’s $125,000 Audi sports car. The “Cherry” […]

Did Tom Holland and Zendaya date? “Spider-Man: No Way Home” producer, Amy Pascal says she warned

Is Tom Holland in a relationship? Zendaya And Tom Holland Were Advised Not To Date By “Spider-Man: No Way Home” Producer. Co-stars and real-life couple Tom Holland and Zendaya were strongly encouraged not to date in real life by the “Spider-Man: No Way Home” lead producer Amy Pascal. ‘Spider-Man’ producer says she warned Tom Holland […]

Is Tom Holland dyslexic? How do you know if you are dyslexic?

Watch : Tom Holland Talks To Reporter About His Dyslexia Tom Holland aka Spiderman talks about his struggles with dyslexia, his accent, & success as an actor Actor Tom Holland talks to Jazzy about his English accent, overcoming dyslexia as a child, and sacrifices needed in order to become successful. does Tom Holland have dyslexia […]

is Tom Holland still going to be Spider Man? After ‘No Way Home’

What’s Next For Tom Holland’s Spider-Man? Tom Holland says he might step behind the camera of Spider-Man 4 to produce the movie with a new actor as Spidey. With reports of a sequel trilogy for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker surfacing, we think we know where the web-slinger will go post-No Way Home. Tom Holland, the […]


Spider-Man Skins for Chapter 3 and new Island In Fortnite

What’s New In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: New Map and Spider-Man all the high-level changes you can expect before we dive deeper into the new Fortnite world. Fortnite Chapter 3 is here, and in this new era for Epic‘s burgeoning metaverse, you can expect the biggest changes to the game in years. Sporting improved […]

All villains teased in the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer! Spider-Man No Way Home teaser trailer

Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer Tom Holland says Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man web-shooters “don’t make sense” Tom Holland, star of Spider-Man: No Way Home, has shared some opinions on Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man movie, The Amazing Spider-Man. In the book, The Moviemaking Magic of Marvel Studios: Spider-Man, Holland says that the web-shooter technology that we see in […]

Spider-Man: No Way Home-teaser slår tittarrekord

Kolla in den officiella Spider-Man: No Way Home-trailern här Här är första teasern till Spider-Man: No Way Home Den tredje nätsvingarrullen med Tom Holland i huvudrollen fick ju sin trailer läckt igår, men det dröjde alltså inte länge förrän den officiella teasern släpptes lös på nätet och här nedan kan du spana in ett tre […]