Everything About Ion Spike skin in Valorant and The Spike Rush Mode

New weapon skins are always a welcome addition in Valorant, but fans want more. One player has fans excited after designing an Ion Spike to show that Valorant could use some new bomb skins.

Riot Games has released more than 30 skin bundles in Valorant since the game’s release in 2020. Each collection has an immersive theme and color palette.

Valorant player designs Ion Spike skin

A player named Thyros.exe revealed his take on Spike cosmetics on Twitter, quickly gaining an overwhelming response from Valorant skin fanatics. One look at Thyros’ design and players were convinced that Riot should add Spike cosmetics to Valorant.

It makes sense why the artist chose the Ion theme to design the Spike. After all, it’s is one of the most desired skins in Valorant. Players eagerly wait for Ion Phantom to appear in their market, which has become a must-have for its stark white body and contrasting electric blue accents. The minimal and futuristic skin set has become a part of many players’ inventories. So when Thyros.exe unveiled his unique invention for the Spike, it immediately had fans on their toes eager to buy a new Spike skin in Valorant.

The game currently doesn’t have skins for anything other than its weapons. Players have long been requesting Spike skins in Valorant, and this visual example has intensified their demands. These fans are willing to spend big money to get their hands on a sleek-looking Spike.

Should there be Spike skins in Valorant?

There are currently no Spike skins in Valorant, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to add them in the game, and players definitely seem willing to pay for them.

Unique bomb cosmetics would surely add spice to ranked games. Bomb skins will simply mean a more extravagant inventory for collectors. Each player would bring in a different Spike skin, and whoever plants the Spike will get to show off their luxurious collection. However, these may cost players a lot of money, maybe even more than premium weapon skins.

While it’s uncertain that Riot will ever roll out Spike skins, it shouldn’t be ruled out entirely. Players are already eagerly buying new bundles, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the developer decides to add more cosmetics in the form of Spike skins in Valorant.

What is Spike Rush in Valorant

Spike Rush is a faster-paced game mode. Pre-round time is reduced to 20 seconds (usually 30) and game time is reduced to 80 seconds (usually 100). While the attackers have less time to plant, they also have the advantage of each player having a spike. The game ends when one team reaches 4 round wins, teams switch sides after 3 rounds.

Features of Spike Mode

All players are given the same loadout and all of the abilities that are usually purchased in the shop. The loadout given to the player on the first round is a Sidearm. Each loadout given to each player ascends in value each round of the half. On the first round the loadout is a sidearm with no shields, on the second round the loadout is a primary that is equivalent to or less than 2700 credits with light shields most of the time or heavy shields if the weapon is a Guardian, and on the third round and the overtime round the loadout is a primary that is equivalent to or greater than 2700 credits with heavy armor

Orbs that provide buffs and inflict debuffs spawn at various locations on the map, their specific effects are detailed on the Orbs page. Orbs are hidden from the map until a few seconds before the barrier drops.

Overview of Valorant Spike

The Spike is an object used in Plant/Defuse game modes. The Attacking team starts with the Spike and their objective is to plant the spike at a site on a map and allow it to detonate. The Defending team’s objective is to prevent the spike from being planted or, if they are unable to stop this, defuse the spike before it detonates.

At the start of a round, the spike is dropped in front of the Attackers and can be run over to be collected. The team will see an icon appear below the carrier’s portrait. The spike is carried like a weapon; the carrier can drop the spike, and it can be collected only by other Attackers. If all attackers leave their spawn without anyone picking up the spike, one of the agents on the attacking team will play a voiceline reminding players that the spike is still in the spawn area and that it needs to be picked up.

When an attacker carrying a spike is killed, the announcer will tell both teams that the spike has been dropped and where this happened. A dropped spike is visible on the minimap to Attackers, and to Defenders while they have sight of it. If the spike is dropped in a location that cannot be reached by most agents (i.e. on top of crates and walls that only agents like Jett, Omen, and Raze can reach using their mobility abilities), it will proceed to automatically bounce off of the structure until it falls onto the ground.


We expect the ecosystem of VALORANT modes to always evolve. We want permanent modes that you can count on and love for a long time, rotating modes with novel ideas, and maybe even time-limited modes that can get a little—dare I say—wacky. Spike Rush’s place in that ecosystem will be highly dependent on what other modes we create in the near future as well as how players feel about it.

We consider the mode in beta right now. It could be a rotating mode. Or it could get removed eventually. Maybe it sticks around for a very long time. In the short term, we plan on evolving it with more orbs and potentially other changes. You and time will decide its fate!

What is Valorant spike rush?

VALORANT on Twitter: “Spike Rush is all about what happens when everyone has a Spike and the same weapon. Chamber’s Headhunter (Q) ability is kind of going around this idea, so we’re reducing Headhunter charges from 8 to 4. This is for Spike Rush only! ( The change is now part of Patch Notes 3.12).” / Twitter. Log in.

Is Spike rush the same as unrated?

Each round of unrated or competitive will grant you 100 XP for playing and 200 XP for winning. This means if you end up dominating and 13-0 the opposition, you’ll earn just 2,600 XP. A game of Deathmatch, on the other hand, will grant you 900 XP, while Spike Rush will give you 1,000 XP.

Can I leave Spike Rush Valorant?

You can get banned for leaving matches, for exiting matchs. If you exit death match or spike rush then it’s alright, but if you exit a Competitive match or unrated you will suffer from a long term ban.

Is Spike Rush casual?

Spike Rush as a game mode caters more to the casual crowd and offers a different experience to players. It’s also meant to be a great way to warm up before jumping into ranked play, as games don’t take too long and you’ll get to practice a large variety of weapons.

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