Archero: How to dodge enemy attacks & What are the weapons

Last 2019, Habby added to the roster of the most anticipated action games nowadays that will surely captivate your gamer’s instincts – the Archero. Though the game’s title is somehow related to archery, it doesn’t mean that this game is all about archery. Here, your main goal is to destroy every enemy along your way without being hit. You can achieve that with our Archero guide.

Archero Guide – Basics & Strategic Progress

Archero is an arcade action game developed by Habby. In a world of different chapters and stages, you are to control an archer on a quest to slay all the monsters with different combination of skills and combo in each individual stage to move forward to new stages and remember, once you die… the only way is to start all again! So be careful! The game is currently available on Android and iOS.

As mentioned above, your core point in playing Archero is to destroy or avoid all enemy monsters efficiently to proceed to the next level. As you advance into various levels, you’ll obtain various rewards that can help you improve your progress. Furthermore, Archero’s gameplay is very straightforward. All you need to do is shoot arrows in stationary mode and, at the same time, move to avoid being hit by the monsters. Though the game is simple, it is best to be quicker and more tactical to pass the levels successfully.

To understand more about the whereabouts of Archero, we’ve curated valuable tips and tricks that will surely help you progress in the game.

How to dodge enemy attacks in Archero

The very first thing you’ll need to master in Archero is dodging enemy attacks. Dealing more damage can help you finish levels more quickly, but if you run out of health it’s game over!

The big tip here is to keep your eyes on your hero. You might be tempted to look around the screen or follow specific attacks, but this is a mistake. If you are focusing on a single bullet, the odds of getting hit by another are much higher than if you watch your own character, especially as things get more hectic in later levels.

When you do move, try to keep your movements as tight as possible. A short swipe is often all it takes. If you hold on and run all the way across the screen, you’re more likely to run into multiple bullets and quickly deplete your HP.

Obviously, as you play you will also learn the attack patterns of enemies, which makes dodging much easier. Also, certain types of Archero equipment and abilities can boost the stat called dodge (causing attacks that hit you to occasionally miss), but you should never rely on this. Learning how to move your character effectively will pay huge dividends later on.

Archero devil: How to summon and when to skip

The Archero devil is the only way to access certain powerful abilities (including duplicate multishots, through the wall, and extra life), although they will come at a significant cost to your maximum HP. But before we get into that, you should first know how to summon him.

To guarantee an appearance from the Archero devil after a boss fight, you have to beat the boss without getting hit by any attacks. He may still appear if you do get hit, but most of the time it will spawn the spinning wheel instead.

Once he does appear, you need to decide whether or not it’s worth it to sacrifice a percentage of your max HP for a single ability. If your max HP is already low, you may open yourself up to a quick death from hard-hitting opponents. For fairly run-of-the-mill abilities you may want to pass.

Equipment Types and Perks

Your Archero character can hold 6 pieces of equipment. The following is a complete list of the types and what they do.

Tornado: This weapon pierces enemies and bounces back to you. Has fast attack speed and a 20% damage penalty.
Purple/Epic Perk: Does bonus damage while returning to you.
Red/Mythic Perk: The further the projectiles travel, the more damage they do.
Saw Blade: Very fast attack speed weapon but also has a 20% damage penalty.
Purple/Epic Perk: Attack speed boost for 3 seconds upon entering a room
Red/Mythic Perk: Hitting enemies increases dodge rate.
Brave Bow: All-around decent weapon.
Purple/Epic Perk: Critical damage +50%
Red/Mythic Perk: Attack increases briefly after moving.
Death Scythe: Low attack speed, knocks back enemies but has a 45% damage buff.
Purple/Epic Perk: Can execute enemies with less than 30% hp.
Red/Mythic Perk: The closer you are to the enemy, the more damage you do.
Brightspear: Normal attack speed, projectile is similar to a laser and has very little travel time nearly guaranteeing it will hit. Features a 20% damage buff.
Purple/Epic Perk: Damage ramps up as attacking, up to an additional 30% damage. Not hitting something for 2 seconds will reset the damage ramp.
Red/Mythic Perk: Landing critical hits increases attack speed.
Stalker Staff: Normal attack speed, projectile is an orb that bends towards enemies almost always ensuring it connects and can even bend diagonal arrows enough to hit.
Purple/Epic Perk: The lower the enemy’s health, the higher chance you have to crit them.
Red/Mythic Perk: Reduces the charge time of the projectile.
Gale Force: High damage with a 60-70% damage buff, slow attack speed. Has higher base attack than other weapons. Features a bar that charges slowly by standing still or quickly by moving. Upon filling the bar it will fire a charged penetrating shot that deals 300% and can multi-hit. Projectile moves incredibly quickly.
Purple/Epic Perk: Crit rate increases over the distance the projectile travels.
Yellow/Legendary Perk: Charges special attack after a crit.
Red/Mythic Perk: Charge speed increases after a crit.

What is the best weapon to use in Archero?

As you can see from our Archero weapons tier list, the best weapon in the game is the Death Scythe. It’s a lumbering two-handed weapon, though its 145% damage stats make it the most blisteringly powerful item in the game.

What is the best combo in Archero?

Front Arrow +1, Side Arrows +1, Diagonal Arrows and Bouncy Arrows: The point of this combo is to shoot as many arrows as physically possible, with the bouncy effect. This will allow you to flood the room with damage in every direction, allowing you to hit every enemy in the room multiple times over.

What should I spend my Archero gems on?

The best and really only thing we want to be spending Gems on is Chests. Realistically, we only want to be purchasing Obsidian Chests, because these guarantee us at least a Great, Rare, or Epic piece of equipment. You do get a free Golden Chest once per day, and each week you’ll get one free Obsidian Chest.

What does Holy Touch do on Archero?

Holy Touch – This skill enables your attacks to have the holy effect where two projectiles shoot out of your enemy. These projectiles deal very little damage and other attack effects are considerably better.

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