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How do you Get the Camera in Minecraft? How do you take a Picture?

How to Make a Camera in Minecraft Minecraft camera : Education Edition that is a tool used for taking selfies or pictures of items in a world at ground level. The images taken with the Camera are saved in the portfolio and can be exported. Using CAMERAS To SPY On My Friends In Minecraft! Is […]

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Playing Minecraft as a YUMMY Cookie cat and Helpful Ender Kitten!

Playing Minecraft as a YUMMY Cookie Kitten! How do you get kitty in Minecraft? A wild kitty can be tamed by dropping cooked fish near it and stepping a few blocks away until the kitty eats it. Playing Minecraft as a HELPFUL Ender Kitten! Meet the RARE Minecraft ENDER KITTY! Can we help her or […]

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How do you get infinity weapons? We build a New Ranged Infinity Weapon in Minecraft

Infinity Ranged Weapon in Minecraft To craft the Infinity weapons you’ll need two things: Galaxy Souls and the individual Galaxy weapon. As I previously mentioned, Galaxy Souls can be acquired by purchasing them from Mister Qi in the Walnut Room. Each Galaxy Soul costs 40 Qi Gems. Qi Gems are earned by completing Mister Qi’s […]