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How to get a zombie horse in Minecraft survival

Zombie horses are one of the rarest and most interesting mobs in Minecraft. They are undead variants of horses that have green skin and black eyes, similar to zombies. They are completely passive and can be ridden by players once saddled. However, unlike regular horses, they do not spawn naturally in the game and cannot be tamed or bred. So how can you get a zombie horse in Minecraft survival mode? In this article, we will explain the two methods of obtaining a zombie horse and some of their features and benefits.

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Method 1: Summoning a zombie horse

One way to get a zombie horse in Minecraft survival mode is to summon it using a command. This method works for both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition players, but it requires cheats to be enabled in the world settings. To summon a zombie horse, you need to type the following command in the chat:

/summon zombie_horse [pos]

The [pos] argument is optional and specifies the coordinates where you want the zombie horse to appear. If you omit this argument, the zombie horse will spawn at your current location. For example, if you want to summon a zombie horse at the coordinates 100, 64, 200, you can type:

/summon zombie_horse 100 64 200

You can also use the ~ symbol to indicate relative coordinates based on your position. For example, if you want to summon a zombie horse 5 blocks above your head, you can type:

/summon zombie_horse ~ ~5 ~

Once you execute the command, you will see a message saying “Summoned new zombie_horse” and a zombie horse will appear in front of you. You can then saddle it and ride it like a normal horse.

Minecraft zombie horse

Method 2: Using a spawn egg

Another way to get a zombie horse in Minecraft survival mode is to use a spawn egg. This method only works for Java Edition players who have access to creative mode or commands. A spawn egg is an item that can be used to spawn any mob in the game. To get a zombie horse spawn egg, you need to switch to creative mode by typing:

/gamemode creative

Then, open your inventory and search for the spawn egg with the name “Zombie Horse Spawn Egg”. It has a green color with black spots. You can also use the command:

/give @s minecraft:zombie_horse_spawn_egg

to get the spawn egg directly in your hotbar. Once you have the spawn egg, you need to switch back to survival mode by typing:

/gamemode survival

Then, you can use the spawn egg on any block to spawn a zombie horse. You can also use it on an existing horse to turn it into a zombie horse, but this will not work on tamed or saddled horses. When using a spawn egg, there is a 20% chance that the zombie horse will spawn as a foal (baby).

Minecraft zombie horse

Features and benefits of zombie horses

Zombie horses have some unique features and benefits that make them worth getting in Minecraft survival mode. Here are some of them:

  • Zombie horses are one of the fastest mobs in the game, with a speed of 14.5 blocks per second. They can also jump up to 3 blocks high and climb one-block slopes automatically.
  • Zombie horses do not need to be tamed or fed. They will not run away from you or follow other horses. They will also not take damage from hunger or fall damage.
  • Zombie horses are immune to fire and lava. They will not burn or die from these sources of damage. They are also immune to poison and wither effects.
  • Zombie horses are classified as undead mobs, which means they are affected by certain enchantments and potions differently than living mobs. For example, they will take more damage from smite enchantments and healing potions, but less damage from harming potions and bane of arthropods enchantments.
  • Zombie horses have 15 health points (7.5 hearts), which is slightly less than regular horses (25 health points or 12.5 hearts). However, they have more health than skeleton horses (10 health points or 5 hearts).
  • Zombie horses have only one equipment slot for saddles. They cannot wear armor or chests like regular horses. However, they can still be attached to leads and fences.


Zombie horses are rare and fascinating mobs that can be obtained in Minecraft survival mode by using commands or spawn eggs. They are fast and durable mounts that do not require any maintenance or care. They are also immune to fire and lava and have some advantages over living mobs. However, they also have some drawbacks, such as being unable to wear armor or chests and being vulnerable to certain enchantments and potions. Zombie horses are a great addition to any Minecraft world and can provide a lot of fun and excitement for players who love exploring and adventuring.

Can I get a zombie horse in survival mode without cheats or commands?

No, you cannot. Zombie horses do not spawn naturally in the game and there is no way to turn a regular horse into a zombie horse. The only way to get a zombie horse in survival mode is to use cheats or commands to summon it or spawn it with an egg.