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These Following Games Are Perfect For Sports Fans

Whether you are a soccer-obsessed office worker, you adore driving, or you just need something to help make time go a little faster when going to the next match, you might find that you are looking to games to scratch that itch.

This can be something that you find really entertaining, whether it is spending an evening in or on your commute home from work. Depending on if you prefer simulators or just quick, convenient, amusing games to play, there is a huge range of games that are perfect for sports fans all over the world. Here are some of those games.

#1 Games in the FIFA franchise

If you enjoy building a team of legendary sportspeople and creating super-strong stats, you might want to consider playing FIFA. FIFA is a video game that means that you can create your own soccer (or, to almost every country outside of the US, football) teams out of the world’s best players.

You begin small and build up your team members as you make your way to being the best team manager possible, trading players and making your team earn more money as you play matches and win them, and build your team up to be something amazing. There are loads of different versions of FIFA as a new game is released every year, so you can go from 1993 all the way through to 2021.

This can be amazing for soccer fans of all ages and can help you immerse yourself in the sport and build your dream team, which might not ever happen in real life. This can be amazing if you enjoy watching and directing sports rather than participating in them.

#2 Project cars 2

Project cars 2 is a game that puts you in the driver’s seat, literally. You can play a huge range of historic racetracks, such as the Spa Francorchamps, various versions of the beautiful Monza circuit, and the classic Silverstone and Le Mans track variations. This can be amazing for all kinds of formats, which can vary from F1 to vintage to LMP1 and Touring cars – with rally cars also an option.

This driving simulator game allows you to have freedom over the cars and tracks that you choose, as well as allows you to drive against AI in races, as well as against friends. If you would rather just drive, though, you can, and just focus on getting the best lap times you can on your own. You can also control the amount of immersion you have into the game, as it is compatible with both a mouse and keyboard or a controller. It is also compatible with a steering wheel, pedals, and gearstick set, meaning that you have full control over the game that you are playing.

#3 Online blackjack games make a handy alternative

If you don’t have the time to set up a huge area for virtual driving, or maybe directing sports isn’t your thing, or even if you are simply just looking for an adrenaline kick that watching sports gives you, you might want to consider looking into playing Blackjack online.

Blackjack is a simple game that you may have played before with family or friends, and the online versions are very similar. You can play against a computer dealer where a random number generator decides which cards you are dealt and when you ‘hit.’ Other versions are available where you play against a live dealer by video link where the deal is ‘real.’ Using this source, you can see a full range of the variations of online Blackjack that are available.

#4 Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports is great if you love to jump into the action and will help you make the most of your time, whether you are alone or with friends, as you can play the sports you love, especially if you enjoy moving your whole body. This is great if you want the new and improved version of Wii Sports, and it might even be a little bit nostalgic for you if you grew up playing baseball, pretending you are pitching or batting in the MLB.

It can be a great way to have some whole-body movement and enjoy everything that is happening, as well as make sure that you are gaming your heart out. It is very similar to the driving simulator that was mentioned above, but it just gives you a different feel to how you are playing the sports.