Five Nights at Freddy's

How do you beat FNaF instantly? What is the easiest FNaF game to beat?

How I used time travel to beat FNAF: SB WITHOUT RUNNING

Which FNaF is hardest?

FNAF 2 (Five Nights at Freddy’s) is the hardest because there are way too many animatronics and things to worry about. The flashlight can run out of battery and you always have to be paying attention to the music box, along with all the animatronics.

How do you beat FNaF instantly?

You can immediately finish a night if you press and hold C+D on the keyboard and press the + button on the number pad.

What is the easiest FNaF game to beat?

What’s the most difficult FNaF game?

Here is a list of all the games I’ve played, In order of Hardest to easiest.

FNaF 4 – The hardest One I’ve played – Only on night two.
FNaF 6 – Difficult because of audio cues.
FNaF 1 – Very Difficult – Only on night three due to power percentages.
FNaF 3 – Stuck on night 5 because its impossible.

FNAF 2 wasn’t too hard. Fnafs was the easiest.

FNAF 2 is the hardest because there are way too many animatronics and things to worry about. The flashlight can run out of battery and you always have to be paying attention to the music box, along with all the animatronics.

FNAF 1 comes really close to beating FNAF 2 just because I can never get past night 2 in FNAF 1. I always run out of power and it’s really hard to not run out of it until 6 am.

Then FNAF 3 because of the whole ventilation and audio and visual stuff always needing a reboot. And FNAF 4 was pretty easy for me. I literally passed nights 1-4 in 20 minutes or less without dying once. And I always got the whole plushtrap minigame right. The only thing is I just can’t get past night 5. That’s all I’m stuck on.
FNAF 4 is really scary. Especially since it’s set in a home. A home is a very scary location in a game or a horror movie. It’s also scary how the lights flicker and you can see the closet door move. And what makes it scariest of all is when you go to the door and listen for that breathing. Not knowing if you’re about to die. That really makes this game the scariest.

FNAF 1 is second because it just a sort of scary atmosphere about it. I don’t know how to explain it. It was the first game of the series, but almost the scariest. It was the scariest until FNAF 4 came out. It’s a dark place and the animatronics are creepy. Maybe because it was the first game of the series that it just has this sort of scariness about it.

Then FNAF 2 is just creepy, especially with that balloon boy laughing and saying stuff. Nothing is scarier than hearing a little kid’s voice saying creepy stuff, especially in a horror film or game. Then when those shadow animatronics come into the room and the lights flicker on and off, that’s scary. Or when balloon boy or mangle enters the room and you know that all hope is lost, you already lost the game.

For me, FNAF 3 was not scary at all. I never really got scared by the hallucinations or springtrap. I don’t know, but that’s just me.

How to beat the night terrors levels in FNAF?

Funtime Freddy

Now, I do not know the sound clues, but this worked. First of all, try not to pay too much attention to Bon-Bon and Bonnet. Their jumpscares don’t kill you or make it harder to avoid Freddy. They will be really surprising, but trying to stop them will give Funtime Freddy time to come kill you. When you go to a door, close it for about 10 seconds, and then flash your light. Just keep going from 1 door, to the closet, to the other door.


Just like Funtime Freddy, go from door, closet, door. Even if you don’t flash the light, you will see white eyes moving closer. Nightmarrione can also use its strings in the bedroom. You have to clear them or you will die. They come out on the bed, closet, and roof. Clear the strings by pointing your light at them.

Circus Baby

This time, you can’t move or use the light. You need the closet door. When Circus Baby comes for you, her eyes turn red. Hold the door shut. I recommend holding until you need to open it to stop the plush babies. Sometimes, you may get unlucky and she will still be there, but it is still a good strategy.

Nightmare Fredbear

I used the sound clues this time. Nightmare Fredbear works in almost the same way as he does in FNAF 4. If you hear laughter and nothing else, he is on the closet or bed. To get him off the bed, just shine your light until his head is gone. Check it before the closet because you see if he is there in about 3 seconds, If he is not there, the sound is saying he is in the closet. If you hear laughter followed by footsteps, check both hallways and close the doors for about 10 seconds, the flash the light.

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Who is the most loved FNaF?

we can outta most say that foxy is the most loved animatronic through the series.

Who is the smartest animatronic?

Personality and Behavior. Bonnie is the smartest of the animatronics.

Who’s the most annoying character in FNaF?

Balloon Boy/BB for short, is one of the most annoying because he takes your batteries for W. Foxy to jumpscare you. Marionette/Puppet, because you have to wind up the music box to make her not attack you.