What are the quality backlinks ? Why are they so Important ?

Backlinks and link building are the main concept of external SEO. One of the 3 most effective SEO factors is quality backlinks. By using it you can introduce your site as a reliable and credible site to Google.

What are the quality backlinks?

Link building and quality backlinks are sensitive and effective ways to introduce more sites to the search engine.

How many websites have linked to you and raised a topic about you?

It is in fact a sign of your website’s popularity and credibility.

There are now many factors that give these backlinks value and points. For example, your introduction by an old and reputable site can not be the same as your introduction by a newly established blog.

This is where quality and effective backlinks come into play.

Different people and companies use link building methods in order to build their SEO rankings. Today it is no longer important to get a large number of backlinks for different pages! The most important point is the quality of your backlinks.

In this article, we will talk about the quality of backlinks. Join us to learn more.

Types of backlinks

Types of backlinks

There are many ways to build links on the Internet. Backlinks are referred to the site thorough different ways. To learn more about some examples, read the following:

Backlinks from Footer

A type of backlink that is located at the bottom of websites is called footer backlink.

For example, you see the site of a company. At the end of which, the company has given backlinks to itself.

quality backlinks in the comments

People link to their site by commenting on various content. These types of backlinks are called comment backlinks that have little effect on SEO .

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Content quality backlinks

Backlinks that are placed in the main content of the page are the best type of backlinks . They have huge importance. Different ad reporting services are used to get this type of backlinks.

Backlinks in profile

The links that you enter in the “Website Address” section at the time of registration or the link that is placed on the page are called profile backlinks.

This type of link building has a lot of resources and is a complete method for good backlink building.

What is a quality backlink?

What are the quality backlinks? And What should be the characteristics of  a quality and valid backlink?

We have said before that backlinks are valued according to their quality and low value backlinks are losing their effectiveness day by day.

Therefore, we must pay special attention to the production or purchasing quality backlinks.

First, consider the following:

The site credibility

The site which links to you is very effective in valuing your backlinks.

We mentioned earlier that being introduced by a reputable person is very different from being introduced by an ordinary person.

Always try to get links from the best and most credible sites. Do not pay attention to the number.

Moreover, it is better for your backlink to have its own backlink. It is called backlink building.

Relevance of the site to your content

It is another measure of quality backlinks. The site which gives you backlinks should be related to your content.

Try to get backlinks from sites that are relevant to you. For example, a site that is active on the subject of building structures, will not succeed by getting backlinks from medical companies. Moreover, that does not seem very interesting to Google.

Although the site may be credible and strong, its irrelevance to you will reduce the value of your backlinks.

So if you want to create links in forums, magazines, etc., try to refer to a site whose main base of discussion is related to the topic of your backlinks.

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Quality backlinks click-through rate

Google seeks to satisfy its users. As we mentioned, Google always pays attention to the satisfaction of its users and if something reflects the satisfaction of the users, it supports it.

If your backlink is so effective that people clicks on it, it means that this link is of interest to users and users like it! So, another feature of quality backlinks is the click-through rate.

There are many times when the backlinks that are generated are not fetched by Google. One of the main reasons for this is the low click-through rate. You should always pay attention to the quality of your links so that everybody wants to read more.

Good amount of quality backlinks

Note that each link that leaves the page will automatically take some of that page’s credibility. Hence, a concept called link farm has been created and is attributed to pages from which the amount of outbound links is very high.

This is one of the reasons why comment backlinks are not so important and effective. Pages that have outbound links in many comments lose their credibility. So, getting backlinks from them will not have much effect on the site ranking.

So try to forget about getting links from the footer.

A quality backlink is a link that is obtained from a low-link and pristine page. Of course, it doesn’t mean we should target sites with lower visitors!

Link weight and its effect on backlink quality

Link weight and its effect on backlink quality

There are many links on every page of the site, some of which are external and most of which are internal.

The place where your backlinks are placed is one of the factors that affect the quality of your backlinks.

The links in the comments are the lightest type of link and there is not much value you can gain. In the next step, the links in the footer (bottom of the site) are also very light.

After the comments and footer, the header is considered as a light place for backlinks too. Of course, this area is heavier than footer and comment. This is why most of the site links are located in these areas.

The links in the site sidebar are not as heavy as the header and footer. Sites usually put your link in these areas for text ads. Do not trust them because it will not have much value for you.

The heaviest type of Backlinks

The heaviest and most valuable type of link is content backlink. It is the one you put the link in the content or the main text of the page content.

If you can get backlinks from a site that links to you in the main content, you have the highest quality and heaviest backlinks. This way you can guarantee your credibility.


By observing these items, you will be able to produce the best and highest quality backlinks for your site.

We hope you find this article useful and satisfying, and thank you for taking the time to read this article.


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