Online Casino Exclusives: Why are the Original Games So Popular?

Today’s online casinos must do any and everything they can to stand out. New games are constantly being added, bonuses and promotions, unique contests, and more are all on the table. It takes a great deal of time and effort for a casino to be able to stand out above the crowd. One popular way that is emerging in the iGaming industry for player retention is exclusive titles. 

For years, online casinos have teamed up with software developers to create in-house content that is only available via a single brand. With exclusive titles, players have access to the most diverse content that is exclusive to the gaming site. It’s something different that players won’t find anywhere else. But why are these games so popular? We take a deep dive into the world of exclusives below, covering why the games are a top choice among players and a major revenue driver for casino sites. 

Exclusivity is Key 

The main reason such games are popular at online casino sites is their exclusivity. Everyone wants to play games they cannot find anywhere else. Operators with a more diverse collection of exclusive titles will be more popular than a site with a handful of options. 

Some casinos offer slot games created in-house, while others focus on arcade games and a mixed-bag offering. Some of the more popular variants that are go-to games for players include titles like Crash, Dice, and Mines. With Crash, players must eject from a vehicle before it crashes to win. It’s a simple format but a game that can be tricky but rewarding if you succeed. 

With Dice games, you are simply betting on the dice to land a certain way. It’s a super simple game that can have a low to high buy-in with large prizes on offer. Mines is also a popular option as it is patterned after the decades-old computer game known as Minesweeper. Don’t click on a mine, or you lose; it’s as simple as that. 

These games are popular among players as they offer something different to explore in addition to the traditional table games and slots. 

Quick Gameplay 

Exclusive games such as the arcade options like Mines and Crash feature quick gameplay, which also makes them appealing. Easily log online and play a single game in seconds or just two to three minutes. The quick games are a perfect option for players on the go or those who want to get in a quick round or two within a lunch break. 

It takes seconds to play these games, and no strategy is involved. Combine that with the fact that you can’t play these versions anywhere else, creating a winning formula for game enthusiasts.

Enjoyed via Mobile 

Like most online casino games, exclusives are also available via mobile. Log online to your favorite casino via smartphone or tablet and access these games under the Originals or Exclusives category. Most sites offer a handful or several games via mobile, so you can explore unique titles without being tied to a chair via desktop or laptop. 

Mobile gaming is the preferred way for players to explore games, so providers ensure they offer more diverse content in HTML5 format. A seamless approach to gaming ensures that players can log online anytime, from anywhere, to play anything. 

Lower Buy-in Amounts and Bonuses

Another attractive element of exclusive games is the lower buy-ins. Whether you are playing exclusive slots, customized table games, or arcade-style titles, the buy-ins start with a lower amount. Players can stick to a lower buy-in to play games on a budget, ensuring the gaming session can last longer with minimal funds spent. 

Players seek out lower buy-in games when budgeting play and trying to remain responsible during the gaming sessions. Exclusives can start at $0.01-$0.10 per round, which is affordable for most players. 

Another option to consider is bonuses and promotions. There are no-deposit options where you can earn bonus funds at no cost, allowing you to easily play exclusives without investment. No-deposit bonus casinos online can offer you a simple way to test a site, with an average of $10-$25 in bonus funds. 

There are also welcome bonuses that feature a deposit match, where you add a small amount and receive 100% back in bonus funds. This will double your investment and give you a larger bankroll to use for exclusive games. 

Locate Exclusives Today 

It’s almost guaranteed that your favorite online casino site offers some form of exclusive gaming. Check your favorites for unique categories like Exclusives or Originals to try these games and see if you prefer the unique content to the same titles that most operators offer in the Slots or Blackjack sections. Many games are customized based on the brand or certain themes to offer stand-out content to casino members.