Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

What is the fastest gun in Modern Warfare?

After some of Warzone Season 5’s best weapons received nerfs, Modern Warfare’s MP5 now boasts the lowest TTK, making it the fastest killing SMG in the game.

Now, with the OTs 9 nerfed, Warzone YouTuber Rallied figured out that the MP5 now has the fastest close-range TTK of any SMG. Using in-depth weapon stats site TrueGameData, he discovered that the MP5 kills faster than the OTs 9 at nearly every range.

What is the fastest shooting gun in Call of Duty warzone?

Thanks to stats from, we can see that the fastest killing close-range weapon in both Caldera and Rebirth Island is the JAK-12 Shotgun. At point-blank range, the JAK-12 can reach a TTK of only 400ms when hitting the chest in Caldera and Rebirth Island.