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America’s Best Esports Tournaments and Players

Esports have grown big time, and there are several reasons for their popularity. One is the lack of limits the internet has created. People from all over the world can compete against each other in tournaments without boundaries. Another is the fact that some generations have grown up playing video games and, as a result, have finely honed their skills to a competitive level. And a third is that the person’s state of health, physical fitness and individual skills don’t matter, although esports teams do like their players to take care of themselves.

Below is a look at some of the best esports tournaments that take place in the US.

The International Dota 2

The International is a major esports tournament centering around the game Dota 2 and pits five against five. The tournament is organized in Seattle, Washington, and although the first edition of the tournament took place in Cologne, Germany, the location for many of the remaining editions has been the United States.

Participation in the tournament is by invitation, and those teams who are lucky enough to be invited can win big money. Each year, the prize money has increased, in a bid by the organizers to rival the popularity of League of Legends.

Rocket League Championship Series

The Rocket League Championship series features three splits called “Majors”: the Fall Major, the Winter Major (which is taking place this year in San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California) and the Spring Major. The tournaments focus around the Rocket League game, and the Major events are the definitive events of the season. They lead to an international major, and at the events teams try to earn points that will later enable them to qualify for the World Championship or for a World Championship Wildcard.

The tournament is hosted on a local area network, which mains players will turn up in person to play, as will fans who will be there to cheer on their favorite players and teams. The 2022-2023 Winter Major will be disputed in April. Last season, G2 Esports beat Team Queso in a classic final, in Los Angeles, also in California. This year, G2 Esports are the fifth favorites to win in the betting on this sportsbook.


GENESIS is a series of tournaments in the US that are based on the fighting crossover game “Super Smash Bros” by Nintendo. It’s one of the most prestigious tournaments in the Super Smash Bros tournament world. Often, GENESIS events take place in the San Francisco bay area of California. GENESIS 9, the most recent, played out in San Jose. Several editions have also been played in Oakland.

Esports specialists in the United States

The world of esports has seen some unique talents pick up the console keypad on behalf of a team or for individual glory. Here are some you might recognize in the US:


According to data from the website of consumer and market data company Statista, “Sneyking” (real name Jing Jun Wu) was the highest earning esports athlete of 2022 from the United States. He earned around 1.78 million dollars through gaming. A massive part of this came from finishing in first place at The International that year.


“Crimsix” (real name Ian Porter) has made his name playing “Halo,” but retired from competing at the game. He switched to “Call of Duty,” from which he is now also retired. In that time, he was a prolific player and has won several major “Call of Duty” tournaments. Today, he’s a content creator.


“Amnesiac” (real name William Barton) is something of a prodigy in the esports world. The “Hearthstone” specialist was just 15 years old when he finished in first place at the Hearthstone Championship Tour Winters America Championship. In 2019, he was one of just 16 players selected to represent the North America region in the Hearthstone Grand Masters.


“Fatal1ty” (real name Johnathan Wendel) is an early pioneer of competitive gaming and, though retired now, was considered one of the best competitive gamers in the world. He experimented with “Call of Duty” and “Counter Strike,” but his real specialisms were “Quake” and “Painkiller.”. He was especially dominant in one-on-one settings.

The esports world is highly competitive, with teams and individuals coming together to do battle for large prizes. If you’re an esports player and want to pick up tips, you can check out YouTube or Twitch, where you’ll find some esports specialists will share advice on how you can improve your game.