Word Trail

Word Trail : Free Word Puzzle Game

Play Word Trail Online : a fun and addicting word puzzle game suitable for all ages.

Word Trail is a free word puzzle game

Life is a series of trails. Some of them are before us and some of them are behind us. But all of them lead to a new reality.
We are here to tell you that some of those trails can be made of words and it can be up to you to connect the letters to make words that will change your life.

How to play Word Trail

Search for hidden words on the board by swiping across adjacent letters. Valid word consists of at least 3 characters. Longer word rewarded by higher bonus points and extra bonus times.

It comes with Demo Level for you to practice. It also helps expand your English vocabulary. Use the ‘hint’ when you get stuck.

Change it so much, that perhaps you will be at the top of the leaderboard. In Word Trail you will use the tips of your fingers or the taps of your mouse in order to click on and connect a series of letters in order to form words.

Word Trail is a challenging game for smart people

The length of the words will determine their value in points. Each level is also timed, which means you will be in a rush to find as many words as you can as fast as you can. It is a challenging game for smart people who like to think hard, think fast, and think often. If that sounds like you then please by all means play this game, enjoy this game, and try to beat our high score.