Stickman Hook

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Stickman Hook

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Stickman Hook is a fun game where you can test your skills.
Stickman Hook is a skill game where you play as a swinging stickman through hundreds of challenging levels.
Even if you can’t see yourself, you’re probably swinging. You have a chance as long as you have a line attached to a hook.
You play as a swinging stickman through hundreds of challenging levels. This fun, colorful stickman game offers over 100 challenging levels. Unlock unique characters along the way to switch things up while you swing. Pay attention to the angle and direction of your swing to make it to the finish line!

How to Play Stickman Hook

when you can play it with larger screen and use mouse which is more easier to control than touching interfaces on smartphone screen. This game is especially suitable for clever people. You need patience and dexterity to win this game. That is the reason for you to choose this game to play on your leisure time.

Stickman Hook Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Is Stickman hook a good game?

Stickman Hook is a fun game if you’re not too visually or coordination-challenged! The levels start out easy, just requiring players to swing across open spaces. Even they require timing and coordination, though. However, they quickly become more complex.