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Halo Infinite release date delay : Xbox boss Phil Spencer laments. Update for Costco, GameStop, Best Buy. and The Halo-themed Xbox Series X is available today at Best Buy

Xbox boss Phil Spencer laments Halo Infinite delay

“We should have known before and just been honest with ourselves…”


Xbox boss Phil Spencer has discussed the high-profile delay of Halo Infinite.

343’s upcoming first-person shooter was announced as coming out alongside the Xbox Series X and S last Christmas.

But a disastrous showing in July last year was followed in August by the announcement Halo Infinite would be delayed into 2021. It now launches over a year late, on 8th December.

“I don’t like how we did it,” Spencer admitted in a GQ profile. “I don’t like that we showed the game, talked about it launching at the launch of the consoles. And then within a month we had moved it.”

The delay of Halo Infinite left the Xbox Series X and S with a launch lineup of games severely lacking new titles from Microsoft.

In contrast, the PlayStation 5 launched with a raft of new first-party games, including the Demon’s Souls remaster, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy A Big Adventure.

“We should have known before and just been honest with ourselves,” Spencer continued. “We were there not out of deception, but more out of… hope. And I don’t think hope is a great development strategy.”


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Halo Infinite Campaign Re-Reveal Analysis: A Big Improvement Over Last Year’s Showing?

‘Halo Infinite’ Multiplayer Surprise Launching

All weekend, we have been tracking rumors and datamines and subtle nods about the same thing: the idea that Microsoft is going to spring the launch of Halo Infinite’s free multiplayer component on everyone as an anniversary surprise. Now that the day is here, where have we landed in terms of whether this is actually happening or not?

The latest information is that there was some sort of last minute bug that required a huge chunk of 343 to work the weekend to fix. Microsoft really, really wanted this to happen, according to a wide range of sources, and the latest seems to be that yes they did fix it in time, and that Halo multiplayer should go live today as was the original “surprise” plan.



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The Halo-themed Xbox Series X is available today at Best Buy

The Special Edition 20th Anniversary Xbox controller and headset are also available

The limited-edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X is coming to select Best Buy stores across the US today. The console includes a digital copy of Halo Infinite, which will be playable on December 8th — or possibly sooner, if you believe internet rumors about a countdown ending today.

You can check for participating stores near you on Best Buy’s Xbox in-store event page. It looks like the page was just posted around 6AM ET today, in line with a tweet from restocking tipster Lord Restock. The same account, as well as other console trackers, indicates the consoles will be available today from They expect to see the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X restocked along with a number of PS5s and Nintendo Switch OLEDs, however, those sales may only be available to people who are a part of Best Buy’s $200 Totaltech support membership program.


Xbox Series X ‘Halo Infinite’ Stock Update for Costco, GameStop, Best Buy and More

The Halo Infinite edition Xbox Series X has officially launched but, as is to be expected, supplies are incredibly hard to come by.

Announced during the Gamescom 2021 conference, this uniquely patterned console evokes the iconic Spartan armor design, is decorated with star constellations and has a gold-tinted power button. The next-gen hardware also comes bundled with a matching controller, an ultra-high-speed HDMI cable, and a digital copy of Halo Infinite itself.

With the blockbuster game’s release almost upon us (and some anticipating that it might even be coming out weeks early), there is already a lot of hype surrounding this limited edition model and so your competition in procuring it is going to be quite fierce. To help you get ahead of the crowds, Newsweek has prepared this comprehensive breakdown of where the console is currently stocked.


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Best Buy ‘Halo Infinite’ Edition Xbox Series X

The Halo Infinite edition Xbox Series X is available for in-store collection at certain Best Buy stores, but quantities are extremely limited.

It is worth pointing out that you cannot use the website to reserve an order ahead of time and must instead physically travel to a participating outlet, and hope that there are still some units leftover.


Walmart ‘Halo Infinite’ Edition Xbox Series X

There is a page for the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite edition at Walmart. While it might currently be displaying as “out of stock,” rest assured that these units have not gone on sale yet.

Typically, Walmart adheres to a 3 p.m. ET timeslot when it comes to next-gen console drops. Yet there are exceptions to this rule, so it’s always best to stay vigilant throughout the day just in case.


Costco ‘Halo Infinite’ Edition Xbox Series X

Costco has a designated product page set up for the Halo Infinite edition Xbox Series X, but this is only accessible to the chain’s premium customers.

To become a member, the cheaper tier subscription costs $60 a year, while the executive version is priced at an annual $120.

At the time of writing, Costco’s units have not been released, so you still have a chance to register if you don’t mind paying that extra fee.


Amazon ‘Halo Infinite’ Edition Xbox Series X

It is expected that Amazon will be selling the Halo Infinite edition Xbox Series X at some point today (Monday, November 15), but the product page for this has yet to go live.

It might be worth keeping an eye on the digital marketplace closer to the Xbox anniversary celebration Monday afternoon, as there is guaranteed to be a lot of Halo buzz around that time.


GameStop ‘Halo Infinite’ Edition Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X Halo Infinite edition will also be released at GameStop at some point Monday.

There is no word on precisely when this drop will occur, but until then you can bookmark the relevant page on GameStop’s website.

Antonline ‘Halo Infinite’ Edition Xbox Series X

While prominent console trackers are anticipating that the Halo Infinite Xbox will be sold at Antonline eventually, there is no product page listed as of yet.

Again, we would advise that you follow @GYXdeals and turn on notifications for immediate alerts.


Microsoft Store ‘Halo Infinite’ Edition Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X Halo Infinite edition was in stock at the Microsoft Store earlier, but these supplies have now been thoroughly depleted.


Target ‘Halo Infinite’ Edition Xbox Series X

Likewise, there has already been a drop at Target, but it was over so fast that many are questioning if it even happened at all or if there was just a mistake on the website.


Pre-install Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, while you’re at it

The installation file is about 280 MB. Halo Infinite launches on Dec. 8 and will be available day one to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers, on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC.

Most pre-installation files are converted via automatic update somewhere around one week before launch. It’s unknown how much space the full game will take up; recent leaks and rumors have said it’ll take 97 GB, which falls in line with the installation size for Halo: The Master Chief Collection (104 GB) and Halo 5: Guardians (95 GB).


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