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Tinder Ghost mode : What is Ghosting on Tinder ?

what is ghosted on tinder ?

What does a Ghost Mean on Tinder?

When a Tinder match does not reply to your messages, it may indicate that he is ghosting on you. If a Tinder user doesn’t reply to your messages within 24 to 48 hours of your message, you can assume he’s become a Tinder ghost.

Tinder Ghost mode

Acceptable To Ghost Someone

most of us have either ghosted or been ghosted by someone in the past. It’s not a nice thing to do but sometimes it’s just the best option. So here are five times it’s acceptable to ghost someone.

1. If you get a bad vibe from them or they creep you out.

If you feel uneasy when talking to them or they sometimes say or do things that creep you out, then it’s totally acceptable to ghost them.

Telling them the truth about how you feel about them may not be a good option for someone like this as you don’t know how they’ll react.

Also, if you don’t feel comfortable lying to them then ghosting is really your only option.

2. If you’ve never met in person.

Sometimes you might start chatting to someone on Tinder and it’s going well but you’ve yet to meet up.

After a while, talking to them can get boring if there doesn’t appear to be a chance of you both meeting in person so in this case, I think ghosting them is okay.

Be careful with this one though because if you’ve been chatting to them for longer than a month or two I think you owe it to them to be honest about the situation.

3. If your first date was a disaster.

Unfortunately, sometimes you get along with someone better online than in person.

So if you’ve had a date with someone but you both realised you’ve nothing in common and there’s no chemistry there or they were rude, sexist, obnoxious or any other things that are a red flag for you, then it’s completely okay to ghost them.

4. When being honest isn’t working.

If you’ve been honest with them about not wanting to see or talk to them again for whatever reason but they’re not taking no for an answer, then ghosting them is your only option.

You’ve tried being straight forward about it but it’s not your fault if they won’t accept what you’re saying so just stop talking to them and unfollow or block if necessary.

5. If they’re manipulative.

If you’ve realised they are being manipulative and have caught them in a lie that was intended to fool you in some way, whether it’s about dating multiple people or other details about who they are, then it’s perfectly acceptable to ghost them.


Why Am I getting ghosted on Tinder?

There are many reasons why you may be getting ghosted on Tinder. It could be that the guy you tried connecting with is on the network for fun. He is only exploring what’s going on the network. Other reasons may include a not-so-impressive bio, low-quality pictures, or beginning a chat with dull Tinder pick-up lines.


common reasons why you keep getting ghosted on Tinder

You Don’t Make a Good First Impression

In the world of dating apps, first impressions can be a major factor that decides your dating success. Avoid starting the conversation with a boring ‘Hey’ or ‘Hello!’

That’s because your dream guy may get some seriously good messages from other girls on the network, especially if he is good-looking or has a great profile. You’ve got to be more original when you have so much competition.

Here is how to make a good first impression on Tinder.

Start your conversation with a funny observation. For instance,

Showcase your personality with a GIF

Compliment the guy’s physique or smile

Your Bio does not Promise any Fun

Unless the guy hasn’t deleted his account, another reason why he ghosted could be your dull bio. When you frequently find guys ghosting on you after being ‘genuinely interested’ during the initial messages, the answer could be in a poorly-written bio.

I recommend you add more interesting facts or trivia about yourself. You can also experiment with different bios to see which one works for you best. You can find interesting and useful tips to set up an appealing Tinder bio from this post.

You have Dull and Boring Photos

If you are camera-shy, now is the best time to confess your weakness. Generally, guys get easily attracted to girls who look confident in their pictures. If you are looking in the camera and flaunting your smile in at least one of your pictures, your chances of receiving a string of messages from your dream guy increase considerably.

Imagine a guy swiping through your profile without finding any picture that makes you look irresistibly attractive. You wouldn’t blame him for not showing any interest in being your date.

Your bio is not the only part of your Tinder profile that helps make an impression. The pictures you post are also extremely important. Don’t forget that a guy has only a few seconds to explore your pictures before he decides whether he should stop responding to your messages.

Here are some tips for clicking and uploading the best Tinder photos.

Upload pictures that show your personality (cheerful, emphatic, happy, and positive)
Avoid wearing accessories that hide your face (sunglasses, hat, or scarf, etc.)
Use a good-quality camera to click your pictures
Don’t post group photos unless you stand out in the crowd
If you have a pet, add it to one of your pictures
Be sure to include a full-body photo


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Ghosted On Tinder

It may be disappointing when you are ghosted by that cute guy or girl you matched with on Tinder.

However, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. With an estimated 50 million users, Tinder is by far one of the most popular dating apps. Anyone who’s actually used Tinder will know from first-hand experience that many users are seeking casual interactions. In a single swiping session, you may end up matching with over 10 different people. And yes, those people you matched with have also matched with a bunch of people themselves.

Have you been ghosted on Tinder?

If you’ve been ghosted on Tinder, it’s certainly not worth getting hung up on, no matter how much you felt you had in common with your match. Remember that you don’t really know anything about this person. Even if you know their age, sex, location, you have no idea what they are really looking for. They may simply be swiping out of boredom, or they may just want to chat to someone cute, with no intention of actually meeting them in person. If you have found yourself being ghosted on Tinder and are wondering why, read on.

Here are the common reasons as to why you may have been ghosted on Tinder:

1. He or she wasn’t looking for anything meaningful

It would be presumptuous to assume that most people on Tinder are looking for meaningful connections. In fact, many people end up swiping on Tinder simply out of boredom. After some flirty messaging, they may simply disappear and move on to others. They may simply get a thrill out of matching with someone and knowing that there are people potentially interested in them.

2. He or she matched with many different people and can’t keep up with them all

Dating apps offer an unlimited supply of profiles for you to choose from. As a result, when you match with 10 different people, maintaining communication with all of them can become challenging. They are likely to prioritize those who they are most interested in. This is especially true for those who already have busy schedules with work or other commitments.

3. They don’t think you’re their type

Sometimes that initial attraction to a dating profile may not be followed up with the kind of interaction you were hoping for. It’s fair to say that looks can be deceiving at times. Or, it could be that after getting to know you a bit, they get the feeling that you’re simply not their cup of tea. Maybe you came on too strong for their liking, or maybe you’re not as easy to talk to as they would prefer. Regardless of the reason they feel you’re not their type, it doesn’t really matter. Next!

. They’re not single

It’s hard to know whether people actively swiping on Tinder are actually single, taken, or something in between. Some people who are already in a relationship may use Tinder as an easy and discreet way to explore other options without actually straying too far. It’s also possible that someone who was initially single then got involved in a more serious relationship and therefore cut off ties with people on Tinder.

5. You’re looking for different things

Some people join Tinder looking for their next serious boyfriend, whereas others are looking for casual dates. When someone has been chatting to you for a while, they may be able to suss out what you are looking for. Often, there can be a disparity between what they two of you want. For example, if you ask someone what they are seeking on Tinder and they respond with “just a bit of fun” whereas you are looking for a meaningful relationship, it’s fair to say it’s probably not the best match. People ghost because they feel that continuing communication is not worthwhile. In this case, it’s probably for the best.

What should I do if I was ghosted on Tinder?

Don’t take it to heart. Given that all it takes is for someone to swipe their screen to match with you, don’t be surprised when they disappear.

Just remember that you know very little about this person. They may not even be looking for anything more than exchanging a few flirty messages with a cute guy or girl, out of boredom. It’s almost unrealistic to hope that you won’t get ghosted on Tinder at some point. If dating apps are your thing, then it’s simply best to put it behind you and move on to other worthy candidates showing more interest.

In some respects, dating is a numbers game. Dating also requires effort and learning through experience to finally figure out exactly what it is you want. It also takes time and energy to build up meaningful relationships. If you’ve been ghosted on Tinder, remember that there are plenty more fish in the sea!


What you should know about “ghosting” on Tinder

Accessibility to other singles is much easier now, thanks to Tinder.

Traditionally, meeting someone in various dating platforms can lead to happily ever after, it may not be the case for a generation using this dating app. A term you hear in dating culture today called “ghosting” is the source of the matter.

Ghosting has become a popular social behavior for online dating. When suddenly without warning a person to disconnect from the other person.

Its approach enables a sense of irresponsible behavior with no attempts to make any contact. It is apparent to those users that their match is “not interesting” enough to keep them engaged. There are more pre-existed reasons for that.

Like Facebook and Instagram, Tinder is designed so effectively addicting. Users are conditioned to keep swiping on profiles. In this circumstance, they find themselves matched with multiple people at the same time.

Ghosting happens when users are talking to multiple people.

This phenomenon diversifies users’ focus to other interests, it hinders them to settle in a connection.

This vast opportunity to meet other singles also creates a notion that “there are always other options”. This inhibits users to work on differences with their match. It catapults users to turn away and give up on connections more than ever.

Since we know virtual communication allows people to hide behind their devices, there is no accountability in their behavior. When ghosting becomes a norm in the dating process, users are uncertain to invest in a connection.

The more time users spent on Tinder they described the experience to be “exhausting” as they move through one connection to another.

80% of Tinder users said they have not had a relationship from Tinder.

Although 90% of them are not hopeful to find their soulmate on Tinder, they continue to use the app. It indeed becomes a cycle of an obsessive act, followed by irresponsible behavior and missed opportunity for potential partnership.

The wealth to link up with many people is supposed to be an advantage in the prospect of probability and possibility however, more is not better here.

Ghosting is a socially constructed behavior assembled by Tinder as a result of many unsatisfied connections.


How to Hide a Tinder Profile?

This will show you how to hide your Tinder Profile without deleting it using the mobile app and web browser. You can turn off Discovery so you can keep all the information associated with your account, but keep it hidden from searches and matches.

1. Open Tinder. This app icon looks like a white flame on a red/pink background that you’ll find on your Home screen, in the app drawer, or by searching.

You can also go to and follow the same steps to hide your Tinder profile.
If you aren’t logged in, select a login option when prompted, then enter your account details to log in.

2. Tap the profile icon. It’s the person-shaped icon in the upper left corner of the screen. A menu will appear.

3. Tap Settings. This grey gear icon is usually on the left side of the page.

4. Tap to turn the switch off Image titled Android7switchoff.png
next to “Show me on Tinder.” The switch should change from pink/red to grey/white to indicate that it is off.

Your profile will not appear in the card stack for other users, but you can still use the app and your account to message your current matches.


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Does It Count As Ghosting If You Never Actually Met In Person?

No matter how witty your text banter, it can be difficult to keep the momentum going on a conversation with a stranger whose face you have seen in five Tinder pictures. As soon as I see 10 digits of a phone number rather than an actual first and last name (everyone in my phone book has one) in my incoming texts, I subconsciously deem it less urgent.


You Can’t Be Ghosted by Someone You’ve Never Met

“Oh, they ghosted me,” is a phrase I’ve heard said all too often by friends using apps like Tinder and Hinge on their search for “the one.” For those of you out of the loop, ghosting is essentially when someone stops talking to you. A lot of people will match with someone on a dating app, exchange a few messages, and then claim they got ghosted. The general consensus seems to be that if you match with someone and they stop talking to you, even if it’s immediately, that’s ghosting.

Now, be honest — does the term “personal relationship” really apply to most people we exchange a handful of messages with on Tinder? I just don’t think so.

What is ghosting?

In dating, ghosting is when someone ends all contact without explanation — profile unmatched, messages unanswered, calls avoided. The “friendlier” version of ghosting is called Caspering, named after the beloved cartoon ghost. You’ve been Caspered if you’ve received a rejection message before your match disappears completely, meaning you got some clarity but no conversation. And if you’re not spooked enough, there’s also zombie-ing, which is when a ghost returns from the dead and resumes communication with a passive “hey.”

What it feels like to be ghosted

If you’re dating, chances are you’ve experienced ghosting or one of its relatives. When you’re left in the wake of the disappearing act, you might naturally feel concerned for the person’s wellbeing. With enough time, that concern will transform into resentment, anger, or confusion. Left with no information other than your own imagination, you’ll likely blame yourself or assume the worst-case scenario.

Why people ghost

The good news is that most people ghost due to their own shortcomings — not yours. Either they decide that you aren’t the right match or dating isn’t a priority. Instead of communicating that, they opt for silence. Maybe they couldn’t find the right words, don’t have the courage to be honest, or can’t pinpoint what the issue is. No matter their reason, move forward knowing that they’re not the right match for you if they couldn’t muster the respect to kindly exit the relationship (no matter how casual).

Why would a girl ghost you on Tinder?

Both males and females of all ages ghost each other on Tinder all the time. Sometimes even after they meet!

It is usually because they are chatting with or starting seeing someone who they like more. With Tinder there are always new matches, so you can always “upgrade” from the person you are chatting to to someone who is closer, more attractive to you, has more interests in common, etc. Don’t take it personally: if they ghosted you then obviously they are not the right person anyway!

The right person will want to keep in touch, and will want to meet you and get to know you better. Remember that you will never have to convince or chase the right person that you are worthwhile, because they will be just as interested in you as you are in them and put in equal effort!

some Times It’s Perfectly Acceptable To Ghost Someone

Certain offenses do merit a swift cold shoulder.

Being ghosted is a pretty terrible thing to endure… for those who don’t deserve it, anyway. Those who do are another story. It’s safe to say that there are indeed certain offenses that do merit a swift cold shoulder, and according to the experts we asked, those offenses are numerous. So the next time you start to see any of these red flags, feel free to start preparing to disappear in a cloud of smoke, leaving your potentially problematic counterpart on read for all eternity. Ahead, a guide to ghost-worthy scenarios, co-signed by our panel of relationship experts.

Inconsistent Or Unreliable Communication

“In the world of dating, it’s OK to ghost someone who has repeatedly shown inconsistency with communication or interest in hanging out,” says certified life coach, Tori Autumn. It’s all too common for people to lack initiative in either starting or actively continuing conversation digitally, and that usually translates to whether or not they’re proactive in making plans to actually meet up. Autumn recommends ghosting early on in this scenario in order to conserve your own time and energy: “Resist the urge to continue a meaningless conversation.”

Disregard For Consent And/Or Personal Safety

Consent is key in all dating situations, no matter the scenario or circumstance. As is personal safety — a date or potential partner should never make you feel unsafe in any way, shape, or form. If they begin to show even the slightest threat on either front, shut it down without a word. “If someone seems aggressive in any way, be it through pressuring you, being inappropriately argumentative, or is hot-tempered and easily triggered, retreat and delete,” says personal coach and dating expert, Michelle Baxo. “Consider this an act of self-love and healthy boundaries.”

Choosing ghosting over transparency or confrontation here is a smart move for your safety. Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist specializing in relationship safety, clarifies. “Confronting an angry or abusive person may do far more harm than good. Ghosting an abusive or chronically angry person doesn’t mean you are weak; it means you are smart and strong.”

When They Just Can’t Take A Hint

“As many times as you’ve tried explaining, it’s fine to ghost someone who just doesn’t get that you’re not interested in them,” says Autumn. Manly agrees. “When a partner refuses to get the message that a relationship is over, even after repeated attempts have been made to clarify that the relationship is over, ghosting is sometimes the only logical option.”

Tinder Will Help You “Un-Ghost” An Old Match For Halloween

Real talk: I’m someone who thinks ghosting is pretty damn gross, but I also acknowledge we’ve all done it once or twice in our dating histories, particularly on dating apps where there’s lots going on. If you’ve lived with regret over that one time you accidentally phased someone out and wish you could get a second shot, there’s some good news for you. Tinder’s Halloween campaign allows you to ‘un-ghost’ a former flame, as they believe this time of year is spooky enough as it is! And everyone deserves a second shot, right?!

The dating app’s ghosting graveyard may seem like a joke, but it actually has some pretty direct intentions behind it. We all have those matches on Tinder where the chat has somehow dried up, and if you’re the one who ghosted, this may well help you revive things.

Those wishing to get things going again with a match they’ve ghosted can visit where they can follow some simple steps to “unghost someone and bring that dead chat back to life.”

Simply enter your name and the name of someone you have ghosted, and select why you want to ‘boo’ them. You’ll then be given a personalised ice-breaker (a boo) to send to your potential lover, which you can shuffle. When you’ve found one you’re into, simply hit copy text, fire up Tinder, open your chat and click paste.

Examples of these ‘boos’ include Covid-related gags such as: “My disappearing act was so last month, now I’m tier to stay,” as well as cultural references like: “We were just like Ross and Rachel – on a break.”

While it’s just a bit of fun, dare we live in hope that it may help some people actually get a second chance at love? The jury’s out on this one.