Has Maya Jama gotten the diamond ring? Who’s her prince?

TV presenter Maya Jama has reportedly got engaged to her basketball boyfriend, Ben Simmons.

How long have Maya Jama and Ben Simmons been together as they fuel engagement rumours with diamond ring

The 27-year-old has been spotted wearing a huge diamond engagement ring while out on a coffee date with her boyfriend Ben Simmons .

The couple have been dating since 2021 and according to the MailOnline, the ring has been valued upwards of £600,000.

Rumours have been circulating for some weeks that the 27-year-old 76ers player had popped the question.

It all began when a picture of Ben was shared on Instagram by American tattoo artist Philly Joe 215 Tattoo Studio.

The couple have yet to confirm their engagement – but here’s what we know about Maya and Ben’s relationship so far.

Maya Jama and Ben Simmons made their relationship official

The relationship was confirmed on Instagram when the star shared a series of stories of herself on a private jet as she took a trip to the states to visit her boyfriend.

She posted several photos of the pair of them in her stories, even replying to a fan who asked ‘How’s Ben’ with a picture of her smiling and half of Ben’s face in shot.

A few days later the couple were spotted laughing and kissing at Wimbledon, their first public appearance confirming their relationship.

Who is Maya Jama’s fiance Ben Simmons?

Woman of the moment Maya has been dating basketball star Ben Simmons since May 2021.

They confirmed their romance in June 2021 when Ben shared a screenshot of an intimate FaceTime call he shared with Maya on his Instagram story.

She has since been splitting her time between the States and the UK. The star spent Christmas 2021 with the Philadelphia 76ers star at his £3.7million mansion in Moorestown, New Jersey.

This isn’t Ben’s first famous girlfriend, he is also Kendall Jenner’s ex-boyfriend. Basketball star Ben was born on July 20, 1996, in Melbourne, Australia, and has played for the Philadelphia 76ers since 2016.

The 6ft 11 inch star was named the NBA Rookie of the Year in 2018. Although he has dual nationality of Australia and the US, he plays for the Aussie national squad.

What is Ben Simmons’ net worth and what does he do?

Ben Simmons is an Australian professional basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association. The 25-year-old was born in Melbourne, Australia, where he lived until 2013.

He then moved to the US where he played college basketball for the Louisiana State University Tigers before being selected in the 2016 NBA draft by the 76ers.

As of 2022, it is thought Ben has a net worth of $6 million – the equivalent of around £4.4million.

Maya Jama Allegedly Engaged To Boyfriend Ben Simmons ‼️

When did they Maya engaged?

After much speculation, on January 11, 2022, the couple confirmed their engagement. The NBA player asked TV star Maya to marry him over Christmas 2021, but the pair kept the news quiet until now.

Maya was seen walking with Ben in Philadelphia sporting a huge emerald-cut diamond ring on her finger – which he chose himself – as they returned from a workout at the gym.

A source told The Sun in December: “Ben adores Maya and has fallen head over heels for her. “He picked up the ring on Jewelers’ Row in the diamond district of Philadelphia the day before he proposed.

“He chose the ring himself and felt he knew exactly what she would want. Maya said yes and they’re both thrilled.”

Who are her ex-boyfriends?

Maya has been linked to other men during her time in the spotlight. Before Ben, she was even in a relationship with a famous British rapper.


Maya Jama and rapper Stormzy on 6 June, 2017Credit: PA
Her most famous relationship is the four years she spent alongside Stormzy.

The two began dating back in 2016, after being linked a year earlier. Although their relationship seemed to be going smoothly, with fans dubbing them “couple goals” on social media, the pair abruptly broke up in 2019.

Rumours said that the rapper had been unfaithful to Maya and his 2019 song Lessons, inspired by the separation, only added fuel to the fire.

However, Stormzy cleared things up by saying : “I didn’t cheat. What I did was a big disrespect, what I did was very inconsiderate.”

“It didn’t need to be cheating for it still to be a disrespect. But I thought now is a good time to say I didn’t cheat on my ex.”

Despite their breakup, however, they seemed to be on good terms when they spent Christmas 2020 together.


Maya was rumoured to be dating DrakeCredit: Splash
Some fans believed Maya had a tryst with Drake. Others are convinced that she turned him down.

The rumour mill went into a spinning frenzy in 2020 when he name dropped her in his feature with Headie, Only You.

He rapped: “Chubbs might jam this yute for a chain / And give it to a sweet one, called that Maya Jama.”

It was only after that it was revealed that Drake had sent a number of private messages while Maya was still in a relationship with Stormzy.

Rico Gordon

Maya’s first love was heartbreakingly killed when she was 16 years old, in 2011. Two men from rival gangs, aged 31 and 27, have since been found guilty of his murder.

Shakah Anderson and Rickel Adams were given life sentences at Bristol Crown Court and were also found guilty of possession of a firearm. Maya has since spoken of the trauma induced by her first boyfriend’s murder.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan in July, 2020, she said: “With my boyfriend passing, it gave me a fearless approach to things. I felt like life was really short.”


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What Is Maya Jama ethnicity?

Jama was born and raised in Bristol, where she attended Cotham School. She is of Somali descent on her father’s side and Swedish descent on her mother’s side. Her mother, Sadie, was 19 when she gave birth to Jama, and she named her after the US author and poet Maya Angelou.

Who was Maya Jamas boyfriend?

Maya Jama shares pics of holiday with boyfriend Ben Simmons on her 27th birthday. M aya Jama has shared pictures from her lavish 27th birthday alongside NBA-star boyfriend Ben Simmons.

Who is Ben Simmons engaged to?

presenter Maya Jama
According to The Sun, Simmons is now engaged to UK TV presenter Maya Jama, 27, after popping the question over Christmas, with the pair yet to announce it publicly.

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