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How to Hide Your Likes on Tiktok Videos?

Whenever you like TikTok videos, whether of a strange performer for choreographic movements or a celebrity exposing their new workout to get tiktok likes they remain saved in your account.

You can watch those videos anytime when you wish to see them and entertain yourself or get information. Only open your TikTok profile and watch whatever you have saved in the past.

If any stranger accesses your account, they can explore every single piece of information on your profile, meaning liked, hearted, loved, or whatever you do on your profile.

However, it is perhaps not a problem for you, but it can create trouble for you if you have contentious, violent, unsavory, political, or controversial videos. Or perhaps you enjoy your privacy.

For this reason, your account should be private, but it is not an ideal choice for everyone, particularly for users who want to increase their audience or need some sponsors for their services.

But fortunately, they have the easiest way to stop someone from watching your videos. As a result, you can see only your liked videos.

And the good thing is your profile will remain public. Besides, there is another way to hide your likes so that your competitors cannot see how many likes you have for your videos.

How can hide likes on TikTok videos?

TikTok is a fast-growing platform since 2022 because many users use this app to show their performance with the background in music, famous dialogues, or any other expression.

But users need to protect their privacy and hide their likes in their videos if they are a user of the TikTok app.

However, there are several causes behind to hide of video likes of a professional and personal accounts. So, in the updated version, you can set privacy manually and hide ‘Likes of posts.

Let’s discuss how TikTok works to hide the likes of videos.

If you are a creator of TikTok videos, you perhaps have collected a few likes on your videos. Most of the time, the videos are likely watched later or shown to friends if it is entertaining or informative.

how TikTok works to hide the likes of videos

Well, liking any video gives a signal to the creator that the content was appreciable. Besides, it is the signal to the algorithm about what sorts of videos you like most and want to watch next time.

With the proper settings, you can hold on to your account so that no one can see your liked videos.If you are an old user of TikTok, you have several videos saved in your profile while liking them.

Liking is the best appreciation for the creator that you have enjoyed his content and the TikTok algorithm also knows about your content and what you want to watch. Let’s explore how you can hold your privacy in a few simple steps.

  • Go to the TikTok app and open your profile
  • There will appear three bars on the right side of your profile
  • Press ‘Settings and privacy and click ‘privacy’.
  • Visit the ‘safety’ category and search where your liked videos
  • Now choose the option ‘Only me’ or ‘Everyone’
  • Choose a private option for your videos and click ‘Only me’.

Now, you can only see your likes on your videos, and no other user can see them.

How can hide followers on TikTok videos?

However, hiding a follower list is also the same like to hide likes on your TikTok videos. You can block other user entries on your account and know your privacy.

TikTok has a default setting in which you can see the follower list, and you can change this setting to show you your privacy setup. Let’s follow a simple process with a few steps.

Visit the TikTok app on your gadget

  • Open your profile
  • Click the hamburger icon from the menu on the right side
  • Choose ‘Setting and privacy’
  • Pick ‘Privacy’
  • Come down and choose ‘Following list’
  • Now adjust the setting from ‘Everyone’ and convert it into ‘Only me’.

Can you see your likes after hiding TikTok videos?

Absolutely yes, you are the account holder, and all the account management is in your hand. After hiding your likes from other users, click the heart icon from the upside of the screen.

If you see any eye on the heart icon, you have successfully enabled the privacy setting on your account. Now press the heart icon. It allows you to see your likes in TikTok videos.

likes in TikTok videos

However, it is slightly frightening to think that different people are looking at your activities from your account which can hurt your privacy. Privacy is a powerful tool for online account protection.

Luckily, you can increase your protection standard on the TikTok platform. You should like videos as much as you can because it is the best encouragement for the creators that they are creating the best content.

Final verdict: 

If social media apps are entertaining, there is a threat of attacking privacy. But luckily, you can manually set your privacy while keeping your account public. Never forget to monetize your privacy not on the TikTok platform but on all social media platforms.

Besides, there are quick steps to ensure and increase your privacy on TikTok. The privacy setting option gives you more access to your accou