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Destiny 2 Pattern: How to find and unlock weapon patterns?

The release of The Witch Queen expansion and the Season of the Risen brings about an exciting mix to the game for min-maxers: the pattern aka weapon crafting system. There are quite a handful of weapons to be crafted that attracted the eyes of Guardians everywhere, but one of the notable ones, especially for PvE, is the Energy Come to Pass Auto Rifle. Here’s how you can get the Come to Pass pattern and finally mix-and-match your own dream rifle in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: How to Get the Come to Pass Pattern

If you fancy the Come To Pass Auto Rifle pattern, first of all, you’ll need to grind The Wellspring, the PvE activity from Destiny 2’s Season of the Risen. However, you have to keep that you have to beat a specific boss for the weapon to drop. There are four bosses for The Wellspring activity, which rotates daily and each of them has a different weapon drop. For Come To Pass, you have to run “The Wellspring: Attack” with Golmag as the boss enemy. Hover over The Wellspring’s icon on the map and read the description to make sure Golmag is in.

Just in case you need it, here is the list for all four The Wellspring bosses and weapons:

“The Wellspring: Attack” (Golmag, Warden of the Spring): Come to Pass.
“The Wellspring: Attack” (Bor’gong, Warden of the Spring): Fel Taradiddle.
“The Wellspring: Defend” (Zeerik, Lightflayer): Father’s Sin.
“The Wellspring: Defend” (Vezuul, Lightflayer): Tarnation.

Once you get a Come to Pass with the Deepsight Resonance trait, you have to complete 2 Deepsight Resonance extractions or acquire two drops of the weapon with the trait and fully Attune them to unlock the weapon’s pattern. Deepsight Resonance weapons are hard to miss since they have a red border around their icon in the menu. Now you can craft your very own Come to Pass — if the RNGod lets you, anyway.

How to Gain Access to The Wellspring

These are the two prerequisites to be able to gain access to Season of the Risen and The Wellspring activity:

Finish The Witch Queen expansion campaign.
Grab “The Spring of Power” Quest from Fynch, the Savathûn’s Throne Vendor.
It is recommended to get up to 1,510 Power Levels first to tackle the activity. Also, while the Master difficulty yields a higher drop rate, you can still grind the normal difficulty for the drop.

Destiny 2: How to Unlock Weapon Patterns

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has been out for a few days now, and players are already delving deep into everything it has to offer. From the difficult yet enjoyable Legendary Campaign to the expansive and varied Throne World, players have plenty to enjoy that should hold them over until the next expansion. One of the biggest features is the new weapon crafting system, which lets you use weapon patterns to craft various weapons with specific mod rolls. If you’re having trouble getting the weapon patterns though, we’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll explain how to unlock weapon patterns in Destiny 2!

For starters, you’ll want to search for the weapon pattern you want that has the Deepsight Resonance modifier on it. This will take some searching and earning of various engrams, but the weapon you want to get the pattern off of will need to have a red border around the weapon’s icon. In essence, a weapon with Deepsight Resonance is a weapon that can be attuned to extract its pattern for the crafting system. How do you attune said weapon, you may ask? Well, it’s as simple as using it. You’ll notice an Attunement Progress bar at the bottom of the weapon’s description, which will show your progress towards attuning the weapon of course.

Once you’ve completed the attunement bar, head into the weapon’s details and hover over the red outlined pattern mod on the weapon. Then, select which resources you want, and you’ll unlock the pattern! Now, heading into the Relic to shape the next weapon you’d like will let you create that weapon with whatever rolls you want. Just be ready to work on leveling the weapon for a little while.

How weapon crafting works in Destiny 2

Once you’ve played the first couple of campaign missions in The Witch Queen, you’ll be able to craft your very first Glaive. Doing so requires what’s called a Pattern (think of this as a weapon blueprint), along with certain materials (because it wouldn’t be Destiny without a new handful of currencies to use).

Patterns are required for every unique weapon build in Destiny 2.
While your initial build is restricted in terms of available perks, using a weapon more will help it level up. Doing so unlocks more options for customizing it to your playstyle.

“The more you use your weapon, the faster you’ll unlock its full potential,” Bungie explained before launch, and that’s true — wielding your crafted weapons unlocks a range of new options. The higher your level, the better stats, traits, and capabilities of your weapon.

Where to find Weapon Patterns in Destiny 2

When you unlock weapons with a red border, you can Attune them through use (also unlocking Deepsight Resonance).

Doing so will eventually unlock the weapon pattern, too, and you can track all the patterns you have in the Triumphs menu under “Patterns & Catalysts”.

How to unlock weapon Patterns destiny 2?

Progress toward a Weapon Pattern unlock can be tracked in the Triumphs area under “Patterns & Catalysts.” Weapon Patterns are primarily unlocked by Attuning red-border weapons. A few Patterns can also be unlocked through the completion of specific quests.

How to get neutral element destiny 2?

In order to earn Neutral Element, you must fill up your weapon’s Attunement Progress bar until it reaches 100%. This can be done while simply playing the game as usual by defeating enemies or completing activities with the weapon equipped.

What do Gunsmith materials do in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 players are able to acquire Gunsmith materials whenever they dismantle gear that is of Rare quality or higher or through specific Ghost mods. They can then be given to Banshee-44 in the Tower to increase one’s reputation with him and in turn receive weapons and mods.

Can you craft guns in Destiny 2?

One of the biggest, perhaps most exciting, additions to Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is the weapon crafting system that’s been. Found on Mars, players will be able to venture to a secretive location where they can craft a selection of weapons they can then take out and use to fight off Savathun.

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