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All Apex Legends character pick rates + Hacks to dual-wield weapons  

The world of Apex Legends is home to a rapidly changing landscape. Each time a new legend is introduced or a wave of buffs and nerfs arrive, legend pick rates fluctuate based on the meta and who’s in demand at the moment.

In previous seasons, characters like Horizon and Valkyrie have seen astronomical pick rates thanks to strong abilities and usability. While it’s traditional for a new legend to dominate pick rates at the beginning of their season, things get more interesting as their power is tweaked and other legends are adjusted to compensate.

In season 12, it was more than just the addition of Mad Maggie that caused pick rates to constantly change throughout the first weeks of the new season. During this year’s anniversary celebrations, Respawn Entertainment rewarded players with free log-in rewards that included free legend unlocks for Octane, Wattson, and Valkyrie, further boosting their pick rates.

Here are the current pick rates for all characters in Apex. These pick rates, according to Apex Legends Status, are among PC players in all game modes and are accurate as of Feb. 28, 2022.

All Apex Legends character pick rates

Octane: 12.7 percent

For a while now, Octane has been the most-picked legend by a long shot. Despite a round of nerfs near the end of season nine, he’s still considered one of the strongest picks in the game. Octane’s impressive 15-percent pick rate at the beginning of the season has since come down, but he still remains the most played legend.

Wraith: 11.4 percent

Wraith has always been a popular character to the point where she was considered “the TTV legend” for a long time. Even after going through nerfs to her tactical ability and hitbox size, she still holds a spot as one of the most picked legends in the game.

Valkyrie: 11.1 percent

Valkyrie has been steadily gaining more popularity throughout her time in the game and she’s been considered part of the competitive meta for a few seasons already. Her ability to allow for great rotations and to get her team out in a pinch makes her a great asset to have on a team. Her pick rate skyrocketed when she became the free legend unlock on Feb. 22, so she might not remain in the No. 3 spot for much longer.

Bloodhound: 10.3 percent

Bloodhound has a solid pick rate across all ranks. They’re both beginner-friendly and also viable in higher tiers of play. Bloodhound’s ability to gain intel for their team makes them an all-around strong pick.

Pathfinder: 7.7 percent

Like Bloodhound, Pathfinder maintains his popularity across all ranks. The strength of his movement abilities keeps him within the upper echelon.

Bangalore: 4.4 percent

Bangalore remains a solid pick mostly among new players since her kit is most similar to what players can find in other FPS and battle royale games. Her pick rate has stayed fairly steady, although it’s slightly dropped in season 12.

Lifeline: 4.3 percent

Lifeline’s kit has gone through a lot of changes during Apex’s timeline, but she’s remained a popular pick for a long time. Despite not experiencing any significant nerfs or buffs around season 11, her pick rate suddenly dropped and hasn’t really recovered since. Being one of the few support characters and the only healer in the game, she maintains a solid and loyal fan base.

Ash: 4.1 percent

Ash was one of the most anticipated new legends, expected to make Wraith irrelevant with her kit. After peaking at an impressive 20-percent pick rate at her release in season 11, her popularity has since declined and plateaued around four percent.

Horizon: 3.8 percent

Horizon was heavily nerfed in season nine. Even after some of her power was returned, she’s never regained her status prior to the nerfs. Her fluid movement and ability to easily gain high ground still makes her a viable pick across many ranks.

Mad Maggie: 3.7 percent

Mad Maggie was never quite able to reach the popularity that Ash, Seer, and Valkyrie received at their release. Only three weeks into season 12, Maggie’s pick rate has declined from nine to 3.7 percent.

Loba: 3.5 percent

Along with Horizon and Maggie, Loba sits squarely in the middle of the pick rate rankings. The usability adjustments to her tactical give her more mobility, but she still can’t hold up against highly mobile characters like Octane.

Gibraltar: 3.5 percent

Gibraltar sits in the bottom half of the pick rate list, alongside every other defensive legend. He’s more popular in Platinum and above, but his big hitbox and defensive playstyle keep many players from having Gibby as their legend of choice.

Fuse: 3.3 percent

Fuse received a sizable buff when season 10 hit, but it wasn’t enough. Fuse’s passive isn’t as powerful as some other legends’ and his ultimate is bulky and hard to aim. During season 11, Fuse was experiencing a slight uplift in popularity. But it didn’t last.

Wattson: 3.3 percent

After being the free login reward for the 2022 anniversary event’s second week, Wattson is on her way back to her normal pick rate after peaking at 5.7 percent earlier in the season. A heavily defensive character, Wattson never gained much popularity even after many buffs and changes to her abilities.

Mirage: Three percent

Mirage’s pick rate has stayed around three percent for the longest time. His abilities aren’t very strong and he doesn’t offer much utility to his team.

Revenant: 2.3 percent

Revenant had his moment back when players realized the strength of his totem when paired with Octane’s jump pad. Both have since gone through multiple nerfs, however, and Rev suffered the consequences.

Caustic: 2.2 percent

Like Gibraltar, Caustic excels in a defensive playstyle, but many players are more drawn to offensive characters. He’s also fairly easy to hit because of the size of his hitbox, which might make some people steer away from playing Caustic. In addition, his gas traps received a significant nerf in season 12, which caused him to drop in popularity.

Crypto: Two percent

Crypto’s position near the bottom of the pick rate list confirms that his playstyle runs counter to the way most people want to play the game. He’s just too slow and defenseless, particularly in higher tiers. The buff his drone received in season 12 wasn’t enough to attract more interest in the legend.

Seer: 1.9 percent

Seer peaked at 20.49 percent at release. But after some much-needed nerfs, his pick rate started steadily declining. No one expected he would end up all the way in the bottom two, though.

Rampart: 1.3 percent

Rampart is at the very bottom of this list with the lowest pick rate of any legend in the game. Along with Crypto and Wattson, her pick rate hasn’t seen a significant change since prior to season nine. Maybe that means it’s time for an adjustment.

New Apex hack allows players to dual-wield weapons

While many players in Apex Legends’ upper echelons have spent the majority of season 12 thus far taking issue with the way Bangalore’s smoke ability works, there’s more blatant cheating afoot in the popular battle royale. And this one is straight out of Call of Duty.

Akimbo R-99s. Yep. Reddit user Rockingjman posted the video of them spectating the dual-wielding culprit because it’s obviously frustrating to die to a player doing this.

Clearly, this is some sort of hack and not an intentional addition to the game to add something akin to CoD’s famous attachment or the Borderlands gunzerker trademark ability. And, well, it shreds. It turns out you don’t need to aim down sights very much if you can just fill the air with bullets.

This particular hack still allows users to heal with a gun out as well. You can see the player use a shield battery while one of the R-99s remains out. This hack seems to be gaining popularity recently as well. Videos have emerged on social media of players dual-wielding all sorts of weapon combinations.

The Wingman, the R-99, and any gun that takes the Hammerpoint hop-up all seem to be popular with the dual-wielding crowd. But other players have been spotted using submachine guns and assault rifles as well.

The logical end to this hack is, of course, a Bangalore player running around, throwing a smoke down at her feet whenever a fight breaks out, and then pulling out their two Krabers to begin spamming them at whatever unlucky soul they might face. So, let’s hope this hack gets addressed before we see that happen.

What is the most picked legend in Apex?

Octane -13.4% Octane is a consistently high-picked Legend in Apex, despite the nerfs he’s received since the game’s release. His easy-to-use and highly effective abilities make for great solo play, but also means that he fits right in with team-based matches.

Who is the least picked legend in Apex?

Rampart is at the very bottom of this list with the lowest pick rate of any legend in the game.

Is fuse good Apex?

Break down the door with the Rampage, then shoot your Knuckle Clusters inside. Overall, Fuse has never been in a stronger spot than he is right now. If you have ever wanted to give him a go or a second chance, now is the time. It’s never been a better time to be a Fuse main.

Is Revenant good in Apex?

Revenant is possibly the nastiest piece of work in all of the Apex Games, intent on causing murder and destruction wherever he goes. However, his story is not one without tragedy. Revenant used to be human, and one of the most skilled hitmen to ever live.

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