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What Games Can we Play for Free on Ubisoft Plus

Ubisoft has kicked off a pretty cool promotion that lets PC gamers check out dozens of the studio’s most popular games for free for a limited time. Ubisoft+ Free Games Announced during today’s Ubisoft Forward stream, Ubisoft+ is free to use until October 10. you can play games from franchises such as Far Cry, Assassin’s […]


Top 10 List of Triple-A Games of All Time and Best AAA Games : Call of Duty , FIFA, GTA and more

What Is a Triple-A Game? Triple-A or AAA games are blockbuster titles developed by large and well-known development teams and launched at a premium price. They are high-risk, high-reward video games. Typically, triple aaa games take years to develop and have huge marketing budgets to rival a new feature film. AAA games are the most expensive […]