Is Snapchat safe? When Can the application Access My Information?

What is Snapchat? it is an American multimedia instant messaging app and service developed by Snap Inc. One of the principal features of Snapchat app is that pictures and messages are usually only available for a short time before they become inaccessible to their recipients. The app has evolved from originally focusing on person-to-person photo sharing to presently featuring users’ “Stories” of 24 hours of chronological content, along with “Discover”, letting brands show ad-supported short-form content. It also allows users to keep photos in the “my eyes only” which lets them keep their photos in a password-protected space. It has also reportedly incorporated limited use of end-to-end encryption, with plans to broaden its use in the future.

Is Snapchat safe?

Snapchat users may find themselves questioning their security now that hackers released 4.6 million users information. Don’t worry, that double-chin selfie you sent to your best friend was not shared, but your username and phone number may be floating around cyberspace.

Snapchat prides itself on its no-save photo-sharing; however, how accurate is that claim? Let’s start with the facts:

  • Snapchat account does not store opened snaps. Once the user opens the snapchat, it is deleted immediately from Snapchat’s servers.
  • Snapchat does store the user’s email, phone number, username, a snapchat log of the last 200 snaps sent and received (similar to a phone record) and the date the account was created.
  • Unopened snapchats logins are stored on the Snapchat server for 30 days.

Does Snapchat really delete everything?

Delete is our default ? This means most messages sent over Snapchat will be automatically deleted once they’ve been viewed or have expired. Here are some quick rules of thumb for how long different kinds of content stays on Snapchat servers!

Snaps ?
Snapchat servers are designed to automatically delete all Snaps after they’ve been viewed by all recipients.

The servers are designed to automatically delete all unopened Snaps after 30 days.

The servers are designed to automatically delete unopened Snaps sent to a Group Chat after 7 days.

Users can save a Snap in Chat by pressing and holding on it to save while viewing or directly after viewing a Snap. After saving a Snap, the Snap will appear in the chat as Chat Media.

Users can also delete a Snap in Chat by pressing and holding on it, then tapping ‘Delete.’ When a Snap is deleted from Chat, we will set it to delete from our servers. We will also make our best attempt to remove it from your friends’ devices. This might not always work if someone has a bad internet connection, or is running an old version of the app.

Chats ?
In one-on-one conversations, Chats are set to delete after you have viewed them. You can set Chats to delete right after viewing them, or delete 24 hours after viewing them ⏰

To change when Chats delete…

Swipe right from the Camera screen to go to the Chat Screen
Press and hold on a friend’s name
Tap ‘More’
Tap ‘Delete Chats…’
Tap either ‘After Viewing’ or ’24 Hours after Viewing’
Please Note: If you switch from ’24 Hours after Viewing’ to ‘After Viewing,’ then previously viewed Chats will disappear. Your messages won’t delete right away if someone saves, replies, or reacts to your message. Learn more about saving and deleting messages.

When Can Snapchat Access My Information?

Snapchat is governed by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), and will release any information to authorities if presented with the proper legal process and documents. Because Snapchat support does not store opened photos on its server, those pictures cannot be accessed through it. However, Snapchat may be asked to create a preservation request which would preserve all information from that moment forward.

Just because Snapchat does not store your old photos, you are not protected. Hackers, forensic experts and screenshot capabilities allow people to save or resurface your account. Some companies are already offering a program to restore old ones, and hackers are showing how easily Snapchat can be manipulated.

Why Would Someone Want My Snapchats?

Because people believe snapchats cannot be saved, they are more likely to document their illicit behavior. Whether used to prove underaged drinking, to establish a relationship or to prove participation in other activities, chats will soon start showing up in courtroom evidence. Do not ever send a chat you would not want used against you.

Can Snapchat be hacked?

Snapchat is a popular social media app that’s unique because of its phone-centric approach and 24-hour disappearing Stories. But yes, hackers can access your account.

With over 260 million daily users, Snapchat is increasingly being targeted by hackers and sextortionists. Private photos and videos shared on the platform between users—plus the sensitive financial data stored on its payment system—make it a target.

Here’s how cybercriminals have learnt to hack someone’s account, and what you can do to secure your account.

How to Tell if Your Snapchat Account Has Been Hacked

It’s easy to tell if your account has been hacked. Unauthorized actions such as the addition of friends and unexpected username changes are usually the first telltale sign of a breach.

Sudden logouts are another indicator. In extreme cases, users find themselves locked out of their accounts following a credential change.

Another intrusion indicator is receiving out-of-the-blue password-change and login alerts. Subsequent security notifications indicating a suspicious account login, especially from a different device or location, are confirmation that another party has gained access to your account.

How Do Hackers Hack Snapchat Accounts Anyway?

To effectively protect your Snapchat account from hackers, it is best to understand how hackers target and break into social media accounts. The following is an outline of some of the tools and techniques used by cybercriminals to breach social media accounts.

A significant number of social media hackers use phishing attacks to take over social media accounts. A phishing attack typically uses social engineering to find vital information belonging to a target, such as emails and phone numbers (although if you’ve been involved in a data leak, this data might already be available to them).

What was the revenge porn case in Snapchat?

During the 2020 lockdown to inhibit the spread of COVID-19 in France, the app emerged as a hub for the dissemination of revenge porn of underage girls.

In 2020, a woman in North Carolina sued Snapchat app (as well as dating app Tinder and the five men named in the attack), claiming features of the app enabled her alleged rapist and his friends to hide evidence of the rape. In particular, the suit alleges that “because of the ways it is and has been designed, constructed, marketed, and maintained, [the woman’s assailants] were able to send these nonconsensual, pornographic photographs and videos of [her] with little to no threat of law enforcement verifying that they did so.”

The woman told the court that parent company Snap Inc. “specifically and purposely designed, constructed, and maintained it to serve as a secretive and nefarious communications platform that encourages, solicits, and facilitates the creation and dissemination of illicit and non-consensual sexually explicit content…and allowed Snapchat to operate as a safe-haven from law enforcement.”

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