Pope Francis

How much money does Pope Francis make? What did Pope say about sex before marriage?

Pope Francis (Latin: Franciscus; Italian: Francesco; Spanish: Francisco; born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 17 December 1936) is the Bishop of Rome and hence head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State since 2013. Francis is the first pope to be a member of the Society of Jesus, the first from the Americas, the first from the Southern Hemisphere, and the first pope from outside Europe since Gregory III, a Syrian who reigned in the 8th century.

How much money does Pope Francis make?

Pope Francis Net Worth is $16 Million US Dollars. He is the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State since 2013. The original name of Pope Francis is Bergoglio. When he was young, Pope worked for a time as a bouncer and a janitor as a young man before training to be a chemist. He maintains the traditional views of the Church regarding abortion, clerical celibacy, and the ordination of women. Over the years, he received many cars and house properties as gifts from wealthy donors.

Many wealthy industrialists and loyal Catholics have gifted various luxury cars to Pope Francis even before he became the head of the Vatican church. Some cars used by Pope Francis for his commute are provided below.

As the head of the Vatican Church, Pope Francis is eligible for an annual salary of $400,000 US Dollars. However, most of this income is donated by the Pope towards the poor and the education of children. Pope however has certain trust funds and earns income from investments that are managed by the Vatican Investment Authority.

What did Pope Francis say about sex before marriage?

Earlier in 2022, the 85-year-old pope said people who preferred to have pets over their own children are ‘selfish’, and that substituting pets for children ‘takes away our humanity’.

The Pope urged potential parents ‘not to be afraid’ of having children. “Having a child is always a risk, but there is more risk in not having a child,” he said.

The comments were made when the Pope urged people to have more children in a bid to solve the ‘demographic winter’ problem in the West. Unsurprisingly, people wrote about their opinion about the comments on social media. While many agreed to the comments, pet lovers and parents were clearly not happy with the ‘selfish’ remark.

Recently, the head of the Catholic church made another remark that has sparked strong reactions on social media. Pope Francis praised abstinence from sex before marriage as a sign of ‘true love’.

The Pope said that refusing to have sex until marriage is an ideal way to secure a relationship. According to a Dail Mail report, the Pope outlined the rules for a happy relationship in the new Vatican guide.

“It is worth helping young spouses to be able to find the time to deepen their friendship and to accept God’s grace. Premarital chastity certainly favours this course,” a part of the 97-page guide reads.

The religious leader also claimed that couples nowadays break their relationship or ‘fall apart’ due to sexual tension or pressure. However, the points mentioned in the new 97-page document have not gone down with netizens. It has been criticised heavily, with many saying the theories are outdated.

Italian theologian Vito Mancuso said the remarks by the Pope undermined the importance of sex in a relationship. “The Catholic Church’s inability to understand sexuality. In this, Pope Francis is no different from his predecessors,” he said.

What does the Pope Francis do all day?

Pope Francis rises on his own at around 4:30 a.m. and spends the next two hours praying, meditating on the Scripture readings for the day and preparing his morning homily. He delivers it off-the-cuff at the 7 a.m. Mass in the chapel of the Vatican’s Santa Marta hotel where he lives. After Mass, Francis greets the faithful in the atrium outside the chapel, then walks a few meters into the hotel dining room for breakfast. He often will have fresh-squeezed orange juice (a papal indulgence since other diners are served only packaged OJ) and membrillo, a gelatinous paste made from quince that is popular in Argentina.

After breakfast, Pope Francis takes Elevator A up to the second floor to his home: Santa Marta’s Room 201, though he has actually converted the entire second floor of the hotel wing into a home office. He then gets to work, either staying in the hotel or heading to the Apostolic Palace if he has formal audiences. Occasionally he takes a break to recite the rosary. After a 1 p.m. lunch in the dining room, Francis takes a siesta of about 40 minutes to an hour and resumes working into the evening, often taking care of correspondence. He tries to get in an hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament before dinner, though he confesses to sometimes falling asleep while praying. Dinner in the dining room is self-service, cafeteria-style at 8 p.m. and Francis has been known to microwave his own food if it’s not warm enough. Before taking the elevator back upstairs, he will be sure to thank the Swiss Guard, Vatican gendarme and reception desk clerk on duty in the hotel lobby, and say good-night. He’s in bed by 9 p.m., reads for an hour and is asleep – “like a log” – for the next six hours or so.

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