Paige Spiranac

Is Paige Spiranac married? How much money does she make?

Paige Renee Spiranac (born March 26, 1993) is an American YouTube golf instructor with over 260,000 subscribers and 145 instructional videos, a social media personality with 3.2 million Instagram followers, and a former professional golfer. She played Division 1 college golf at both the University of Arizona and San Diego State University, winning All-Mountain West Conference honors during the 2012–13 and 2013–14 seasons, and leading the Aztecs to their first Mountain West Conference Championship in 2015.

Is Paige Renee Spiranac married?

On March 7, 2022, Spiranac announced that she was no longer married. She had been married to Steven Tinoco. Spiranac’s self-promotion has received criticism for “sexualizing women’s golf”. She sought to use the exposure to promote her anti-bullying campaign and continue to fight for a woman’s right to feel comfortable in her own skin.

The LPGA Tour introduced a stricter dress code in July 2017, restricting plunging necklines, leggings, and short skirts. This triggered immediate criticism, characterized by the Fox Sports headline “LPGA slammed for ‘slut-shaming’ its own players after new dress code restrictions revealed”. Spiranac spoke against it in a Fortune magazine op-ed piece, “The Progression of Women’s Golf Is Plunging Further than Our Necklines”, which appeared just days after the LPGA announcement. In February 2020, Spiranac started a podcast called Playing-A-Round with Paige Renee.

How much money does Paige Spiranac make?

Paige Spiranac is one of the most followed entities in the golfing world. And despite retiring from golf years ago, she has more followers than Tiger Woods on Instagram. Paige boasts of 3.2 million followers, while Woods has 2.8 million followers currently on Instagram. Notably, Spiranac tasted unprecedented popularity after she switched from professional golf to a full-time social media influencer, and pursued a career in modeling.

Paige is known for being herself unabashedly on social media. She often shares her daily happening with her fans and is an open book online. Since she is the most followed golfing entity on Instagram, she earns an incredible amount of money from sponsorship and endorsements. Can you guess the unbelievable figure?

According to reports, Paige earns around $14,000 per post on Instagram with 3.2 million followers. Undoubtedly, these are pretty solid numbers, especially when compared to the GOAT of the game, Tiger Woods, who earns around $11,000 per post with 2.5 million followers.

Meanwhile, Paige is now moving her focus towards Twitter as well. From tournament picks to other collaborations, she posts content in abundance. Currently, Spiranac has 505k followers on Twitter. However, she is well behind Tiger on this platform as Woods has 6.6 million followers currently.

Nevertheless, for a social media influencer like Paige, her Instagram following has given her some great opportunities. In her golfing days, she has competed on a couple of Ladies’ European Tour events. However, Spiranac sadly could never make it to the LPGA Tour, and hence, she sought retirement in December 2016.

Soon after her retirement, she completely focused on growing as a social media influencer. Hence, Paige has successfully built her fan base, and her following, especially on Instagram, and is growing substantially even as a Youtuber.

Is Paige Spiranac ranked?

Paige Spiranac golfer is ranked in the top 10 when it comes to the ‘Most Trolled Professional Female Athletes’, according to research on Twitter conducted by BonusFinder. Spiranac has over half a million followers on Twitter and 3.2 million on Instagram, the latter of which is even more than Tiger Woods.

Ahead of International Women’s Day on Tuesday March 8, research was conducted by BonusFinder to investigate just how much online abuse professional female athletes face when it comes to social media. Paige herself has openly admitted to receiving online abuse and hate by a number of Twitter users down the years.

According to BonusFinder, tweets were analysed by comparing the total number of tweets received with those classed as negative.

Who did reveal Paige Spiranac nudes?

PAIGE SPIRANAC has revealed how an impostor set up an OnlyFans profile in her name – and even posted fake nude pictures. Spiranac does regular Q&A sessions with her supporters and revealed she is regularly asked if she would join the adult site.

But Paige confirmed that particular move was “not in her business plan” and would be a “career killer”. Paige told her podcast Playing A Round: “When you say OnlyFans, there is this stigma around it.

“I don’t judge any woman who decides to do OnlyFans, love yourself, do what makes you happy – but for me, it’s just not in my road when it comes to my business plan.

“With being in such a conservative industry like golf, that would be a career killer for me.

“Even what I do, so many doors have been shut because they don’t like the fact that I just show cleavage.”

Paige did however reveal that others have made the controversial move for her – by creating fake profiles pretending to be the golfer. In response to a fake account liking her own post, she wrote: “The audacity of fake Paige”.

One fan responded: “Maybe fake Paige will actually have the audacity to start an OF!” Spiranac confirmed this had already happened – and added that the copycat even uploaded fake pictures to the platform. Paige wrote: “Someone one[sic] did start one under my name with fake nude pictures!”

Paige Spiranac golfer played pro for San Diego State University between December 2015 and December 2016. But she has received criticism from some for her outfits and glam golf pics since building an Instagram empire of over 3.2m followers.

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