How to make money on Fansly? (Tips & Tricks)

Hey there. Are you a creator who has been looking for a replacement fansite and have come across the name, Fansly a lot lately? Well, you have heard the name for all the right reasons. Since OnlyFans announced that it’s banning adult content on its platform, creators have been looking for alternatives.

There has been a lot of debate on which is a better platform for creators between Fansly vs OnlyFans. Fansly has come out as a preferred choice in the battle of fansite platforms. Although Fansly is a comparatively newer platform than OnlyFans, since the ban announcement on OnlyFans, Fansly raised its hand and has slowly become the preferred choice among creators.

As a creator, you might be hesitant that Fansly is a new platform and how you will make money on Fansly. Don’t fret, as I’ll take you through by providing details on what exactly is Fansly and how to make money on Fansly.

Intro to Fansly

The sudden rise in popularity of Fansly had many people wondering and asking what is Fansly?. Fansly is a subscription-based fan site that allows both adult and non-adult creators to share content with their fans on its platform. It is owned and operated by an American-based company known as Select Media LLC.

Users on Fansly see a listing of creators on the homepage, and if they like any creator’s profile, they choose to follow or subscribe to them. Users have to pay the subscription charges to access the exclusive content shared by the creator that’s locked behind a paywall. Users can choose to pay monthly subscription charges to get content from their favorite creators regularly.

As a creator, Fansly provides you with the option to set your subscription charges as much as you want. If you’re a new creator, then you can choose to give a free subscription for a few months to gain loyal fans and then slowly convert it into a paid subscription profile. Fansly takes a 20% commission on all the Fansly earnings made by the creators.

Fansly allows creators to post both images and videos. The best part about Fansly is that you can find a varied group of creators ranging from fitness advisors and musicians to adult models selling their content to the audience. It provides multiple monetization methods to the creators to maximize their earnings by selling content on their platform. Now let’s take a look at how to make money on Fansly.

How to make money on Fansly

Fansly is a creator-friendly platform that provides various ways for creators to monetize their content. Although it’s primarily a subscription-based platform, Fansly does have many other ways through which creators can make good money.


Subscriptions are the primary money-making model on Fansly. Users subscribe to a creator’s profile for a monthly charge and get access to exclusive content posted by the creator. Creators are free to choose how much price they want to keep for their subscription.

New creators can choose to have their profile as a free subscription for the initial days to gain more subscribers. Free content is shown on the homepage feed and provides a great opportunity for new creators to catch the attention of users and convert them to subscribers.

Creators can create multiple subscription tiers and set different types of content for each tier. It works well for the subscribers, too, as they can choose which content they like and subscribe to that respective subscription tier.


Tips are a major contributor to the Fansly earnings of a creator. Creators can receive tips on their profiles from fans who like their content. Every creator profile has a tip option where users can go and tip any amount to the creator. If fans like any creator’s postings, then tips can become a significant contributor to the overall earnings of a creator on Fansly.


Referrals are an added incentive for the creators on Fansly. If any creator gets another creator referred to Fansly, then the creator gets something called referral benefits. Fansly pays 5% of the total monthly earnings of the new creator for one year to the creator who referred them. The more referrals any creator gets to Fansly, the more are the chances of them earning more money through referral benefits.

Locked content

There will be some users who don’t want to subscribe to any creator and want to buy one piece of content on and off. Fansly allows the creators to upload content that is locked behind a paywall and published on the homepage of Fansly.

Any user who wants to see the content has to buy it for an amount decided by the creator and then gets to own the content. It’s a great way to make money for the creators who like to share one-off locked content for the users to buy.

Paid messaging

Fans always like to interact with their favorite creators, and Fansly provides them with this opportunity. Creators can go for private chats with fans that are billed on a per-message or per-minute basis. It helps creators form bonds with their fans and get new content suggestions from their loyal fans, bringing more subscribers and tips to their profiles.

Final words

As you saw, Fansly is an excellent choice for creators who want to make money by selling their content. It is not only adult content creators but creators from every field who have found success on Fansly. The Fansly earnings will depend on how much effort and quality a creator puts into their content.

If a creator is regular in their postings and puts in the effort to make their content better every day, they stand a great chance to make money on Fansly. If the fans receive regular content worth their money, then any creator can earn big money through Fansly.