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Best OnlyFans Alternatives For Adult Content : Fansly, Unlockd, Fanvue and more

Compare OnlyFans Alternatives & Similar Sites

What is OnlyFans mostly used for? Launched in 2016, OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform where users can sell and/or purchase original content. When utilized as an adult site, users will post NSFW videos and photos to their accounts, which are protected by a paywall.

OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service based in London

Content creators can earn money from users who subscribe to their content—the “fans”. It allows content creators to receive funding directly from their fans on a monthly basis as well as one-time tips and the pay-per-view (PPV) feature.

The website has two million content creators and 130 million users.

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OnlyFans Alternatives For Content Creators

Of course, if you tend to post nudes without hardcore imagery, OnlyFans might still be your best option. Though OnlyFans is only likely to go more mainstream, and you need to think about the kind of audience you want to attract, and what sort of content you not only post now but that you might want to create in future.

The Best OnlyFans Alternatives

Fansly, Unlockd, Fanvue, iFans, FanCentro, MYM, AdmireMe, AdultNode, Just For Fans (JFF), LoyalFans, Fangage and Patreon.

Each platform gives creators the chance to share content with paying subscribers, and they’ve all got their pros and cons.

Depending on what kind of content you want to create, one might be a better option for you than OnlyFans.


Unlockd is a relatively new competitor to OnlyFans, having been set up in 2020. It’s similar in style, allowing content creators to accept subscribers in exchange for photos, videos and more. It also accepts adult content.


In terms of OnlyFans alternatives, Fansly is probably the site closest to offering the exact OnlyFans experience. It’s another subscription website that encourages content creators – including those with adult themes – to build a paying network of subscribers. In terms of features, pricing and general site layout, it is almost exactly the same as OnlyFans.


Fanvue is a UK-based content creator site that aims to be the best option possible for anyone who wants to sell their content for money. It markets itself to all creators, whether you’re a gamer, author, chef, athlete or you’re creating adult content. And they have said that they will never ban adult content from the site – it is a platform “for all creators, now and always”.


iFans is a content creation platform that argues it is the same as the competitors, but better for earning more money. In terms of style, it’s pretty similar to OnlyFans, although it does have a few extra features that OnlyFans doesn’t currently offer.


FanCentro is another subscriber-based content platform that allows models, sex workers or aspiring content creators to build an audience and start earning towards their new career.


MYM classes itself as a ‘premium social media’ website. It works in the same way as other fan platforms, letting creators add content behind a paywall that users access through a subscription. It’s based in France, although is an international site that uses USD as its main currency. MYM stands for Meet Your Model, with an emphasis on giving users ‘behind the scenes’ access to their favorite content creators.


AdmireMe.VIP is a social platform that works similar to many others on this page – creators set up a profile and add content, which users can then pay to access. It’s based in the UK and, unusually for a subscriber platform, defaults to GBP as the main currency. However, creators can choose to offer subscriptions in USD or in EUR if they prefer. It’s an adult-themed site, so anyone looking to sell nude or sexual content will find it suitable.

Just For Fans (JFF)

If you’re looking for a more direct competitor to OnlyFans than Patreon, JustForFans might be exactly what you need.
It’s another subscription-based website for content creators, and like OnlyFans it does permit adult content. But there are some stark differences between the two.


LoyalFans is a long-established adult-themed social media site that encourages fans to pay for access to more premium content from its creators. While it advertises itself as being open to creators of all types, almost every profile on the site is adult-themed, and the site was created by people experienced in the adult industry. Based in Britain, the site is very much internationally themed, similar to OnlyFans, and operates in USD as its main currency to reflect this.


Fangage is a social media platform designed to allow content creators to engage with their fans directly, and monetize this interaction. It was made to help creators avoid having to rely on the complicated algorithms used by major social media sites, which can sometimes lead to fans not being updated, even about pages or individuals they have chosen to follow.


Patreon is a membership platform that was founded in 2013, which in internet terms is ages ago, and it’s certainly been around for longer than OnlyFans.

There are clear parallels between the two, and you’d have to assume that OF took at least some inspiration from the model that Patreon built.

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Best Sites Like Onlyfans

Five alternatives to OnlyFans for selling private content by getting paying subscribers.

the best alternatives or content-sharing platforms comparable to OnlyFans that can give you the same level of success and popularity


Friendsonly is a social network for bloggers and models, also works by subscription. It has algorithms to promote within the platform, you can withdraw money on demand (not once a month), it contains gifts and trial periods for users (facilitates more active subscription).

Friendsonly is a new monetization platform – it’s like Tiktok, but for adult content, same algorithms of promotion within the platform among existing users.

Scrile Connect

Scrile Connect is a fully customizable Whitelabel solution for creating your own OnlyFans alternative with no restrictions or bans of adult content and a 0% commission fee from revenue. It is a full-featured turnkey platform that is ready-for-launch with no coding needed.

You can start an independent private website for monetization of exclusive content and fan base of creators under your own brand and domain name, with your own privacy policy, pricing no transaction limits.


If you ask me ‘what is the best possible alternative for Onlyfans like site?’ my answer would probably be Fanpage is probably one of the best sites like Onlyfans. You keep 80% of the earnings, can send private messages (locked & unlocked) to your fans, and have the option to lock a post for your viewership or make it available for everyone to view.

Fanpage has one competitive advantage over Onlyfans; anyone can follow you without paying. This means if someone follows you now then there could be high chances that they become your paying subscriber.


Flirt1to1 is a potential Onlyfans like a site where you can introduce a membership the very same way you do it in Onlyfans. You also have features that aren’t available on Onlyfans like you can have phone sex and phone live chat sexting with your fans.


FanCentro is a subscription-based content-sharing platform, like OnlyFans, enabling fans to buy content straight from the creator. It is free to use. FanCentro is extremely adaptable, with numerous revenue streams and a plethora of features and choices that enable creators to sell their work in several ways.


ManyVids provides live streaming and video sharing features and markets itself as a “one-stop-shop” for your followers. The website is the only place where content is allowed to share. ManyVids is an adult-only website where users may sell single videos, physical items, memberships, and live camming services. Payments are made twice per month.


LoyalFans provides subscriptions to content creators monthly, and there are various options available for posting your material on the site. You may share text, photos, clips, GIFs, and audio content, and admirers can get stuff through text for a charge. Creators receive 80% of each sale, with payments twice per month.


ModelHub is PornHub’s Fanclub area, and they provide various ways to earn money, including ad income, videos, and bespoke films. They also provide marketing and advertising services for their models. They provide 65% of payouts on video and bespoke video selling, 80% of Fanclub content, and tips and payments are made once a month, with a $100 minimum.

Onlyfans Vs Patreon

The Difference Between Two Content Subscription Platforms

What is the difference between Onlyfans Vs Patreon?

A comparison between the two for an adult content creator.

The following are the criteria that will be used to compare both Onlyfans and Patreon.

  • Popularity: Even though Patreon has been long before Onlyfans; Onlyfans still has more popularity than Patreon. Onlyfans has about 2 million content creators whereas, Patreon has only around 200,000 content creators. This means that Onlyfans is more popular than Patreon and there is more opportunity for Onlyfans to meet more fans.
  • Contents: Perhaps one of the reasons why Onlyfans is more popularly used than Patreon has to do with the contents that can be posted on the platforms. Onlyfans allows you to post all forms of content; including adult content on the platform. Most people even know Onlyfans because of the Adult Content that is allowed to be posted on the platform. Patreon on the other hand doesn’t allow content creators to post explicit adult content on the platform. This doesn’t mean that Patreon doesn’t allow nudity. However, sexually explicit adult content is not allowed on Patreon.
  • Payout Rate: It is not unheard of that platforms you use to promote your content take a certain percentage from your earnings. However, this varies among these platforms. Onlyfans take 20% of your earning, and you are allowed to take the remaining 80%. Patreon takes around 5 and 12% of your earnings, this is dependent on the platform you choose; which are either basic, pro, or premium.
  • Censorship: To make money on these platforms, you will need a fanbase. And the best way to get fans is by promoting your page and account on these platforms. It is easier to promote your Patreon account because it doesn’t encourage sexually explicit content. You can promote your account on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and many more without the fear of being banned. However, promoting your Onlyfans on other platforms is not very easy because of the Adult content associated with it.
Is Fansly legitimate?

If you’re just starting out in your adult content creator career, or if you are worried about the future of adult content on OnlyFans, Fansly is definitely a viable alternative.

What does Unlockd do?

Unlockd is a judgement free platform, where subscribers pay models and social media influencers a fee, to view specialised content curated for their paying audience. In addition, subscribers can also direct message, live video stream and “tip” to get pictures or videos created on demand, according to their tastes.

What is Fanvue used for?

Fanvue is a platform that allows content creators to connect with their fans and monetise their content. Recently, the company has raised $1 million (approx £724K) at a valuation of $30 million (approx £21.7 million) pre-money, ahead of its launch.

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