Halo Infinite

How to use a M247 HMG in Halo Infinite

What is an M247 HMG in Halo Infinite?

This is a mounted weapon that appears a few times only and will need to be used to complete a weekly challenge.

The weapon only shows up a handful of times, so making sure you’re queueing up for the correct playlist is the best way to make sure you have a chance to start using this weapon. Additionally, you’ll need to use this gun if you want to complete a weekly challenge for your battle pass. Here’s what you need to know about finding the M247 HMG in Halo Infinite.

The M247 is the mounted gun you can find on the back of the UNSC Warthog or the mounted turret that you can find on the larger maps. You can typically find a Warthog spawning on the larger Big Team Battle maps, specifically on Behemoth, Deadlock, Fragmentation, and Highpower. These are of the large maps you can find on the Halo Infinite playlist.

Halo Infinite M247 HMG: How to get a kill

The Halo Infinite M247 HMG weapon is stumping players because for a weekly challenge where you need to get a kill with it.

If you’re wanting to level up your battle pass in the Halo Infinite multiplayer, then the only current way is to complete challenges relating to game modes, wins, and weapons.

The M247 HMG is one of the returning weapons in the game, having been in every entry in the franchise so far. It’s also only found on a select few maps that tend to be on the larger side, so not all players are running into it.

If you need the rundown on the Halo Infinite M247 HMG including how it works and how to get a kill with it, then make sure to read on.