Fire Emblem

Is Fire Emblem three hopes a sequel?

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is, to all intents and purposes, a sideways sequel to the original game. An alternate version of events with a new main protagonist and another crazy volume of hours to sink your time into. It’s unclear to begin with, especially if you did enjoy Three Houses as much as I did, but after a bit of time it becomes obvious this is almost a multiversal take on that game’s story.

This is essentially Three Houses with a new story and musou combat instead of the tactics, though there’s a heavy dose of tactics in how it all works. It also has everything from Three Houses. And I mean everything, so far. There is so much going on here, but I want to be clear, I won’t be delving into every aspect of the game right now.

Is Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes canon?

As a spin-off, it is not considered canon in the original Fire Emblem series, but is instead a story set in the same setting as Fire Emblem: Three Houses.