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The Rise of ESports Betting in Australian Casinos

Australia is often associated with casinos and far fewer people are actually familiar with the popularity of betting in the country. In fact, the first gambling event was horse racing in 1810. And already in 1861 there was the Melbourne Cup, which is still in action today.

The first bookmakers appeared in the 1930s but began to operate legally only in the 1980s. Now cyber-sports is a very dynamic sector, especially in the last 10 years. But if you want to get into the world of gambling without betting, check out the most progressive official platform

The Beginnings of eSports in Australia

eSports, or cybersport, is a competition in which teams or individuals play against each other in a video game. It is not recognised as a sport by the International Olympic Committee or the Australian Sports Commission. But the government is working with the Australian CyberSport League to give formal recognition to e-Sport as a separate disciplines.

It was already well promoted before 2020, thanks to the development of the Internet and the high availability of games. Already then one of the biggest tournaments in the world was the Sydney competition. On it, the best eSports players from all over the world competed in disciplines such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, StarCraft II and League of Legends.

Features of eSports Betting

Becoming more and more popular, cybersport has attracted many bettors. The varied world of e-sports disciplines has increased the opportunities for lucrative wagering. In addition, people interested in this sport sometimes wanted to earn money while watching their favorite tournaments.

An important feature of cyber sports betting is the variants of these bets:

  • On real money;
  • On skins and loot boxes (more often this is available inside the actual game).

The latter option is often favoured by hardcore gamers, while most bettors prefer to take their money away.

Types of eSports Betting

A bit unfamiliar to the world of classic betting are the many types of wagers. It’s no longer surprising now, but it’s worth looking at the list:

  • Who will win the match;
  • Final score;
  • Who will win the whole tournament;
  • Best player;
  • Who will make the first kill;
  • Who has the most kills;
  • Total kills and others.

Of course not all of them are available for all games, but these are the most commonly used types. You can try betting at online casinos, which are at the same time bookmakers.

The Growth of the Cyber Sports and Betting industry

During the pandemic, all physical sporting events were cancelled and most of the fans migrated to the online world where they were introduced to cyber games. Additionally, many people just started playing online video games and became interested in this area of entertainment.

Increases have also taken place in the cyber betting industry, many people have started to bet not only on video games, but also on physical game simulators such as FIFA, NBA and others.

Reasons for the Development of this Sector

Such an active growth of users brings up questions. How did this happen? All because of people’s boredom, locked at home they have found an outlet for themselves in cybersports and betting. It brings quite a lot of fun and you have an exciting time.

On the plus side of course was the money, losing their jobs, many people were looking for a way to earn extra money. The field of betting is perfect for that. But you have to be careful and choose only official platforms, many of which are also online casinos. King johnnie casino, for example, is officially licensed by Curacao, which indicates that this platform is safe and secure.

The Problems of e-Sports and Betting on It

Over the past couple of years, this industry has stepped up tremendously around the world and in Australia. However, the fact that eSports is not recognised as a separate discipline, its development is not as fast as in the US or South Korea. This all leads to the fact that on the world stage, Australian cyber athletes have a tough time competing against foreigners.

For betting, though, the only problem is the non-serious attitude of some people towards cyber sports. This slows down the process of popularising this kind of wagering. In addition, it is important that all bettors understand the value of choosing an official bookmaker.


The popularity of online games, streaming events and eSports has led to an increase in cyber sports betting. Australia is well-developed in this area, but cybersports disciplines require some investment. However, there is already some legislation being proposed so we can expect big improvements.

But if the world of betting or eSports is far from your heart, you can always make money on classic gambling at kingjohnny casino.