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When you play your favorite casino games at sites like vulkanvegas or place bets on eSports platforms, you are likely crossing your fingers, hoping the team you wagered on would win. The truth is that the odds are not that easy to understand. It’s a complex and mathematical process to calculate them.

That’s why there are corporations that supply analytics for eSports. They use AI and big data science to come up with these numbers. In this article, we will provide insight into the best companies that offer this type of service.


PandaScore offers two services – these are PandaOdds and PandaStats. These two are what sports and eSports betting sites use to create their betting odds.

Here are the benefits of using their services: 

  • The models for the odds they used are reviewed by their dedicated eSports trading department
  • They have models applicable to in-play betting;
  • The company covers all eSports events, which means they can provide data on all matches and competitions worldwide;
  • They create markets and betting options that will cater to all types of bettors.

PandaScore provides APIs to their clients for integration. The API is the bridge that provides data and statistics for games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and DOTA 2. It also provides statistics on all other eSports, even the unpopular ones. The good thing about this system is that the AI updates the stats in real time. The latency is a mere 300 milliseconds.

The schedules for the matches are always updated in real-time, along with information about the players and the team members. As such, those who want to wager will see accurate information and feel more confident to place bets.

In addition, the APIs or programs they provide are based on HTTP. It means that they will run on browsers and can be integrated with any kind of computer language, program, or data infrastructure and content management system.

Odds Matrix

Odds Matrix is the second on our list. They provide data on eSports and API solutions for integration. Like the previous company, OM provides real-time data to its clients and, subsequently, to the end-users or bettors.

Here are some types of data they provide: 

  • Settlements
  • Scores
  • Matches
  • Odds

With Odds Matrix, the eSports betting company can expect support in making a platform that has a diversified range of betting options. The sports data from the system can also provide betting stats and odds for both B2C and B2B businesses. Right now, OM has around 50 clients.

There is no latency in the system, and the company provides real-time, 24/7 availability of information. The AI also generates flexible odds and betting options. Furthermore, the eSports betting site can expect to provide different betting markets and also customize these betting options.

The odds that come from the site are reliable, as the company tests them daily with the help of tens of thousands of real bettors. Adjustments are also made in real time. OM company also ensure that they test their markets 99% of the time and that these markets get settled immediately once the games are over.

Clients who work with Odds Matrix can use the services for free for 30 days. The integration is quick, as they also use REST APIs to do it.


The last on our list is BetRadar, a company that offers esports betting solutions. In addition, they also provide statistics, data analysis, live odds, and more.

Here are some of their best offerings: 

  • Pre-match odds;
  • Live odds;
  • Live data streaming;
  • Simulated reality.

Sports betting sites can also take advantage of their games. Here are some examples of their virtual games:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Horses
  • Dogs
  • Tennis
  • Baseball

Overall, BetRadar is a one-stop shop for data, gaming stats, betting software, and other services that a may need to run an eSports booking website. The company covers more than 900 sports and esports games in 120 countries.

Apart from the betting platform, BetRadar also provides their clients with a way to offer live channels online, live retail, live trading, and even live channel promotion.

Finally, eSports bookmakers can expect BetRadar to provide them with betting engagement features. Some examples are head-to-head, bet assist, live scores, statistics dashboard or center, and so much more.

eSports is s big business, and there are millions of people who wager on these games. Like traditional sports, the bettors rely on their “belief” about who would win. If you are a gambling operator, your ally is statistics. You must create your odds in such a way that it is in your favor.

The traditional way was to hire statisticians. Today, you can outsource this service. Instead of hiring statisticians, use the services of big data companies. With their algorithm, they will supply you with odds makers you can use to entice your players to wager.