Has Cloudflare been hacked?

Has Cloudflare ever been hacked?

The hacking group told Bloomberg News that it had video archives from all Verkada customers; it accessed footage from Cloudflare’s cameras and posted a screenshot of security footage which they said was taken by a Verkada camera in a Cloudflare office.

The hacker group UGNazi attacked Cloudflare in June 2012 by gaining control over Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince’s voicemail and email accounts, which were hosted on Google. From there, they gained administrative control over Cloudflare’s customers and used that to deface 4chan.

What is Okta and how its hack could affect Cloudflare, Coinbase and others

Hundreds of large companies, such as FedEx Corp, T-Mobile US Inc, Moody’s Corp and Coinbase Global Inc, use Okta’s services.

San Francisco-based Okta Inc, a widely used access management company that competes with the
likes of PingID and Duo to provide online authentication services, said it was investigating a digital breach on Tuesday.

The scope of the breach is unknown, but a hack at Okta could have major consequences because thousands of other companies rely on the firm to manage access to their own networks and applications. Okta said the breach could be connected to an earlier incident in January. Here are some facts about the company:

According to its website, Okta has been in business since 2009 and describes itself as the “identity provider for the internet.” It says it has more than 15,000 customers on its platform. Okta sells identity services, such as Single Sign-On and Multi-factor Authentication used to log in to online applications and websites.

What is the global DNS hijacking threat?

Experts at major cybersecurity firms including Tripwire, FireEye, and Mandiant have reported on an alarmingly large wave of DNS hijacking attacks happening worldwide. These attacks are targeting government, telecom, and Internet entities across the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, and North America.

Does Cloudflare protect against hackers?

By Industry. Cloudflare helps schools and universities provide secure access to online resources, while shielding them from attacks and downtime.