Does Cloudflare sell your data?

To earn and maintain that trust, Cloudflare commit to communicating transparently, providing security, and protecting the privacy of data on our systems.

  • Cloudflare keep your personal information personal and private.
  • Cloudflare will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone.

Does Cloudflare DNS sell data?

Cloudflare will not sell or share public resolver users’ personal data with third parties or use personal data from the public resolver to target any user with advertisements.

Cloudflare will only retain or use what is being asked, not information that will identify who is asking it.

Except for randomly sampled network packets captured from at most 0.05% of all traffic sent to Cloudflare’s network infrastructure, Cloudflare will not retain the source IP from DNS queries to the public resolver in non-volatile storage (more on that below).

The randomly sampled packets are solely used for network troubleshooting and DoS mitigation purposes.

A public resolver user’s IP address (referred to as the client or source IP address) will not be stored in non-volatile storage. Cloudflare will anonymize source IP addresses via IP truncation methods (last octet for IPv4 and last 80 bits for IPv6). Cloudflare will delete the truncated IP address within 25 hours.

Cloudflare will retain only the limited transaction and debug log data (“Public Resolver Logs”) for the legitimate operation of our Public Resolver and research purposes, and Cloudflare will delete the Public Resolver Logs within 25 hours.

Cloudflare will not share the Public Resolver Logs with any third parties except for APNIC pursuant to a Research Cooperative Agreement. APNIC will only have limited access to query the anonymized data in the Public Resolver Logs and conduct research related to the operation of the DNS system.

Can Cloudflare be trusted?

what is Trust-focused technologies?

Cloudflare gives you the tools to keep data secure and private. Learn how our network supports end-to-end encryption, identity and access management, data localization, and more.

Can Cloudflare see your data?

yes, CF does see all of the passwords, OAuth tokens, secrets, and PII that go through its systems, however, Cloudflare operates in accordance with the GDPR and isn’t an advertising or data collection company giving them little to no incentive to steal any PII or steal the passwords of customers/website operators.


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