Video Games vs. Online Casinos: How Are They Similar? 

Both video games and online gambling have gained popularity worldwide since they do have some similarities. While some choose to venture into the worlds of video games and online casinos, some have yet to crack the code in terms of why people choose to play both worlds. 

In this article, we are mapping out the similarities and differences and where to begin if you want to delve into the world of gambling.  

Online Gambling 

If you aren’t completely aware of what online gambling is, here is a crash course. Online gambling is essentially gambling which takes place on the internet. Therefore, gambling is every kind of game in which you can get a prize depending on the outcome. These are the typical games like poker, casino games like blackjack, and sports betting, where you bet on a game, an event, or something third. 

For some, online gambling is a hobby where they can develop their strategic and analytical skills. But there is also a social aspect. In the online gambling industry, there are often communities with forums where people can discuss strategies, among other things. Nowadays, there are even expert tips in the casinos, where players can learn how to get the most out of their game. 

The Pros

Gambling is sometimes highlighted as a profit for governments, as legalized gambling in the form of casinos can create revenue as well as jobs for the governments. But what are the advantages for the players themselves? 

Playing at an online casino can be a form of entertainment since they offer card games, where there might be a prize on the other side if the cards are played right. As mentioned before, the communities where people discuss poker strategies and new games can be a form of social experience. 

Secondly, the games often offer chats, where players can interact with each other. Lastly, the casinos are online. Therefore, people can play from anywhere, whether it is on public transport or in the comfort of their own homes.  

The Cons

As with other online games, online gambling can come with some disadvantages. Gambling addiction can be a problem, which can lead to serious consequences like mental health problems and other forms of addiction. Therefore, it is essential to know one’s limits and not get carried away when playing. 

Furthermore, it is important to play at licensed casinos, which allow for self-exclusion schemes so that players can restrict their gambling activities, so it doesn’t result in a gambling addiction.   

The Similarities

So, how are the two types of gaming similar? Both video games and online gambling is often used as a vessel for entertainment. With interesting computer graphics, sound effects, and sometimes the same type of gameplay, the two types of gaming are similar. And while slot machines used to have old-school graphics, the ones we see today often look like the graphics from new video games. The gameplay is also a lot smoother than years ago, which is why online gambling looks much more like video games. 

Online gambling and video games are also similar in terms of what skills players need to have. In online gambling, players are often more dependent on luck than in video games, but in certain games, they still need to develop a strategy for playing. This includes games like poker and blackjack. Lastly, video games and online gambling often offer bonuses, credits, or other advantages, which can improve the gameplay or the outcome. 

The Differences 

Although video games and online gambling are similar in many ways, some disadvantages can make players choose one or the other. The purpose of video games is to have fun. However, online gambling allows for entertainment while also potentially more funds as an outcome. Therefore, online gambling often requires a more strategic approach since there is a bigger prize at stake.    

Any successful gamer knows that it takes practice. Some practice for hours, even for days, to prepare for a big game. But getting into online gambling rarely takes more than a couple of hours, especially if you know card games like poker. Players can also choose to play at slot machines, which usually only take minutes to learn. It also doesn’t require certain skills to get the hang of. 

AI Gaming

When talking about gaming, it is difficult not to mention the role of AI. Many game developers have realized the potential of the technology long ago. An example is the non-playable characters who interact with the player. AI creates new gaming possibilities, and this is also the case for online gambling. 

As an example, AI plays a role in improving data security, as it can monitor players and possible suspicious activity. And for players, AI can help create personalized recommendations, so players are presented with bonuses or games that fit their preferences.    

Where To Begin

It is often deemed easier to go from playing video games to online gambling, as there are just as many possibilities but fewer requirements. There are several online casinos out there, and some sites compare and review the best online casinos. When choosing an online casino, it is essential to take notice of these three things:

  • Types of games
  • License
  • Personal preferences

When you know of a licensed and legal online casino, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a site, whether you prefer a specific theme or particular games. 


Video games and online games aren’t identical, but there are some similarities. This can explain why some players prefer both types of gaming and why there are overlaps in gameplay and graphics.