The Best Poker Venues in the World

Poker is a game that has tantalised and captivated millions of players throughout the decades and is enjoyed by amateurs and professionals in almost every city on the planet. 

Whilst mobile apps and online casino websites have made it easy and convenient for cards lovers to enjoy a high-thrills poker game online, there is still nothing quite like the feeling of sitting down at a real table in an opulent casino and pitting your wits against other players.

In this article we take a look at 5 of the most amazing poker venues on the planet, so grab your passport and buckle up as we go on a whistle stop tour of the globe. 

The Bellagio

Las Vegas

Perhaps the most famous casino on the planet, The Bellagio is a luxurious venue on the Las Vegas strip that was opened to the public in 1998 and is based on the style of Bellagio, Italy. Outisde you will see the famous Bellagio fountains and inside you will find a gambling fans heaven.

Nestled amongst the opulent furnishings are a plethora of gaming machines and dedicated tables, but the poker room is where the mafic really happens. 

Offering daily tournaments and cash buy ins, The Bellagio poker room has also played host to a number of World Poker Tour (WPT) events down the years.

(Don’t forget to check out the famous fountain show on your visit to The Bellagio.)


Les Ambassadeurs

Mayfair, London

Located in the upmarket Mayfair area of London, this members-only casino is a must-visit for anyone who is anyone in Britain’s capital. If you’d like to purchase a week pass to Les Ambassadeurs you can do so for as little as £1,000… Don’t worry though, you can make big savings if you splash out on an annual pass which costs just £25,000.

Once purchased though, your membership will grant you access to some of the most exclusive poker games in Europe where you could find yourself calling and checking against some of the most famous and important people on the continent.

Away from the poker table you can avail of the other benefits of your casino membership which include free stays at some of the most luxurious hotels in the UK as well as access to private jets and member only events.

(Les Ambassadeurs London, luxury personified.)


Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo, Monaco

If it’s good enough for Ian Fleming’s famous super spy James Bond then its good enough for you right? The Monte Carlo casino was used as a setting in Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye and is commonly associated with 007.

That said, it is famous in its own right as one of the most luxurious casinos on the planet with art displayed on its walls that is older than the United States. 

Whilst the buy ins at the poker tables in the Monte Carlo are affordable, the clientele that the casino attracts often have eye wateringly high bankrolls so don’t bet on being able to bluff anyone or muscle your way to victory.


The Crown

Melbourne, Australia

Casino gambling isn’t exclusively enjoyed in Europe and North America, it can be found all over the world. Australia’s largest casino, The Crown, located in Melbourne offers plenty of high-stakes poker games and is also a venue for some of the most prestigious tournaments in Oceania.

Visitors can enter the Aussie Millions poker tournament or simply battle it out at the cash tables. Once you’ve left the cards behind (hopefully significantly richer) you can enjoy the food at one of the venue’s 7 purpose built restaurants and shop some of the most famous brands in the world at the retail centre.

(A walking tour of the southern hemisphere’s largest casino.)


The Venetian


Las Vegas isn’t quite the gambling mecca that we all think it is. In terms of revenue and annual visits, it comes second behind Macao, the Las Vegas of Asia.

The former Portuguese colony which is now a special administrative region of China is home to several of the world’s largest casinos including The Venetian. 

Modelled on the casino of the same name in Vegas, this sprawling venue covers 550,000 square foot, has 3,000 guest rooms and, 3,400 slot machines and 800 gaming tables.

It also holds some of the most prestigious and exclusive poker tournaments on the planet and is an absolute must-visit for anyone wanting to test their mettle against elite level poker players.