Learn to Play Online Craps Like a Pro

Craps is one of the most exciting casino games you can play, offering players the chance to bet on a combination of dice rolls and let the action unfold right before your eyes. While the live casino experience can’t be beat, online craps allows you to get in on all the action from the comfort of your home. However, online craps comes with its own unique set of rules and strategies. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know to start playing online craps like a pro.

The Basics of Craps

Before getting into advanced strategies, let’s cover the basic gameplay rules and betting options in online craps. At its core, craps relies on the roll of two dice on each turn. There are two main bets in the game – the Pass Line bet and the Don’t Pass bet. As the shooter, you are trying to either roll a 7 or 11 on the Come Out roll (Pass Line bet) or avoid rolling a 7 or 11 and put your number to establish your point (Pass Line bet). Alternatively, a Don’t Pass bet wants a 7 or 11 on the Come Out roll or for the shooter to roll their point before a 7.

Additional betting options include One-Roll Prop Bets like Any 7, Any Craps (2, 3 or 12), and the field bets. Place Bets let you wager on specific numbers coming before a 7. Odds Bets offer higher payouts when placed behind Pass or Come bets after a point is established. And there are also Multi-Roll Prop Bets like Hardways which pay higher if a specific two-number combination comes in order before a 7. Understanding all the different options is key for playing online craps strategically.

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Online Differences from Live Casinos

While the core gameplay remains the same online as in land-based casinos, there are some differences to be aware of as an online craps player:

  • No real dice or physical table – Craps is played virtually using a Random Number Generator to simulate dice rolls on each turn.
  • No live dealer – The action is automated rather than presided over by a live dealer calling the rolls and paying winners.
  • Game speed is faster – Without physical dice or chips to slow things down, online craps games move at a quicker pace.
  • Different minimum bets – Minimum bets tend to be lower when playing online versus at brick-and-mortar casinos.
  • Freeplay options available – Many online casinos offer freeplay modes to learn the game without betting real money.

Accounting for these variances is key to finding the right virtual craps experience and adjusting your strategy accordingly for the faster online pace of play. Taking some time in freeplay first is a smart approach.

Bankroll Management Fundamentals

One of the most important aspects of playing craps like a pro either online or off is proper bankroll management. Here are some basics to keep your funds lasting longer at the virtual craps table:

  • Set a total session bankroll and don’t exceed it – Determine an affordable dollar amount to allocate before playing.
  • Use 1-5% of your total bankroll per bet – Smaller individual wagers lower variance risk over many spins.
  • Adjust your bet sizing based on wins and losses – Increase bets slightly after wins but drop back down after losses.
  • Play the best paying bets and avoid sucker bets – Maximize your edge by focusing on Pass/Come versus uneven bets.
  • Take regular breaks if on a losing streak – Step away if losing more than 30% of your starting bankroll for the session.
  • Cash out and save remaining profits – Book winning sessions rather than pressing your luck further.

Strict discipline with bankroll sizing is critical for making online craps sessions profitable in the long run versus risky all-in gambles. A pro knows when to walk away up.

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Using Basic Strategies Wisely

In addition to managing your funds prudently, actually playing winning craps strategies will help you succeed online over the long term. Here are some basic tactics pros employ:

  • Always make the maximum odds bets behind your Pass/Come bets. The true edge comes from these bets with lowerhouse edge due to free odds payouts.
  • Take the full odds immediately after establishing your point rather than waiting for a string of wins.
  • On the Come Out roll, always make the minimum 1x odds Pass Line bet rather than a larger flat bet without odds.
  • Flat bet the 6 or 8 on the Come Out when possible for better true odds versus risky field bets.
  • Utilize flat Don’t Pass bets only on specific numbers like the 5 or 9 which slightly advantage the player.
  • Flat bet one number and use One-Roll Prop Bets and Place Bets only as fun side action when playing with a bankroll surplus.
  • Never make any of the high-edge sucker bets like Any 7 or Hardways without the odds payout protection.

Consistency with the basic low-edge strategies is how professionals gain an edge to profit slowly over many hands and sessions rather than attempt riskier win-big-or-lose-big tactics.

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Advanced Value Plays

Once comfortable with the fundamentals, advanced online craps players look to maximize value through more intricate betting patterns:

  • Parlay Pass Line and Come Line Bets each time to increase profit potential when points are made quickly.
  • Parlay Pass Line Bets with Place Bets behind directly correlated numbers (e.g. 5 with a Place on 5).
  • Utilize Multi-Roll Prop Bets such as One-Roll 2×3 or 2-Roll Horn Bets more often when playing with a big advantage.
  • Flat bet the Big 6 or Big 8 on specific shooters with known habits.
  • Scalp by pressing lower wins but dropping bets back down after small losses to ride potential winning runs.
  • Transition wins from bets with true statistical edges like Pass/Come into riskier flat bets for bigger potential rewards.
  • Track statistics of individual shooters and table results over many hands to identify unexploited betting opportunities.

The pros continually test different press and parlay strategies to optimize long term profits at the craps tables both on and offline. Being able to adjust is key.

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Taking Your Game Online

With the fundamentals and advancedstrategiescovered, any craps enthusiast should now feel prepared to start playing the exciting game virtually for real money. Look for quality online casinos that offer:

  • Welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions for craps players
  • Live dealer tables bringing a social aspect
  • Various betting limits across multiple games and providers
  • Mobile functionality to play on the go from any device

Finding a regulated site with a reputation for fairness and fast payouts is also critical. And be sure to continue perfecting bankroll management, observing basic strategies, and testing advanced value plays to develop into a top-level online craps pro in no time. With proper practice and patience, huge profits could be waiting just a click away from home. Now get out there and start shooting dice like a Vegas high roller from the comfort of your couch!

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