Is Live Casino All Luck or Can Skill Help You Win?

The popularity of virtual gambling establishments is growing every day, and with it, quite rightly, questions about how to win at online casinos and whether it is possible to win at them at all are entering the arena. What tricks do players go to for the coveted profit, and Is Live Casino All Luck or Can Skill Help You Win? And learn more about Jeetwin Bangladesh – leader of the casino marker in the country. Visit the best Jeet win casino site in Bangladesh to get the first bonus and start your winning!

Conspiracy theory: whether it is possible to win at all

First, you need to understand the theory according to which the answer to the question of how to win in an online casino looks like this – no way. To take an objective look at the problem, you need to understand some peculiarities of the casino operation:

  • Regular absence of winnings is anti-advertising, and therefore detrimental to the casino itself.
  • Casinos are mostly in the black

At this point, it is necessary to elaborate. The fact is that most games involve the simultaneous participation of several players. Suppose there are 5 people at the roulette table and two of them win – even in this case, the casino will profit from the remaining three. Accordingly, the institution can afford to provide winnings without compromising its welfare.

  • Winnings should be backed by real personalities in order to create competent PR.

This point refers to the suspicion that even if there is a certain percentage of winnings, it goes into the pocket of “their” people. In addition, regular players need to be retained with something, and the best tactic, in this case, is to set up the possibility of making a profit.

It turns out that the very idea of no possibility of winning in online casinos is utopian. Accordingly, players’ hopes of catching their luck by the tail are justified.

Strategies and tactics

Please note that there is no strategy that allows you to get regular winnings. However, some experienced players still talk about an exception – bonus hunting. We would also like to note that with the advent of any system that gives constant payouts, the casino will quickly ban its use. This often happens with blackjack.

By the way, in real gambling establishments such as Jetwin casino, you can always try to find a common ground with the dealer. Of course, the possibility of negotiating in your favor is minimal, but you can still take a chance. But what about online casinos? The only legal way to increase your chances of winning is to pull the mathematical expectation of winning in your favor.

Principles of playing in a Jeetwin online casino

To increase your chances of a big skid, it is better to choose games with a good percentage of return, this parameter can be viewed. There are those who have this indicator of 98 percent. This does not mean that if you bet 10,000 rubles, you will get back 9800 rubles 100%. No one knows when and in what parts they will return the winnings – it is complete randomness and mystery.

Slots at Jeetwin have a concept called slot variance. The essence of this concept is simple, high variance slots give very rarely, but can give a good amount. Here you will have to make 300-500 spins. Such slots include, for example, Novomatic.

There are medium variance online slots. These include NetEnt slots. Here you will need to make about 100 spins for a good result.

And there are low variance slots. In such games, 30-50 spins are enough to win. As a rule, they give away winnings privately, but they are very small. Such slots are available from almost any manufacturer.

The higher the maximum win of a slot machine, the higher its variance.

Winning techniques: how players conquer online casinos


Next, we will consider the most popular techniques that players use in their practice in an attempt to win at gambling establishments. Based on various theories, we will reveal the answer to the question of how to win in online casinos and where to play slots and other games for money in profit.

Option 1 – playing in real time

Modern technologies allow you to abandon the blind game, in which the casino side is represented by automation. Live games imply the ability to observe players and croupiers. In this format, you can use bluffing as the main tool for winning.

Option 2 – focus on bonuses

Speaking of classic slot machines, the most effective way to win is to bet on bonus rounds. To do this, you need to carefully study the internal rules of a particular slot machine (how free spins are awarded, etc.).

Option 3 – the Martingale system

This method has become very popular due to its simplicity. It is based on the following sequence:

  • A bet is placed;
  • in case of winning, repeat the bet;
  • in case of loss, increase the bet by a percentage that could cover the losses incurred and give the player a certain profit.

It is noteworthy that in this variant, the basis for success will be a sufficiently large deposit that can allow a significant drawdown, with the possibility of repeatedly increasing the bet in order to cover losses and make a profit. This system will work only in offline casinos.

Option 4 – focusing on the choice + analysis

Some games, such as slots, are based on success, but there are also those (for example, poker) in which the main emphasis is placed on the player’s skill. Based on this, if you want to make a profit as quickly as possible, it would be wise to focus on the game that best suits your professional qualities.

Additionally, in this option, it is necessary to consider the peculiarities of the player’s statistics. In order to form it, it would be reasonable to record daily data on each episode of the game:

  • Start time;
  • Bets and their effectiveness;
  • Strategies used, etc.

Visualization of statistics will allow you to see the most profitable games, as well as approaches to making a profit.